The president of the Array Cat is also a Krypton player in the game. The difference that Yushengyuan Apricot gave him is his temperament. Just pay attention to the other party's every move and find that elusive lady style.

A person who can maintain this aura will never have a bad family background, so he can almost determine the identity of the other party, and his predecessor is still very visionary in this regard.

"Has so many people come? I shouldn't be late!"

A crisp female voice came from the side, and Wang Hao turned his head and looked at it. It was another girl, but he said that he already had considerable immunity.

He already had his own understanding of the question of how to interpret the question under the line that he was thinking about, and he still felt it was normal.

The so-called offline party, isn't it just read as Mianji and writing Mianji?

"The time is now 7:59, are you Yazi or Shibein?"

Wang Hao stood up, made way for the others, and vacated the place inside. He wouldn't be surprised even if he was facing the'Ji' meeting, but he still cared a little bit about his wife Yazi on the line.

The blonde girl with short ponytails in front of her was wearing a red and white short sleeves, a black and red skirt, and a pale green tie. She was as petite as the bird swims Liuhua.

His face is delicate and cute, his brows are slightly furrowed, and there is some tension and shyness on his face. It may be that he is obviously uncomfortable with offline parties.

But it is precisely because of this sense of shyness that it seems a little more cute.

If the girl with two ponytails in front of her is his wife Yazi on the line, then everyone is happy.

Although Hideyoshi's attributes are good, in Wang Hao's heart, he is more willing to be called "Darling" and "Dear" by a girl.

"I am Shibein, and my name is Akane Segawa. Just call me by my first name."

Akane Segawa's face was blushing, and she was obviously embarrassed. After all, this was also the first time she attended such a party.

Hearing the answer from the other party, Wang Hao inevitably felt a little disappointed, but his mentality quickly calmed down and moved down again.

When Segawa Akane saw Yuseiin Kyou, the shyness on her face was replaced by shock, and she asked in a low voice, "Student president... why are you here?"

"No... No, I am not the president now, just an ordinary JK, don't care too much."

Yushoin Kyou said with a smile, and slowly moved her body toward the inner position, leaving a space for Akane Segawa, and then pointed her finger to beckon her to sit over.

Seeing this, Akane Segawa, who was standing outside the table, finally sat sideways in, still a little restrained.

The location Wang Hao chose is distributed on three sides. One side can seat four people, and a total of twelve people can live in. If you are more relaxed, you can sit on seven or eight people.

He and Yuta Togashi sat next to each other. After all, everyone except them were girls. It would be a bit awkward to sit with girls.

Moreover, he couldn't be as leisurely as Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu, and this meeting of face girls still brought a little tension to Wang Hao.

"Shibain is here too, so now your wife, Yazi, is not here yet? It seems that he will be late soon. The punishment game is really exciting..."

Yushengyuan Xing looked at Wang Hao meaningfully, and these words immediately made him depressed again. He glared at Yushengyuan Xing and continued: "You don't need to worry about this. If you are in a mood, it is better to be nosy. A little gold of krypton becomes stronger."

"Although it is more interesting without reminding, for the sake of being at the same table, Haojun should be mentally prepared first..."

The corner of Xiazhiqiu Shiyu's mouth twitched slightly, and if nothing happened to gently stir the ice in the coke, this gesture made Wang Hao even more uneasy, but the momentum must not be weak.

"Really? I don't think there is anything interesting about it. Please don't be happy too early, Kasanooka-student..."

According to Wang Hao's understanding of Xiazhiqiu Shiyu, showing this kind of'goodwill' gesture, then there will never be any good things waiting for him next, even if he asks, he will not get the desired result.

In this way, I can only rely on the only clues to analyze what will happen next.

The first is Xiazhiqiu Shiyu's original purpose for coming here. Wang Hao remembered that she was attending a party with friends.

Just now Qun Lizi said that he would go to the bathroom. When Xiazhiqiu Shiyu came over, it also explained that her friend was temporarily ill. It seemed that her'friend' was Yazi in all likelihood.

Although it sounds like a bloody coincidence, it can be explained in this way.

The reminder about Xiazhiqiu Shiyu can make the other party feel interesting and make herself entangled and depressed. The key problem lies with Yazi.

Wang Hao has gradually understood the evil taste of Xiazhiqiu Shiyu, and when he faced what Yazi didn't want to happen, he came to only one conclusion.

My online wife can't be a girl?!

At this point, Wang Hao felt a little funny. Did the other party really think that Yazi is a boy, so he couldn't stand the shock?

This is so innocent and funny. I didn't expect Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu, who has a black belly and a poisonous tongue, to have such a childish side, or to be underestimated.

This victory or defeat is doomed from the beginning, whether Ako is a male or female, or Hideyoshi.

Wang Hao had speculated countless times in his mind about the identity of Yazi, and in his current state, all three endings could be accepted calmly.

It should be said that he has seen the ending from the beginning of the game, and the smile of the goddess of victory bloomed for him in advance.

"Then I have to look forward to Haojun's performance, but don't let me down."

"as you wish."

The moment the two raised their heads, their eyes collided fiercely, both revealing a confident expression.


Chapter 115 The online wife is here to face Ji!(repair)

" the god Lord?"

The time passed quietly for three minutes, and it had already exceeded the stipulated eight points. Wang Hao also thought that Azi would not come. When he was about to speak, a weak voice sounded from behind him, with a hint of tension in his voice. Wang Hao's clothes The sleeve was suddenly pulled gently, and the other party was undoubtedly a girl.

The faint voice seemed to disappear at any time, and the little hands holding the sleeves were weak and weak, which made people feel a touch of compassion.

"Ah! Hello, I am God Lord, please advise!"

But Wang Hao was shocked, his whole body suddenly tightened involuntarily, he answered directly without turning his body, and began to pay attention to it carefully.

"Well, that...that...I'm Yazi..."

The tone was still so slender. Wang Hao, who paid close attention to the voice behind him, found that although the girl pulling his clothes was a bit intermittent, her nervous mood seemed to calm down.

Wang Hao turned his head and saw the girl calling him clearly.

The breeze outside the window gently stroked the girl’s black and beautiful long hair, fluttering slightly. The coat was a black cardigan, and the corners of the clothing were surveyed to the abdomen. Inside, she was wearing a pure white dress with spectacular twin peaks on her chest. , Fully propped up the lace striped skirt.

The lower body is a white short skirt, which can't cover the girl's snow-white thighs, and her delicate skin like white marble is exposed to the air.

Her long, supple-looking hair was a little messy. The girl tensely squeezed her small hand on her chest, and gently pressed her pink lips, her watery light blue eyes seemed to be able to speak, and it still revealed There was a trace of anxiety and tension.

It may be that he was aware of Wang Hao's fiery gaze. At the moment, Yazi looked like a frightened little rabbit, with a slight blush on both sides of his cheeks, and lowered his little head a little shyly, not daring to meet his eyes.

Noting Yazi's embarrassment and embarrassment, Wang Hao embarrassedly covered the back of his neck, and took his gaze away from the other person, adding a strange feeling of inexplicability in his heart.

Not the beautiful boy and Hideyoshi, the girl in front of him is his wife Ako on the line.