Anyway, what's wrong with sister control?Seriously, I just went to Germany for a period of orthopedic tourism, and when I returned, I was a glorious sister.

Besides, it is only natural for a brother to care about his sister, but recently there seems to be a lot of people going to the orthopedics department in Germany.


"Well, the update speed is too slow, I really want to know the next plot, if the god master teacher can be faster, how can there be such a moving work..."

In the spacious and luxurious room, Nakiri Erina gently bit her slender jade finger, staring at the screen with red eyes, and there were already a few more tissues beside the trash can.

Take a closer look, what is viewed on the screen is exactly five centimeters per second serialized on station b!

In front of other people, Nagiri Erina has always acted like a tall lady, maintaining a cold appearance, and as one of the top ten seats of Totsuki Academy, he has always been full of noble and elegant behavior. China has a strong majesty.

But in private, Nakiri Erina is also an otaku, but the degree of the house is not very deep. It belongs to occasional exposure to some manga and light novels, and even the closest person around him does not know these actions of her.

Yesterday she had just finished reading a short story about love, and then found out that she didn't know what to read, and then asked'Kashiwagi Hideri', a friend who is also an otaku, about the excellent love-related themes. works.

Not long after, the other party sent a message to her in an instant, recommending a work-five centimeters per second, which almost praised this work.

Regarding the words of his friend "Kashiwagi Hideri", Erina Nagiri believed very much, because the two also knew each other in reality, and they were considered like-minded friends.

The comics and light novels she read all told Ying Lili about the subject matter she wanted to see, and then Ying Lili would recommend related excellent works to her. After reading it, Nakiri Erina also found it very good.

The reason why Nagiri Erina would look at these in private is entirely because of the pressure brought by reality and the yearning for love.

By the way, all the works that Nakiri Erina sees are related to love.

When I asked Sawamura Hidelili in the past, the other party hardly continued to Amway her.

Nagiri Erina was also aroused by curiosity, but fortunately, the other party did not reveal the plot, but only briefly introduced it, and then various Amway languages.

It was a pity that it was late at that time. Nagiri Erina hesitated for a while and decided to take a rest early, because tomorrow she will be attending many events in many places, so she must be full of energy, and she will watch which one when she is free. Five centimeters per second is regarded as a god by Ying Lili.

After finishing the tastings and other activities in the major restaurants, it was already more than three in the afternoon. Nagiri Erina finally had some free time to rest. She returned to her room alone and lay on the big bed. She accidentally turned her eyes off the computer and suddenly remembered. It's five centimeters per second.

It is boring to continue lying in bed, so Erina Nagiri got up and sat on the computer chair, opened the browser and searched at a speed of five centimeters per second. After entering, she was shocked by the stunning background image.

After enjoying it for a long time, she recovered from the painting environment. The original curiosity became stronger, and she couldn't wait to open the catalogue and start from the beginning.

Then... she became what she looks like now. Five centimeters per second is the best work she has ever seen so far. Unfortunately, because the serialization is not over yet, she can't read it all in one go. The god master teacher is really unstoppable!

Chapter 81 Horror Fans (Revised)

In order to complete an excellent dish, in addition to the selection of excellent quality ingredients, it is also the indispensable cooking skills of the chef. Only when the excellent ingredients meet with a better chef, can they shine with dazzling light.

Although Nagiri Erina is not a light novelist, she believes that writing novels is like a chef who is creating delicious dishes. She works slowly and works hard and works hard in the best state to create works that satisfy customers.

The current state of five centimeters per second is like the process of making delicious dishes, and enjoying this process is to slowly savor the deliciousness. After thinking of this, Nagiri Erina's complaint to the god master teacher is slightly reduced.

Moreover, she and Ying Lili share the same view, and both believe that five centimeters per second is a rare classic work, so every sentence and every word in the next plot needs the writer’s writing and inspiration to sustain it. If the quality is destroyed in order to ensure the quantity, it is a bit outweigh the gain.

I believe most readers have the same idea as her, and it’s okay to update it slowly. The key is that the next Second Five can be compared with the current one, and a sentence that you accidentally see can be deeply memorable.

What kind of person is the author God Master Teacher who can write such a touching work?It must be a senior with a lot of affection...

The wine needs to be tasted slowly. Will the green and melancholic Second Five continue to play the beautiful melody?

Unknowingly, Erina Nagiri was accidentally successfully caught by Eri Sawamura and fell into the pit of love healing...


In Setagaya District, Qiushui Villa, Wang Hao lay lazily on the bed, and after logging into his Twitter account on his mobile phone, he was immediately taken aback.

Let me grin!His number of fans has reached a five-figure number, and a total of 90,000 people have followed his id, and immediately broke the 100,000 mark, reaching six figures!!

This account has been authenticated with v in the hands of the predecessor, but its popularity has not been very high. It rarely posts messages on it, and the number of fans is only a few thousand.

After Wang Hao calmed down and thought carefully, he finally understood the problem of the skyrocketing attention amount. Maybe even his blog, Weibo, etc., the attention amount will explode.

The reason is very simple. Although Wang Hao has not told others his id name, the predecessor of the class is on the website he often browses, and the registered id is God Lord. The reason why so many fans suddenly skyrocketed is definitely and gradually popular. Centimeter can't get rid of the relationship.

But on second thought, this is normal again. As a large global social network, almost everyone who has read 5cm per second will have an account, and it is only natural to follow the author of Second Five.

And after the second five is over, after Dragon Ball is serialized on Weekly Boy Jump, Wang Hao's popularity will only get higher and higher, and the number of fans may rise to a terrible point by then.

Of course, he also thinks about it now that there will be no gain if he doesn't work hard, so perseverance becomes a factor in determining the outcome.

He already has more than 90,000 fans on his account, but unfortunately he didn't follow anyone. Wang Hao thought for a while, and then curiously searched for the words'Shiina is really white' on it. Originally, Wang Hao thought he was really white. Personality, maybe I don’t even know about Twitter, but I didn’t expect it to have...

Click in and take a look, hiss!Wang Hao took a deep breath, how many digits is this?Tens of millions... more than 190 million followers!It is about to break 200 million attentions, is this going against the sky?!

There are also a lot of notes that blinded his 24k titanium alloy dog ​​eyes, such as world-class genius painters, etc...

What is going on with this terrifying popularity?It's too scary anyway!It's simply overwhelmed by popularity. He doesn't even have the qualifications to compare. Zhenbai has deservedly belonged to a world-class celebrity.

Wang Hao was defeated by Shiina Masashi in an instant. Is this the strength of a world-class genius painter?So he didn't deliberately entangled, because there is no comparability between the two.

He just quietly rose up and was extinguished with pride and mercilessly, and soon recovered. As time goes by, when his popularity gradually increases, the number of fans may exceed 10 million, and then slowly increase...

Well, then Wang Hao casually followed Zhenbai's Twitter, and dedicated his own strength to Zhenbai's 200 million followers.

Wang Hao browsed curiously and found that Zhenbai's Twitter account was mostly daily photos. From this situation, it was obvious that someone else was helping Zhenbai manage the account, and he was relieved of this and solved a question in his mind. .

But my house is really white and really beautiful. I used to be very kawaii when I was in the UK, but now it's like an elf.

Hey?!This side face photo is really beautiful, but the photo in the dress is also good...

When Wang Hao continued to flip through a picture, his breathing became a little heavier. He knew the two people in the picture. He knew each other. It should be said that he knew the man in the picture from the memory of his predecessor. It's hard to know whether to appear on major news.

Zhen Bai is wearing a white evening dress, looking like a noble princess, with an indescribable expression. The person next to her looks elegant, wearing a black and white striped suit, with blond hair and a gentle smile on his face. He seems to be inadvertently around. Exuding the majesty that has been at the top for a long time, a handsome handsome man of standard, a man about forty years old, is the prime minister of the United Kingdom, David Cameron!

Well, Wang Hao is convinced this time, and it doesn't work if he doesn't agree. He didn't expect that the beautiful girl who lived together was so powerful, and his pressure was really great.

The difference between geniuses and mortals lies in whether they have talents. Ordinary people need to work ten times a hundred times harder if they want to catch up with them. Doubt, the distance between the two sides will only increase.

Although Wang Hao and Zhenbai had only known each other for a few short days, in the past few days, Zhenbai's efforts were all in his eyes.

Zhenbai's life pattern is very unbalanced. The reason for this is the world she is often immersed in in the painting, forgetting everything around her, sweating towards her goal, and moving slowly step by step.

To be honest, Wang Hao really admires this girl. At a young age, she has achieved achievements that ordinary people can't reach in a lifetime. Under this glamorous appearance, how much sweat and effort others don't know.

This also led to Zhenbai's lack of common sense of life, and someone around him must take care of him, and now the person responsible for taking care of Zhenbai is him.

Chapter 82 The Origin of the Poison Island Family (Repair)

Eh-the next journey is really a long way to go, but because of the current state, I have to work harder.

While trying to make Zhenbai learn common sense, it will not destroy her original innocence. In case of any consequences caused by force majeure in the middle, I also recognize...