Ayase Eri, who stayed in place, looked deeply at Tojo Nozomi's figure, with a serious expression on her face that made people unable to guess her inner thoughts.The sunlight refracted in through the glass, shining on her without a trace, forming a faint shadow and an eye-catching brilliance.

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Chapter 94 The President and the Demon King (Xiu)

At 3:50 in the afternoon, Wang Hao finally rushed over from Shengzaki Academy and looked up at the school gate of Otonogizaka Academy. At this time, many girls were walking along talking and laughing, and kept their eyes on him from time to time.

Especially after he walked into the campus, he received more attention, all of which came from the eyes of girls' high school students.

It's not that his charm breaks through the sky. Although his appearance also accounts for a very important part, Otonokizaka is a traditional girls' school, so it is a normal thing.

In the past, there were almost no boys here, even if there were any.

Generally speaking, apart from traditional cultural festivals and school activities, almost no boys come here on weekdays.

Moreover, the recent Otonokizaka is facing a major crisis of abandoning the school. In the eyes of many people, Otonokizaka will be closed soon. Even girls from other schools rarely come to this place. The middle school students of Otonokizaka had already dispelled this idea.

After all, they all think Otonokisaka might go bankrupt, so it's better to focus on other schools.For example, UTX High School, where the campus idol group A-RISE is located, can go to school with A-RISE members there!

So everyone was curious about Wang Hao's arrival. This is the first boy to come to Otonokizaka since the new semester.

But despite the girls whispering to each other and discussing curiously, no one came up to ask him about his purpose.

Originally, Wang Hao was somewhat resistant to these gazes, and finally began to gradually enjoy the gaze of the girls, carefully observing the environment of Otonokizaka Academy.

It has to be said that the campus environment of this college is indeed excellent. From the perspective of the architectural layout of the college, you can taste the precipitation of a heritage. Unlike most new schools now, this is often the charm of traditional universities.

Although Shengzaki Academy has been around for a certain number of years, Wang Hao felt a deeper breath in Otonokizaka, and the surrounding greenery was well dispersed, making it complex and not dense, dense but not detailed.

Just walking on the campus, the surrounding environment becomes a calming landscape, as relaxing as a walk in the park.

He was walking alone, and Wang Hao discovered one thing. There were too few students on the way, so that the school at Novosibirsk University seemed a bit deserted.

Because the number of people is small, the spacious environment will only make people feel uncomfortable.It's like no one can sleep peacefully on a 5,000-square-meter bed...

Wang Hao raised his watch to check the time. It was 3:54, six minutes before the opening.

At this time, the school of Norwegian University showed its limitations. He couldn't figure out where μ's held his concert, because this was his first time here!

Calm down, I remember that Nan Qinli seemed to tell him last time that the μ's concert will be held in the school auditorium, so it will definitely be held in the studio hall inside, because generally only there can meet the needs of the concert.

Wang Hao gradually calmed down. Although he knew the location of the concert, he was here for the first time and he was not familiar with the school environment.

If you wander around like a headless fly and find the studio hall in the remaining six minutes, the probability is less than 1%. After all, Otonokizaka Academy is quite big, he doesn't think he will find the studio hall by chance.

If he does find it by chance, then he thinks he can buy a lottery ticket and try his luck. Maybe it is a ticket to smuggle to Europe, or it may be a one-way ticket to hell.

In short, if you want to know the location of the studio, you can ask the students at school to understand the answer, so that you can arrive in six minutes.

Wang Hao glanced around, and was immediately attracted by a girl in front of him, because there were almost no other people nearby except the girl, so it was normal to notice the other person.

The girl had long purple hair. Wang Hao was standing forty meters away and discovered the presence of the other person. When he was about to walk over and ask for directions, another blond girl appeared at the entrance of the corridor. He was taken aback and continued. walk forward.

"That boy came here, is he someone you know?"

As soon as Ayase Eri came out, he noticed Wang Hao. For Otonokizaka, who has almost no boys here, it is very rare to meet nature at this time.

"I don't know him. Seeing that, I'm probably here to find someone. Does Erri care?"

Tojo Nozomi smiled. It was the first time she saw this boy. It should be said that it was a rare thing to meet a boy in a girls’ school. Just now I saw him looking around, I am afraid it was the first time I came to Otonokizaka.

"If you are boring, you don't need to say more, the boy should come here because he has something to do."

Xuanze Eri said calmly, but as the student council president, she still cared a little about Wang Hao's arrival.

Although Otonokizaka is a traditional women's college, it does not prohibit boys from entering the school.

Now that this point has been reached, there will be boys coming. It should be something or someone who is looking for someone. She is also a little concerned about it.

"I'm Eri Ayase, the president of Otonokizaka's student council, this male classmate, do you have anything to do with you here?"

Ayase Eri raised her steps and walked towards Wang Hao. As the student president of Otokinosaka, she has the responsibility to ask questions carefully no matter what happens to the other party here. No matter how to say Otokinosaka, it is also a tradition. Girls' school.

Wang Hao raised his head and glanced at Xuanse Eri. His long golden hair was tied into a ponytail. The hair color is very natural, which is very different from the dyed hair. It should be a mixed-race.Coupled with ice blue pupils and white and delicate facial features, she looks very pure and moving without losing her majesty.

Dressed in the school uniform of Otono Board Academy, with a green bow tie on the chest, a white shirt under the blue suit, a blue plaid skirt in a blue plaid skirt, black socks and small leather shoes, she is still a big beauty with a model figure.

"I'm Nozomi Tojo, the vice chairman. If you need help, please tell us~"

Tojo Nozomi and Ayase Erri, who stood on the right, had different serious expressions, and said softly with a smile on their faces.

He also began to look at the girl, with long purple hair, and tied it into a double ponytail with two pink flowers on the head. She wears the same uniform as Ayase Eri, but her legs are long black. The stockings and socks have been slightly sinking into the flesh, giving people an unusually plump feeling.

Her face is a little fatter than a baby, she looks very cute, and she smiles like a little devil.The body curve is too full, one more point is fat, one point less is thin.It is most appropriate to describe it as lordosis and back warping.

Chapter 95 The Lily Is Infinitely Good (Repair)

"When we first met, I was Wang Hao from Shengqi Academy. I do want to ask you two for advice."

After Wang Hao looked at it for a while, he didn't continue to look at it, and immediately looked at the two directly and said.

The first is to directly indicate the identity. If you can't explain the origin, I am afraid it will really be some unnecessary trouble.

Inwardly, I was a little sighed that Onogizaka is worthy of being a traditional girls’ school. Most of the girls he saw along the way were pretty, and the quality of the beauties was also very high...

For example, the student chairperson Eri Muze and the vice chairperson Nozomi Tojo are the kind of rare beautiful girls.

Ahem... This is not what he wanted to say. Wang Hao just didn't expect that he could meet the members of the student union at random. Because in the neon school, the power of the student union is unexpected, even Can change school rules and so on.

In this way, he can know the answer he wants. After all, the student will have the right to allocate the facilities in the school, at least know all the places.

"I see. Is there anything I can help you with?"

After understanding Wang Hao's origin, Eri Hunze frowned slightly, looked at him again for a while, and said lightly.

What she was wearing was indeed the school uniform of Shengqi Academy. She had visited Shengqi Academy. The boys uniform inside was exactly the same as Wang Hao's.

At that time, she also wanted to go to Shengzaki College to study, because it was Neon's premier high school, with very strict admission requirements and a scary admission rate.

It's not that she couldn't pass the exam. Although the required admission scores are a bit outrageous, there is no pressure at all for Eri, who is a schoolmaster.But in the end she chose Otonokizaka and assumed the role of student council president.

"Don't look at Eri-chan's indifferent look, she is actually more enthusiastic than anyone~"

Tojo Nozomi smiled and said, after knowing Wang Hao's identity, she was also relieved.

Although the boy looks harmless to humans and animals, and Tojo Nozomi appears to be relaxed and careless on the surface, but after all, she is not the kind of unintelligible natural stupid, how to say she is also the vice president of Otonokizaka's student union. , I also care about it in my heart.

Seeing the two young girls singing with a white face and the other with a red face, Wang Hao just smiled slightly, paused, and said, "I want to ask how to get to the studio hall?"