At five o'clock in the afternoon, Wang Hao finally returned to Qiushui Villa, but when he passed by the house next to him, he frowned slightly and glanced at this Western-style house thoughtfully.

I heard that the house had been haunted by ghosts, and there were many mysterious rumors. Wang Hao didn't believe these at first, but recently when he stayed up late, he often heard the sound of a piano on the opposite side.

So when he came back, he paid a little attention to it, and he finally found the difference carefully. Although the door looked a bit old, it was neatly organized. I remember that it was still dusty last month.

It looks like someone moved into this house and became a neighbor with him.

In this way, I will find a time to visit him another day. Due to the influence of his childhood education environment, Wang Hao still pays great attention to neighbor relations.

Just don't know what kind of person this new neighbor is?

If the other party just moved in without knowing this, he needs to explain to him, it is a kind reminder of being a neighbor.

As for whether the other party is willing to leave after this, it doesn't matter to him.


Chapter One Hundred and Seven: The Coming Under-Line Base (Revised)

"It's really white. I put dinner at your door. After eating, you can put it at the door. I'll come and clean it up later. Don't make it too late for work—"

Wang Hao put the prepared food on the plate and gently placed it at the door of the really white room.


There was a faint answer from the room, and Wang Hao returned to his room and sat in a daze on the chair.

Jin Bai has been a little bit like living in his room and working lately. He has nothing to do with it. When this happens, he has to leave his cooking at the door.

However, this happens rarely, and Wang Hao is just a little worried. Although diligence is a good thing, it is a bit outweigh the gains if diligence is too much. After all, the body is the capital of the revolution.

But now it happens to be during the vacation. As long as enough sleep is guaranteed, Wang Hao will not interfere too much, because Zhenbai is also working hard in his own way.

Zhenbai is a world-class genius who works so hard, and he has to work hard, otherwise the distance between the two sides will become farther and farther.

Thinking of this, he rekindled his enthusiasm and continued to be busy drawing the manuscript of Dragon Ball. These days when he got home, Wang Hao would prepare the manuscript of the manuscript, and the workload would be a bit heavy afterwards.

Fortunately, his painting speed is fast enough. Although he is a little tired at work, his efficiency is still very high.


"Ah~, I'm exhausted!"

After two hours of continuous work, Wang Hao put down the paintbrush in his hand heavily, got up from the chair and stretched out comfortably.

At this time, it would be nice to have a cup of barley tea. Although coffee is very effective for refreshing, I still want to change to other drinks after drinking for a long time.

Thinking of this, Wang Hao twisted his body joints and walked out of the room slowly. As soon as he arrived in the corridor, he found that the dishes placed there had become clean. Wang Hao smiled slightly and lifted the plate.

After washing the dishes in the kitchen, I opened the refrigerator and took a large bottle of barley tea back to the room.

When he walked to the door of the room, Wang Hao frowned, and he heard the piano sound from next door. The sound of the piano was very clear and beautiful, making him more and more curious about who the new neighbor was?

But he was only curious for a moment, and then dismissed the idea again. When he visited another day, he would know the true face of Lushan.

Even now through this piano sound, he can probably guess a feature, the person playing should be a female, because few men can play such a delicate piano sound.

Of course, this is only his guess, and the other party may also be a boy.

Waiting for Wang Hao to sit on the chair and fix his eyes on a message on the computer screen, his friend Mori Sama invited him to join a group.

Wang Hao thought for a moment, and finally remembered this Mori Sama, gave a bitter smile, and clicked the mouse to agree.

If Mori Sama doesn't come to invite him to join the group, Wang Hao might have forgotten that he will go to an offline party this Saturday.

Today is Friday, and Wang Hao's head has a headache when he thinks that he will have a conversation with a lot of men at the maid cafe tomorrow.

Although one of them sounds like a girl, it's impossible to say that the other person is a boy with a cute voice.

The most important point, how could his online wife be a girl?It should be said that my online wife cannot be a girl at all!

Because in the game like this player who claims to be a girl, most of the back of the screen is a boy, and there may be an uncle who is picking his feet.

It can be said that even if you encounter a group of boys, it is not a strange thing, it is better to say that it is normal.If there are more girls than boys, it would be strange.

[Mori Sama: Welcome the chairman to join the group. Do you still remember our agreement?

As soon as Wang Hao entered the group, someone immediately welcomed his arrival. Although he was really happy to do so, he felt a little heavy when he thought of tomorrow's offline base conference.

Eh-it's a blessing or a curse, it's a curse that cannot be avoided.

Since I can't resist, I want to start a little bit, maybe... I still don't want to go!

[God Lord: Well, tomorrow's offline party will be held in the morning at the Maid Cafe in Akihabara, right?But about what time will we meet?

[Mori Sama: Huh?I should have said it just now, but the president should not have joined the group at that time...]

[Yazi: I know!It was eight o'clock in the morning, and finally I was able to meet Darling, Yazi was so happy~]

It's cold—After seeing this news, Wang Hao's mouth twitched, and his body couldn't help but feel a chill, and he got goose bumps.

So my online wife cannot be a girl at all!

[God Lord: Um... Yazi should call me like others, don’t be so polite...]

[Yazi: Why?Aren't Ho-jun and Yazi a couple?

[God Lord: Although it is so, but it does not mean that.

Yazi: I don’t understand...but Yazi knows that Haojun is Yazi’s husband, so it’s okay.

If Haojun doesn’t like the name Darling, then Yazi will call "Dear" from now on...]

Wang Hao: "..."

He doesn't know what expression he should use to reply to this feeling. There are many places in his heart that are worth complaining. He is a little curious about the difference between'Darling' and'Dear'?

Although he wanted to vomit, he was more afraid of Yazi's god reply, who knew what he would say in the next second, this kind of natural dullness was the same as Zhen Bai.

wrong!My house is so cute and cute, and she is a real super beautiful girl, don't be deceived!!

[True Eyes of the Evil King: Stupid humans!Do you still not understand that current charging is the root of all evil?I will judge you and other heretics!

Dark flames!I allow you to release the sacred fire sealed in your right hand and punish the pair of heretics.

[The Black Flame Envoy: Hum, do you really need the power of my seal here?

wait!!My right hand hurts!It's about to run away, what's the matter with this power that fills the whole body?!