"Ah! Don't pity me like this! Why didn't you remind me the president earlier that you are obviously a member of the same guild!"

Akane Segawa heard the comfort of Kasumigaoka Shiwa, and suddenly became unlovable, and blushed and asked Yushoin Apricot loudly.

Anri Yushoin paused and thought for a moment, then looked at Akane Segawa again, and replied in a serious manner: "Because at that time, I thought it was a nata."

"Yeah, I am Shibein, but the guy who dared to call me a pig in the future, I must cut him, above."

The blush on Akane Segawa's face gradually faded, and she simply gave up the treatment, glanced around with a cold gaze, and said faintly.

"Then ask Yazi to continue the introduction."

Yushengin Xing chuckled and looked at Yazi.

Wang Hao couldn't help but wiped a cold sweat secretly, and stared at Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu again, unexpectedly adding fuel to the fire at this moment.

But he always felt that the president of the array cat seemed a bit naturally black, and also had a black belly.

Whether it is natural black or black belly, anyway, the black crows under the sky, the black belly of Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu and the natural blackness of true white have bothered him for a long time.

However, with such a small episode, everyone present showed a little smile, and the tension suddenly disappeared.

Yako Tamaki also chuckled, and the tension in his heart disappeared. He took a breath and said with a smile on his face: "My real name is Yako Tamaki, so everyone calls me Ya like in the game. The son will do."

"Huh? You use your real name..."

Wang Hao looked at Yuzhi Yazi in surprise, he never thought that the other party would use his real name.

Because most people use pseudonyms on the Internet, in order to prevent human beings and make it easier to speak, so few people use real names.

"Is there anything weird?" Yuzhi Yazi looked blank, tilted his head, slightly messy long black hair falling down.

"Forget it, this will fit Yazi's character..."

Thinking of Yazi's actions in the game in the past, Wang Hao understood a little bit. Without further questioning, Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu glanced at him again, and immediately confirmed the three points in his heart, but still did not dare to assert. .

I had to shut my mouth, continue to listen, and make judgments after getting the general situation from Yazi himself.

"The other thing is that I didn't join a club and I didn't have friends at school.

Even when I go to school occasionally, I don't know why, my classmates will be surprised and even arouse the attention of other classmates."

As soon as Yazi spoke, the hot atmosphere was silent for an instant. Except for Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu, everyone else looked unbelievable. Wang Hao frowned again and began to think about what was going on.

Seeing this, Goshoin Anri said in a loud voice, "It's okay. Although I am the student president of Maezaki Academy, I also have no friends at school."

"Look, we are not friends anymore." Tenson Gu Senxia, ​​who was sitting opposite, also said repeatedly, with a gentle smile on his face, but he was obviously a little confused.

"Yes, that's right, everyone here is already Yazi's friend!" A few cold sweats broke out on the forehead of Yong Tai Fu Kashi next to Wang Hao, cheering with a strong smile.

"Thank you, I am really happy to make friends who can talk freely except Shi Yujiang.

From now on, please give me your advice!"

Yazi Yuzhi lowered his head, bent his body and bowed deeply. There was no tension or anxiety in his tone, but hope and determination were replaced.


As soon as Yazi's self-introduction was finished, everyone present clapped, and Wang Hao gave a bitter smile, and once again looked at Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu.

There is no trace of playfulness in the eyes of the other party, but a look of expectation.

He lost this competition.

Therefore, he should fulfill his silent promise next.


Chapter 117 The Correct Opening Method of Mian Ji (Ji)

"Ah~, I didn't expect that Haojun is really a living person, and he still has body temperature to the touch, it's great~"

As soon as Yuzhi Yazi sat back in his position, he immediately made another wave of'dribbling and hitting people' towards Wang Hao, which immediately made him feel anxious again.

"I said, don't say that I am alive as if it is strange."

Under the strong offensive, Wang Hao's rarely stabilized thoughts began to become unable to concentrate.

Especially Yazi’s words made a few black lines appear on his forehead, and he couldn’t help but continue to spit: “Don’t look at me like this, but at any rate he is also a healthy male high school student. Of course, it’s different from the npc in the game, if he doesn’t have a body temperature. If it's not normal..."

"Hey...hey...hey, Haojun, Haojun, Haojun, is this the real Haojun?"

Yuzhi Yazi seemed to have never heard of Wang Hao's words, with a crazy smile on his face, and almost did not fall off his saliva, and his hands restlessly pointed and pointed on Wang Hao.

When a slender finger pointed to an important point on his chest, Wang Hao finally couldn't bear the fiery feelings, and directly supported Yazi's shoulders with his hands, and quickly pulled the two apart a distance.

Wang Haoke never thought that the online wife was an impeccable-looking literary girl, and she would still stick to him so much in reality.

Although being a single noble...for men, it is indeed a very happy thing, but it is too strange, right?

Thinking of this, the agitation that Wang Hao had just raised quickly cooled down, and he took a soft breath and said: "Yazijiang, I can understand your excitement, because I am also very happy to see you.

But... things like physical contact can only be done between couples..."

"Why? Are Yazi and Haojun a couple? Can couples not do what couples can do?"

Yuzhi Yazi looked at Wang Hao pitifully, like a frightened little rabbit.

"Well, what a couple can do, of course they can do it...no!" Wang Hao heard Yazi's question and answered the question subconsciously. He shook his head violently when he was halfway through the conversation. What a mistake was being bypassed in?!

He stretched out his left hand to touch his forehead helplessly, sighed heavily, and continued: "Although Yazi and I are in a relationship in the game, we have known each other for a long time, but there are still some differences.

You see, today is the first time we two met in reality, and the relationship is not very close. Such behavior is a bit bad..."

"But Yazi and Haojun are married, and such things will only be done to Haojun alone, so please rest assured.

The little girl is not talented, please give me advice from Haojun."

Yazi Yuzhi patted his plump breasts with confidence, and the two white rabbits quivered and beat, making Wang Hao worried that they would not know when they would jump out, and it would be a complicated relationship like a headache.


Was it too euphemistic, or was it not clear enough?

But according to the current situation, it should be said that Yazi didn't understand his meaning at all!

"Okay, okay, everyone knows how loving the two are, so please stop here for now.

Next, let the remaining people introduce themselves first, isn't there anyone who hasn't introduced them now?"