[Aplige: I didn’t expect the Guild of Light, which has been against our array of cats, would look like this inside (laugh)]

[Shubein: I didn’t think that my rival for so many years would have such a performance, maybe the opponent was unexpectedly simple (laugh)]

Although I had known that there were a few S.2 disease members in his guild for a long time, Wang Hao always felt a little overwhelmed every time he saw this strong S.2 style dialogue.

[God: It’s useless to laugh anymore, don’t forget that the array cat has completely lost to the Bright Guild~]

However, although the members are in the second grade, they are also the president of this guild anyway, so Wang Hao immediately went back.


Chapter 108: Second Five and Liankong (Repair)

After he finished sending that message, Wang Hao's depressed mood only improved a little bit after he didn't reply to him for a long time. He wouldn't shrink back in the face of mere difficulties.

Everyone’s life has his own small circle, so the existence of things outside this circle is unknown to the'that person'. Whether it can arouse the curiosity of others depends on the things they own. Charm.

From the time when Wang Hao decided to go on the road of the second dimension, he had already made up his mind to make the culture of the second dimension re-brilliant. It sounds like a great dream, and it may be possible in the eyes of some people. It's a speech about secondary disease.

He doesn't know how far he can achieve, but one thing is certain, that is, he has entered this circle, so Wang Hao will do his best to make this small circle as warm as possible.

At least in the circle that belongs to him, everyone here will know him, proving that he has left footprints.

Because years are ruthless, many things that have happened will be forgotten, and no matter what sad and joyful experiences you have had, they will slowly calm down over time.

What Wang Hao wants to do is that when people mention certain topics, they will say with emotion, "Oh, it's that person!""Such words, showing a suddenly realized look.

Through observations these days, although the animation industry in this world is different from the original world, it has been glorious for a period of time. For example, the EVA once set off a frenzy, and when it was in the Grim Reaper serialization, it is a pity that the ACG industry The next development was almost in place, and even began to regress.

Although the two-dimensional culture of this world has begun to develop, there are still many problems, lack of many elements and themes, and the kind of classic works that can create genres are indispensable.

Thinking of this, he remembered the game "Love the Sky" that An Yilun also lent him, but it was completely different from the previous life's novel version of "Love the Sky".

So Wang Hao began to search the names of many works in the previous life on his computer to see if there were any other works with the same name.

As a result, in his expectation, there are almost no works with the same name, or even non-existent works.

Regarding the next work after the end of Second Five, Wang Hao has already planned. He wants to officially release the previous "Love in the Sky" and reproduce it in this world.

"Love in the Sky" is a mobile novel about family, love and friendship.It has attracted tens of millions of clicks, but it was a very exaggerated time, and the location was still in an island country.

His previous life was published as a book in 2006, becoming the top ten bestsellers of the island nation's annual literature and art. It touched more than 10 million readers of the island nation. It deeply moved the importance of true feelings in the world, and it made me cry.

Literature knows no borders. Even many readers from the celestial dynasty are deeply moved by the work "Love in the Sky", and Wang Hao still remembers it still fresh.

Some parts of this work are the same as Second Five, but it brings different feelings to people. It is also a melancholic novel, but it is like two genres.

Guishu and Mingli, Meijia and Hongshu.

In two ways of expression, each expounds the unusual meaning of love.

Second Five brings more strangeness and familiarity. In the process of separation, the love that they see after they mature gradually, time will gradually flatten everything. Although this is cruel, it is undoubtedly the closest. reality.

Renkong’s love is more admirable. It is a very ordinary encounter between the hero and the hero. I thought it would go on in such an ordinary love, but the road of love is destined to be extraordinary. Mika and Hongshu have experienced too many setbacks. The process is sad.

There have been periods of love and various difficulties encountered when breaking up.

Even in the face of an irreversible terminal illness, Mega still chose to return to Hongshu. The two young people tried their best to overcome the barrier between life and death with the power of youth and love.And Meijia finally understood that so many setbacks in the past turned out to be proof of youth and love.

Under the sky of love that is always connected, Mika has the courage to continue to pursue a better life.This kind of love is song and tear, and it is closer to people's fantasy.

Wang Hao sat in a chair and stared at the computer screen for a while, and finally began to slowly recover. This kind of love is so dazzling that people can’t look directly at it, and what he has to do next is to Pass on to more people.


The night is getting late, the lights in most houses have been extinguished, and a few houses are still shining faintly.

However, for Xiazhiqiu Shiyu, the nightlife is about to begin.

She had just taken a shower from the bathroom and was wearing a pure white bathrobe. Her long black hair fell vertically, still a little wet, but under the wiping of a dry towel, she gradually absorbed most of the water.

Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu was in front of the mirror, slender fingers stroking her hair, and after blowing it for a while with a hairdryer, she finally returned to its original shape. She looked at the mirror with satisfaction and nodded, returning to her room, ready to continue coding word.

At this time, she wore unpreparedly, or it might be because she was more casual at home. Except for the white bathrobe she wore outside, she didn't even wear any underwear on the inside. Her chest squeezed out a deep white career line, and her body was perfectly developed. A hint of cold and arrogant feeling in the daytime, looks very sexy and charming.

At school, she always wore a pair of black stockings, which completely covered the snow-white thighs. At this time, she did not have the black stockings. These slender and white legs, just looking amazing, are now casually tilted. Up.

Since the last time she listened to the words of the god master teacher, she has abandoned the originally well-coded chapters of the second volume. The reason for the bad spirits at school these days is because the codewords were spent all night at night.

One thing that moved Xiazhiqiu Shiyu the most is that the god master teacher recommended her work as scheduled, which has caused more people to pay attention to "Love Metronome", and Xiazhiqiu Shiyu feels a touch of warmth.

Although she seems difficult to approach, she still hopes that someone can recognize her and want a true friend, but now there is a silly bad guy, Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu more than once doubted the existence of God Lord and Wang Hao. ?

If it is like what I guessed, then he is really a hopeless pervert, letting such a beautiful girl like himself be entangled by herself, even if she doesn't know it, she can't easily forgive him, what exactly should he ask for?

Thinking of this, Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu smiled lightly, and the thought that he had planned to spend the night was also cancelled, and he had to keep his energy to welcome tomorrow...

Chapter One Hundred Nine

On Saturday morning, the sky outside only slightly lit up. Few people walked on the street during this time, even if they were participating in morning exercises.

I slept very late last night because of the code word. Considering that I would go to an offline party at 8 o’clock this morning, Wang Hao forced himself to get up at 5 o’clock and began to prepare breakfast and lunch for Zhen Bai. It took nearly one. It took many hours to make it, and he looked at the food in front of him with satisfaction.

After accumulating cooking experience these days, Wang Hao is no longer the ordinary home-cooked dish that only made egg fried rice, tomato egg soup, green pepper fried meat, etc.

Like the dishes he cooks today, there are sushi, egg rolls, tempura, croquette... all of these are the contents of the "Cooking Basics" that Erina Nagaki gave him, and he personally tasted them during the cooking process. When it comes to the taste, it is neither delicious nor unpalatable. It is a very ordinary cuisine, probably the only characteristic is ordinary.

But the sense of accomplishment when completing a dish in person is really intoxicating.

Although they are some ordinary dishes, Wang Hao was satisfied with the cling film, and put a small note beside the table, which explained that he had something to go out today. Considering that Zhenbai might forget to eat, he put it on purpose. I put a piece of Baumkuchen next to it to help attract real white’s attention.

After finishing all this, when Wang Hao was about to leave the house, he suddenly slapped his head, turned around and quickly returned to the room, and he looked like when he walked out.

Although I don't want to admit it, Wang Hao's usual dress looks like a current person at first glance. Although that kind of dress usually doesn't matter, it is different this time.

If you insist, most of the members attending offline gatherings are a little bit homely. If he goes to the gathering in trendy fashion, he will inevitably have a bad impression.

Wang Hao deliberately modified himself. Although he felt a little sorry for An Yilun, he was dressed in the usual image of An Yilun, because there were not many houses he knew...


Wang Hao walked quickly to the station, took the tram smoothly, and got off the station at 7:30. He still had some impression of the location of the maid cafe.

Anyway, after all, he had been here last time. I just don't know if Nan Xiaoniao is still working part-time there, but today is Saturday, so I should be there if normal.

But one thing he couldn't figure out was why Minami Kotori would hide this matter with Kosaka Honoka and Sonoda Umi.

After all, Nan Xiao Tiao’s maid dress is very suitable, and although the maid I met last time spoke very quietly, Wang Hao still heard it very clearly. Nan Xiao Tiao seemed to be a well-known maid in Akihabara, Minalinsky.