This is not to prepare the manuscript of Dragon Ball. The manuscript completed these days has been enough for several weeks to serialize.

Now he is gradually becoming proficient in painting. Thinking back to the pictures in his mind, a girl in a red and white witch costume with a cute bow tied in her hair appeared on the paper. The identity is also ready to come out, it is the shrine maiden of Hakurei Shrine-Hakurei Reimu!

Wang Hao nodded in satisfaction. The painting style is pure bun face, which looks very cute.

"This level of modification should be fine..."

He made some changes in some places, and now the overall effect looks good.

The release of the Oriental series at the Winter Comic Exhibition was Wang Hao's first predetermined goal, so now it is better to post some personal drawings to the drawing area of ​​the b war in advance to attract the curiosity of others.

With all kinds of thoughts in mind, Wang Hao stretched out comfortably and immediately devoted himself to other things.


I looked up at the time, unknowingly it was almost six o'clock, and when I started, the time passed really fast.

I'm going to prepare dinner again. It's really hard work for me in every sense. At this time, it would be nice to have a maid. At least many trivial matters don't need to be done by myself.

Or like the kind of childhood sweethearts who often come to help with cooking, Wang Hao shook his head quickly when he thought of this. Let's forget about this kind of thing.

He remembered that day again, the fear of being dominated by Maki Nishikino's cooking. In reality, most childhood sweethearts and younger sisters were almost not as beautiful as they were in their ideals. It was cruel and desperate.

Sure enough, he did it by himself, and had enough food and clothing.


It has been about an hour since dinner. When Wang Hao was reading a book, the room door opened quietly. He closed the book in his hand and put it aside, watching the girl approaching him quietly.

Zhen Bai only wore a large shirt, nothing else. Bai Huahua's thighs were very dazzling and looked very casual.

Wang Hao gave a bitter smile. Is this natural or natural black?Really dressed like this and came to his room, is it because the other party trusts him too much, or he is underestimated...

This is really a delicate multiple-choice question, which makes people want to be happy but not happy.

Looking at those pure eyes, the two of them just stared at each other for less than three seconds. Wang Hao took the lead to shift his gaze and noticed the thick manuscript paper that Zhen Bai held in his hand.

"Ho, this is a cartoon drawn all night yesterday."

Shiina Masashi walked in front of Wang Hao, held the manuscript in both hands, and handed it over. The back of the snow-white hand showed a faint blue vein.

Wang Hao frowned slightly and took the manuscript from Zhenbai's hand. He didn't look at the content for the first time. Instead, he raised his head and stared at Shiina Masaki again, suddenly thinking of the other party's languid mental state this morning.

He was still wondering. It turned out that the other party had drawn the manuscript all night, and put the manuscript next to him. His tone of voice became a little heavier, and he said angrily: "The comics have not been serialized yet. That’s the most important thing. Your body is already weak. What if you get tired!"

This time, Wang Hao really got angry from his heart. Compared with ordinary people, his true white physical condition is definitely much weaker, as if it was like a beautiful artwork, which would be broken when touched.

Therefore, for the sake of Zhenbai's health, he deliberately prepares various nutritious dishes every day, hoping that Zhenbai can grow up healthily.

Drawing comics all night is terrifying to the consumption of mental and physical strength. Even some cartoonists with good physical fitness may be exhausted after rushing to draft all night!

Chapter 88 The World of Two People (Repair)

"Ho, I'm angry..."

Shiina Mashiro said softly, lowering his head slightly.

"Yeah, I am very angry now!"

It is strange that Zhenbai doesn't care about his body, and he is very angry, and he doesn't even know the reason for some reason.

But now the person responsible for taking care of Zhenbai is himself, so it is reasonable for him to care about it. The strange feeling in my heart should be like this, it is really responsible, Wang Hao thought.


Like a cat who was frightened, Shiina Mashiro involuntarily backed up a little two steps.

Seeing Zhenbai’s fear and subconscious action, Wang Hao’s heart suddenly felt inexplicably painful, and the air continued to be silent. He took a deep breath, suppressed the extra emotions, and said: "I was also wrong about this matter. , You shouldn’t send your temper to Zhen Bai, sorry..."

After gradually calming down, Wang Hao also realized his mistake just now, and laughed at himself. It seemed that he was still immature from all aspects.

"It's not like that, I know." Shiina really white raised her head, staring at Wang Hao with her eyes seriously, and said: "Ho can't kill me."

Well--!What is the tone and expression?This is really foul!

Wang Hao trembled fiercely as he was moved, and once again deepened his sense of guilt, turning his head faintly said: "But, if you don't pay attention to your health like this next time, I will still be angry."

After speaking, he picked up the manuscript set aside again, and he felt a heavy feeling in his hand. The child really tried too hard.

The previous pages were taken by Shiina Zhenbai last night and showed him. A closer look reveals that many changes have been made, and he pointed out the changes last night. My family's Zhenbai is indeed a good boy.

After sighing for a while, Wang Hao continued to browse, Shiina Zhenbai who was standing next to him quietly clenched his little hand.


"The expression of the character should be as natural as possible, or the expression and a certain atmosphere, of course, it is not necessary to be too entangled, this is just my personal opinion. But... from other aspects, the character's personality has been well shaped. The style of painting is also very perfect, so the answer I gave is-qualified!"

Wang Hao smiled lightly at Zhenbai. If he were to use 100 points as a perfect score again, if he passed 60 points, Zhenbai would definitely get a high score of 95 points this time!

But he thinks that there is something missing in the five centimeters per second comics. If you simply appreciate it, you will definitely get full marks, so he only gave 95 points.

Although the scripts provided by him accounted for a large part, Wang Hao believes that Zhenbai will certainly not rely on him in the future and will grow up in this process.

"Next, work hard, don't relax. Of course, staying up late to draw comics is forbidden!"

"I will work hard! Because this is my work with Hao..."

Zhenbai nodded his small head, took the manuscript from Wang Hao's hand, hugged it tightly in his arms, and took it out again to look through it, with an extremely firm appearance.

"Well, in order to make our common work more perfect, so from today, please take a good rest in the evening."

Wang Hao got up from the chair. The clock on the wall showed that the time was late. For Zhenbai who stayed up late last night, he needed a rest.

But Zhenbai seemed to be looking for some flaws, as if he didn't even listen to what he said, scanning the manuscript unhurriedly.

"This will be temporarily confiscated. It is true that your task tonight is to sleep well, and I will return it to you tomorrow."

Wang Hao grabbed the manuscript from Zhenbai's hand without any explanation, and quickly opened the drawer and put it inside. He knew that Zhenbai was looking for the flaw he had just said, but it was too difficult for her right now.If you leave it alone, it is estimated that you will stay up late watching stubbornly.

"Ho, tough."

Zhenbai protested in dissatisfaction, glanced at the drawer where the manuscript was closed, and then stared at Wang Hao again, standing still on the spot.


Who is this for?And why is the way of speaking always crooked?

Wang Hao shook his head helplessly. In special times, he must take special measures. If he is serious, he will lose.