Originally, Wang Hao didn't care much about these, but after the events of yesterday's concert, he certainly did not join No Muse, but he also became a member of the Muse.

Since then, he and the Muse have had an invisible bond, so Wang Hao began to care about Nan Xiaoniao.

Of course, if Nan Xiaoniao really wanted to hide this matter and didn't want others to inquire about her privacy, Wang Hao would still choose to respect her instead of studying it carefully.

"Master, you are back!"

In a trance, Wang Hao didn't know when he had already walked into the maid cafe that he came to last time. On both sides of the door, there were still two cute maid ladies with smiles from the heart.

With the experience of the last time, Wang Hao didn't feel too nervous anymore, and smiled at the two maids, appearing calmly.

"Is the master one?"

The round-faced maid who was next to me asked suspiciously, blinking when she spoke, giving people a very cordial feeling.

Hearing this, Wang Hao raised his hand and looked at his watch. It was only 7:45, and there were still fifteen minutes before the agreed time.

He raised his head and looked around, and it seemed that no one else had arrived yet.

"No, I still have six companions who haven't arrived, can I trouble you to find a suitable place?"

The members attending this offline party plus Wang Hao himself made a total of seven people.

"Awesome! Are there seven hosts in total? Mei Cai is so happy, and I asked the host to come with me. There is a suitable place there."

The round-faced maid blushed on both sides of her cheeks, her big eyes sparkled with excitement, and she looked very happy.

Wang Hao didn't say anything when he saw this. After all, no matter whether the other party was pretending or real, at least this smile didn't seem to violate the slightest, and it made people very comfortable.

He followed in the footsteps of the round-faced maid and came to a corner of the corner. It was indeed possible to sit more than a dozen people here, and it should be easy to find when the others arrived. After all, in the maid cafe, you can still sit down. There is only one place for seven or eight people.

As long as you think about it for a moment, the members who come to this offline party can know the approximate location.

"Does the host need Mei Cai's help?"

"If you can, I hope Mei Caijiang will pay attention to my companions, thank you."

In case any member could not be found, Wang Hao asked the round-faced maid.

"I see, master."

The round-faced maid's front body was slightly bent, and after a salute to Wang Hao, she took a small step and left gracefully.


After ordering a glass of juice, Wang Hao sat in a boring position, watching the time on his watch from time to time, and the people around him.

It’s the first time for Wang Hao to participate in this kind of offline activity. In Tianchao, there are very few netizens who meet offline, even if there are, only a very small number of people, because the friends I met on Tianchao are all separated from each other. It's very far away, so no one will organize offline parties.

But it was different in Neon. During the time Wang Hao was sitting here, he observed a lot of people attending offline gatherings. It seemed that Neon was a very common thing, and it was true.

The same is true for the three boys at the table next to him, which made Wang Hao feel more uncomfortable. Sure enough, most of the people attending this kind of party are boys. Otherwise, how could it be called an offline base conference?!

If there are more girls than boys who come to this party, this is not normal. After all, the probability of boys is far greater than that of girls who meet casually in this game.

But he was still looking forward to it in his heart, because even if the people who came to participate in this face-based meeting were all boys, it was a bit unacceptable, but Wang Hao had already recognized the reality.

Because Xia Shizi would also be here to accompany others to offline parties, the two also agreed to meet here.

There was a feeling in Wang Hao Mingming. Although he and Xia Shizi had never seen each other, it seemed that as soon as the other party appeared here, he would immediately recognize it.

Although it sounds unbelievable, Wang Hao has this feeling, and this is one of his comforts for attending this offline party.


Chapter 110 The Vulgar Prank Liked by the God of Destiny (Revised)

Another five minutes passed quietly, and Wang Hao took out his cell phone in all kinds of boredom, only ten minutes were left before the agreed eight o'clock.

"I don't know what kind of people are the members attending this gathering? Especially Yazi..."

Wang Hao sighed helplessly. Although partying with online netizens is quite common, he still cares a little, after all, online wives will come later.

Just don't know what kind of person the other party is, if it is Hideyoshi's Wang Hao, he can barely accept it, after all, he has already seen it.

Anyway, they were all boys in the end. It would be better to be a beautiful boy. If Hideyoshi is attributed, he can ignore gender, he can't help thinking so arrogantly.

But even so, the two will be very embarrassed when they meet next time. After all, the two sides are so close in the game, and the other side also calls him a darling and a darling. Sure enough, both physically and psychologically. Said that Wang Hao couldn't accept this.

"Not here yet?"

Wang Hao sighed lightly, there is still a while before the agreed time, but everyone is too punctual, right?

Although it is the first time for him to participate in this kind of face-based meeting, it is also similar to a social gathering. It should be common sense to arrive at the agreed place a while earlier. This kind of thing is too cunning...

Thinking of this, Wang Hao casually clicked on the group that Mori Summer invited him to join yesterday, tick the corner of his mouth and immediately released some news in the group.

[God: Good morning everyone, I have arrived at the appointed maid cafe fifteen minutes ahead of schedule, sitting in the empty seat in the corner, and the one who is fucking is me.

By the way, I arrived 15 minutes earlier, but 15 minutes~

Now the time is almost up, I hope everyone will not be late, otherwise...hehe...]

[Aplige: It's terrible~, will there be any punishment for those who are late?(laugh)

[God Lord: That is also true, what punishment will there be?

I thought about it!If someone is late for this party, solo with me a hundred times in the game. It is not a serious punishment. I will be merciful, so please rest assured.

After all, the time for a solo is quite short, and it doesn’t take long to repeat a hundred times...]

[Shibein: How happily playing games is really like this?Are you a demon?!How can it be repaired!!

[God: Really?I think I am still a very kind person...]

When the news was sent here, Wang Hao laughed lightly. Although this was a basic meeting, he didn't want to be let go of the pigeons just like that. It was not long before he was proud, and the next message made him suddenly stomachache.

[Yazi: That's amazing!Is this the punishment game of love?Yazi really wants to be punished by Haojun!But Yazi is near here, what should I do?

By the way, I'll go to the toilet first...]

Are you shaking M?!Forget it, don't you see this news...

Wang Hao let out a sigh of relief, calmly closing the penguin group, and put the phone on the table.

Just when he wanted to wait for others to arrive quietly, the phone vibrated slightly, and it seemed that someone had sent him a message.

[Xia Shizi: I have seen the agreed place, and I will soon be at the maid cafe in Akihabara. Is Haojun here now?