For a long time, he smiled slightly and said: "Welcome back, I won't do anything illegal or criminal, but there are some small things that require the help of Dudao Senpai."

Wang Hao would not do some things, but in some respects he would not be hypocritical, and the arrival of the poison island family just solved this problem.

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Chapter 86 Seize the Opportunity Around (Revised)

Society is not as full as imagined, and reality is often skinny.This is true no matter where it is, whether it is in the past life, the world you are in now still follows the rule of the weak and the strong. Even if there is no turmoil on the surface, there are indeed many unequal things, absolutely fair and just. Doesn't exist at all.

Someone is born a genius, is ahead of ordinary people in many aspects, and possesses extraordinary talents; maybe someone was born with a golden spoon, and when she was born in this world, there are no obstacles in the future.

Although these are only a few people, most of them are ordinary people in their lives, and the possibility of delusional success is basically zero if they don't pay ten times a hundred times.The bitterness of the bitterness is the best.This sentence is not without reason.

If there is a god, I believe he will only smile at the winner, no matter good or evil.

Nowadays, the neon forces are mixed. Although there are still some connections and connections after the Wang family is down, these do not guarantee what Wang Hao will do next. If the goal is to create a two-dimensional country, then there is no doubt This is a big cake, which will naturally attract many people to watch and even snatch it.

If it weren’t for the arrival of the poisonous island, Wang Hao’s plan would inevitably be postponed for a few years, and he would not reach out to other industries until he slowly gains a foothold. Otherwise, once he makes a reckless move, the huge cake will probably only remain. Give him the next video.

Wang Hao's belief is to do the best, and even if he has no choice but to cut part of the benefits in the end, he will only let himself eat meat and others drink soup.

If the poisonous island family secretly helps, most of the forces can already be stopped. Although the poisonous island family looks ordinary, only after knowing it personally can you know how deep its background is.Thousand-year family, a century-old dynasty.Wang Hao sighed deeply, the move left by the ancestors of the Wang family was really unexpected.

Now that there is a relationship and a network, it is not just a waste of waste. He has already seen clearly in some aspects of the two lives. Wang Hao took a deep breath, looked serious, and said formally: "Senior Poison Island can Do me a little favor? I want to buy a publishing house and an animation company. I hope that Senior Sister Dudao can help me pay attention."

At this time, Wang Hao, who became serious, allowed the Dudao Maizi to see another side. As the heir of the Dudao family since childhood, she naturally knew that it was very difficult to become mature at this age.

She thinks she is still immature, and many places are still very naive. Although she has always had a cold expression on the surface, she knows that she is at least not like the teenager in front of her.

"Does Haojun have any specific requirements for acquiring a publishing house and animation production company? I will help pay attention."

The drug island girl is still very curious about Wang Hao's move, and she can't understand why the other party wants to buy a publishing house and an animation company. Now the two markets have basically stabilized, and the situation is not very good.

"If you want to talk about the specific requirements, the companies are all medium-sized companies. I'm afraid I can't eat them if they are too big. The publishing house should have more physical stores, at least in Tokyo.

The animation production company does not need to be too rushed for the time being. It is also okay to find a medium-sized company with a full range of employees. If there is a little historical precipitation, it would be better.

That's probably it. I'll take the rest slowly. Dudao-senpai found out and contacted me, thank you."

Wang Hao also understands the idea of ​​the poison island. It is true that it is difficult to enter the light novel and animation market now, but he is confident that he can reach the top. What is the difference between relying on the remaining shadow and waiting to die with a salted fish?

His self-esteem would not allow himself to do so, only by personally creating a glorious two-dimensional empire, this sense of accomplishment would make him proud.

Let the two-dimensional culture regain its glory, this is the determination Wang Hao made when he came to this world. He will overcome all obstacles and Jiang Chu will carry it through to the end.

"I understand, I will definitely help Haojun find out if there is something, Haojun... Is this preparing to start his own business? It's really amazing..."

Originally, the Dudao Maizi thought that the other party was just playing a ticket, but seeing the firm expression of the other party, the Duojiao Maizi, who was usually calm, couldn't help admiring the young man in front of him.

I heard that the other party entered Shengqi College with the highest score in the city. According to rumors, it seems that Wang Hao had perfect scores except for Chinese Studies. I don’t know why, but he didn’t write an essay for the Chinese Studies exam.

In martial arts, I can beat myself, who just won the national championship, and I am embarrassed to start a business now.

"No, it would definitely be a lot more difficult without the help of Senior Sister Toxic Island."

Wang Hao waved his hand. If there is no Dudao Clan to help secretly in the future, the unnecessary troubles he will encounter are enough to cause him a headache.

Although the other party said that the poison island family was quite a branch of the Wang family, he did not accept it so quickly, but at least he had to be polite.

"These are all things that should be done. Haojun doesn't need to do this. You can learn about kendo with me in the future."

The poison island girl couldn't allow Wang Hao to refuse, turned around and walked out gently, the tall figure drifting away.

From a perspective that he couldn't see, there was a glimmer of excitement flashing through the eyes of Dudao Maizi. After so many years, he was still the same, but he found someone who could compete.

Next, I also hope that Haojun can give more advice. When passing the corner, Wang Hao vaguely saw a smile on the corner of his mouth.

Yes, after all, I have to learn kendo. It seems that it is time to buy a basic kendo textbook when I have time, and learn the above content, Wang Hao thought.

We are heading in the direction of the commissary, and today we are going to make a bread party. I hope there will be fried noodles and bread.


Perhaps today’s lucky item was bread. Until the end of school in the afternoon, Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu finally recovered his previous appearance, lying listlessly on the desk and sleeping. Wang Hao was relieved and began to wonder at the same time, but unfortunately he still couldn't feel the slightest clue.

An Yilun also ran out hurriedly after class. Judging from the other side's running posture, it is estimated that he was going to work for figurines and other items.

He also began to wonder whether the members who made the game could be found, should problem.

Compared to this, there seemed to be something important tomorrow, Wang Hao frowned, and couldn't remember it for a while.

He sighed helplessly, and the boat went straight to the bridge head. He didn't think much about it. Now he should first change the server at station b. The daily explosion is uncomfortable.

Chapter 87 Angry (Repair)

After leaving school, Wang Hao did not go home directly. Considering that the number of people at station B is gradually increasing, the sooner you can change the server, the better. It is best to change to a better enterprise server and accept nearly a million people at the same time. The online server is his plan this time.

The budget is about 4 million yen. For future development, Wang Hao gritted his teeth and made up his mind.

Reluctant that the child can't catch the wolf, the empty glove white wolf is completely nonsense.With such thoughts, his mood also feels better.

I drove to the destination point, and then paid 3.95 million yen for a high-end enterprise server, and paid 50,000 yen for the hosting fee, and came out in pain.

In the blink of an eye, 4 million yen disappeared. Spending money is as simple as running water, but at least he thinks it is worthwhile because Wang Hao has confidence in the future development of station b.

The world has not yet appeared the first barrage website. For example, niconico does not exist is a good proof. I believe it may not be long before, or it is the beginning of the barrage era, and the server has to be replaced...

Of course, this is not possible in the early stage of the website. It will take a year or two from a conservative point of view. By then, his plan is estimated to have taken shape.

Wang Hao sighed heavily. Although this blueprint looks very good, it is a pity that there are still many invisible obstacles blocking the front in practice.

In his previous life, he was just an ordinary high school student from the Celestial Kingdom. Although the situation has improved a lot in this life, it is a pity that he is still a high school student, but only in a different place.

Fortunately, the predecessor has certain economic knowledge. Otherwise, when he manages the company himself, there will be many flaws and loopholes, and he can barely manage a medium-sized enterprise.

But these are obviously far from enough. Although they can only deal with the present temporarily, they will definitely cause headaches in the future, so Wang Hao decided to read more books on economics, and then gradually learn more in practice and grow slowly. .

Right now, Wang Hao turned a different direction and set off toward the bookstore. Not only did he need to supplement his economic knowledge, he also had a lot to learn.

"Natural selection, survival of the fittest, and the strong eating of the weak" were originally the slogan of modern biology, but it has become the slogan of modern sociology without knowing it.The'natural selection of things' has always been the core of Darwin's theory of evolution. Only those who compete with each other and can adapt to the environment can survive.

In order not to be eliminated, he is now like a dry sponge, ready to absorb water to his heart's content.


After returning home, it was half past four. Wang Hao looked around in the living room and found no real white figure. He was probably busy creating a five-second comic.

He returned to his room, picked up a piece of manuscript paper, held a pen and started drawing.