Now in Wang Hao's eyes, Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu's mouth had a faint smile, and he was upset that he couldn't find other expressions.

"Classmate Xia Zhiqiu, aren't you a virgin? What's worthy of arrogance."

There is a saying, there is no endurance, no need to endure.

You can eat rice but you can't talk nonsense.

As a five-year-old young man who has guarded his future wife like jade for many years, Wang Hao has always believed that love only comes too slowly, and she must wait until her hair reaches her waist and she falls from the sky.

"Haojun wants to know?"

Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu raised her legs slightly, with a charming smile at the corner of her mouth, and continued to whisper: "This is a secret~"


what!What is going on in this world?Could it be that my way of crossing is wrong?How could there be such a bold female high school student!

Wang Hao turned his head away blankly. He has chosen to give up treatment from now on. Sure enough, tomatoes are a bit more delicious than cucumbers. Speaking of which, the nutritional value of green peppers is quite high...

It’s really tangled. It’s more convenient to go to the cafeteria or the canteen to buy bread at noon. It’s more convenient to buy bread. It’s really too troublesome to line up.

Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu finally glanced at Wang Hao's figure, silently shifted her gaze, lying on the table with her right hand resting on her head, her cocked legs slowly lowered, and began to shake gently.

Is it you?Haojun...

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Chapter 85 Anbu (revision)

"Jingle Bell--"

The crisp bells rang every time, and Wang Hao never felt that the past get out of class bells were more beautiful and sweet than today, like the cheerful singing of a lark. He will leave this delicate atmosphere with the beating notes.

When he stepped out of the classroom threshold, the air seemed particularly fresh at this moment. Wang Hao looked back at Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu, still lying on the desk to sleep, my deskmate was still incomprehensible, and it was a girl. Is the mind the same as the book says?

He silently thought that the direction he was going forward did not make a choice about going to the canteen and the canteen. It would be better to go to the sports warehouse first. Someone might have been waiting there already.


Suddenly called by the beautiful girl to be alone behind the sports warehouse, you suddenly appeared three options, which one should you choose?

A: Go to the affectionate confession

B: Hugging her from behind to confess

C: Don't talk, kiss her


what!Is there any difference between A and B?The C option is really pounding, but if you really do this, I am afraid that Senior Poison Island will be chased three streets with a knife!

And they will be called "gentle gentlemen" by others, and what the hell are these inexplicable options?Besides, if it succeeds, I am afraid it will be harmonized!

Wang Hao shook his head lightly, smashed the mixed thoughts in his mind, and quietly observed the purple-haired girl in front of him.

No matter what direction you look at, the Toxic Island girl really doesn’t look like a female high school student at all. By the way, this figure is too foul. What makes him feel a little relieved is that the other party did not bring dangerous items such as wooden swords, but It is also forbidden to suddenly pull out the weapon from somewhere.

"Um... Is there anything wrong with the poison island-senpai telling me to come out? For example, continue to learn kendo."

To really talk about kendo, Wang Hao feels that from his true three-legged cat level, there is really nothing comparable. The last time he was able to defeat the Dudao Maizi was completely dependent on his strong physical fitness and luck.

Of course, if the qi in the body is used, everything is meaningless.

"Sword? If Haojun doesn't mind, you can continue to compete with me in the afternoon, and I will welcome you in the Dojo Dojo."

Dudao Maizi smiled, the cold expression on his face softened a lot.

I have to admit that when the Dudao Maizi laughed, he had a special amorous feeling, but Wang Hao's brows wrinkled tightly, and he noticed the honorific words used by the other party.

"Sister Poison Island, what happened?"

Through his observations over the past few days, he found that Neon people pay special attention to the concept of social hierarchy, especially for girls who are very rare in today's society like Toshima Maiko, and have a gentle personality like Yamato Nadeshiko. Traditional concepts should be very strong.

It is for this reason that the other party can use honorifics to communicate with oneself. It is strange how you look at it.

"Don't you know Haojun?"

"Well, what the Poison Island-senpai said, I still don't understand yet, but I figured it out a little bit."

Wang Hao's frowning brows slowly unfolded, and only after the Dudao Maizi asked questions, he gradually figured out a little bit.

"Hao Jun should have heard of the poison island family, I am from the poison island family."

Poison Island... Poison Island family, it’s no wonder that this surname is always a bit familiar. Wang Hao fully reacted at this time, and there was still no wave on her face. His expression was as usual and said: "I didn’t expect Poison Island school sister to come from the kendo celebrity Dudao family. No wonder swordsmanship is so out of the crowd, Dudao-senpai already knows who I am."

The kendo celebrity Dudao family is a top big family in neon count, but it is unexpectedly low-key. In most people's eyes, it is just an ordinary family, but Wang Hao understands the background of the poison island family.

The current Patriarch, Dudao Xiong, is also full of swordsmanship. The name of the "Ghost Swordsman" is not a name. The Dudao family is a family that has been passed down for 800 years. Few people know this. The Wang family is just one of them. , The relevant information is clearly played back in the memory of the predecessor.

Wang Hao’s knowledge of the Dudao Clan was limited to this. He really couldn't figure out the relationship between the Wang Clan and the Dudao Clan, because there was almost no contact between the two families, let alone the poor Wang Clan.

Because Dudao Maizi introduced her identity, it showed that she was talking to herself as Dudao’s family, so it is not surprising to use honorifics.

"Senior Poison Island doesn't have to be like this, it's not what it used to be."

Wang Hao ridiculed himself, but his eyes burned with determination. The desolate Wang family is no longer in the past, but he will surely make it glorious again.

Dudao Maizi looked at the firmness in Wang Hao's eyes, took a deep breath, respectfully saluted, and said, "Anbe pays homage to the Patriarch."

"Wait! Poison Island-senpai what are you talking about? Can you explain..."

Wang Hao hurriedly helped the Dudao Maizi up, and was suddenly overwhelmed by what the other party said. His face was full of doubts and incomprehension. The Dudao Maizi's words just now were too unexpected.

"I also just found out yesterday, Patriarch..."

"Senior Poison Island, let's call my name directly. That name is a bit uncomfortable. The original name is good."

Wang Hao interrupted the other party directly. He really didn't feel too cold with this name, and Dudao's serious expression finally softened.

"The real identity of the Dudao Clan is the Anbu of the Wang Family. Haojun didn't know the existence of Anbu is normal, because he heard his father said that only the previous Patriarch knew about the existence of Anbu." When Dudao Maizi first learned about the news, she also took a bite. I was shocked, who would have thought that the poison island clan of the celebrity swordsmanship would be an affiliate of a down-and-out family, even if it was said, no one would believe it.

It's like the chairman of a certain consortium randomly pointed to an ordinary person in the crowd, saying that he was actually the real power holder.

If it were not for his most respected father, who had spoken himself, Toxic Island would never believe such a ridiculous thing, but now that the facts are in front of him, he has to accept it anyway. The same is true of Toxic Island’s rules, samurai. The soul cannot be defiled.

"From today onwards, Anbe is officially under Haojun, no matter what order it is, all Anbe will execute it!"

Hearing the other party’s words, Wang Hao’s face remained flat, without a trace of change, but there was a big wave in his heart. For the first time he felt the heritage of the family, and he also understood the meaning of the saying that the thin dead camel is bigger than the horse. .