Seeing that the atmosphere was a bit unpleasant, Dansheng Gu Senxia immediately came out with a smile to make a round. As expected, everyone was instantly attracted by her words, and they all looked at Xiazhiqiu Shiyu sitting on the side.

"I'm just here to accompany Yazi, do I have to introduce it?"

As the person involved, Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu raised her head unconsciously, and replied indifferently.

"It's rare for everyone to come to this offline gathering. This is also a kind of fate." Yushengyuan Xing sat in the position, looking at Xiazhiqiu Shiyu with a serious face, and at the same time received the eyes of other people's approval.

In terms of this offline gathering, the most invisible person besides Wang Hao in Yushengyuan's apricot was Xiazhiqiu Shiyu who was sitting next to her, so she was particularly interested in this.

"Fate? That's right..."

Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu glanced at Wang Hao thoughtfully, and smiled lightly. It was indeed a destiny to accompany Yazi to meet him today. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is fate.

And it’s quite interesting, and it’s not bad to get to know more friends.

At this point, Shiyu Kasumigaoka closed his gaze and smiled slightly, "My name is Shiyu Kasumigaoka. I am a first-year student at the private Shengqi Academy. I don’t have any special hobbies. Please advise."

"Everyone's school is nearby, it's really accidental."

After a moment of adjustment, Segawa Akane also gradually began to adapt to the environment, or reluctantly accepted the reality, and directly complained to Wang Hao's heart.

Everyone also had the same thoughts in their hearts, and they always felt that this gathering had been arranged. Without knowing it, everyone gathered here with the same script.

"It's true that this offline party is a bit accidental. I didn't think about it before I came here. I would meet Liuhua and Danshenggu here.

It really shocked me, and I hope that the two of you will forget what I just said, otherwise I will lose face.

If you have any requirements, you just need to say it, and I will definitely finish it!"

Tomiyoshi scratched his head in embarrassment. He really did not expect to meet an acquaintance here, and he couldn't help but utter a handsome (Secondary 2) line that had been sealed for many years. If other people in the school knew about his high school life, his life would be over.

"No! The Dark Flame Envoy is so cool, what's wrong?"

As soon as Yurokuto Torika finished saying what Yuta Tomigashi had said, he immediately retorted, expressing his rejection.

"That's the case, that's what I said. Farewell, my youth..." Tomiyoshi turned his head too silently, his eyes do not know what he was thinking, but there was indeed a tragic atmosphere that exaggerated the surroundings.

Tansheng Gu Morika breathed a sigh of relief when he saw this, and silently continued for a second in his heart for Tomiyoshi. Fortunately, she didn't suffer a second illness when she came here just now.

But if this continues, maybe it will be her turn in the next few moments. Now the subject must be changed forcibly. This is currently the only way to save herself!

So what should I say?In short, you must not mention half a word in the second aspect of the second language. In this way, you can only talk about daily life to attract attention, but it must be interesting.

correct!Isn't there a topic that can attract everyone's attention right now?

Dansheng Gu Senxia's inspiration flashed, and a small devilish smile appeared in Wang Hao's direction.

The most fundamental reason for this offline gathering was that the chairman of their Illuminati Guild, that is, Wang Hao, who suddenly announced his withdrawal from the Legendary Era, contributed to this offline gathering.

Chapter 118 I'm so...I am pure!(repair)

So as long as you use this reason to bring the topic back to the original starting point, you can shift the topic cleverly.

Thinking of this, Tansheng Gu Senxia sighed softly, with a natural expression on his face, and seemed to smile casually at Wang Hao: "That...I don’t understand something, you can ask the president for advice. A moment?"

"Well, as long as I know, I will try my best to answer..."

Wang Hao tilted his head and thought for a moment, and finally he reluctantly agreed. After all, it is indeed a kind of fate for everyone to sit here today.

Moreover, his predecessor did not commit any illegal or criminal things, except for the secret that he had traveled over, nothing else to conceal.

According to his observation, although there are some people with unique personalities, they are not bad in nature.

Even if someone has a unique personality, it is definitely not the kind of bad personality that will cause trouble to others.

As long as you get used to it, you can slowly accept it.

It may be a bit complicated to explain, but Wang Hao believes that no matter what kind of personality it is, there is value in existence.

For Wang Hao personally, he still cherishes his'friends' very much. If he didn't want to participate in this offline party from the beginning, he could refuse in person at that time, but he still chose to come...

"Thank you, what I want to ask is, why did the president suddenly announce...withdraw from the legendary era?"

Tansheng Gu Senxia also put away his smiling face at this time, looking at Wang Hao's expression quite serious, although she didn't want to be touched by the former second grade, so she changed the topic.

But in the heart of Dansheng Gu Senxia, ​​the announcement of Wang Hao's withdrawal from the legendary era made her more concerned about the reason for this matter.

The others also calmed down, converging their eyes on Wang Hao.

Although everyone has never met before, they have known each other on the Internet for several years, and they have recognized each other in their hearts.

Even the two including Goshoin An and Segawa Akane are very concerned about this issue.

The members present all belonged to the Paradise Guild in the past, but eventually they disbanded for some reason, and this led to the Array Cat and the Bright Guild.

Later, the reason why he didn't join the same guild was mainly because Yu Shengyuan's personality did not admit defeat at the time. When he was in the Paradise Guild, he had already discussed with Wang Hao many times, although he had not won.

And those who know you best are generally not friends, but often your opponents.

In the Legendary Era, Yushengin Yu, who had always regarded Wang Hao as his greatest enemy, can be said to have enough knowledge of him, so it was strange that Wang Hao announced his withdrawal from the Legendary Era.

"It turns out that this is the case. I also want to find a chance to tell it in person, so let me tell everyone now..."

Wang Hao sighed slightly and gave a bitter smile. He did want to say this at first, but Yazi really surprised him so much that he temporarily forgot what he wanted to say.

It was not until Dansheng Gu Senxia mentioned that Wang Hao remembered it and continued with a smile: "There are so many things that have happened recently. I still have a lot of work to do, and I have to take care of others. Basically, there is nothing to do. I left too much time to play games, so I wanted to retire directly."

"Hojun, aren't you a student? Do you go to work part-time after school every day?

But this is also very strange, I think you don't have to go to work at all, and life should be fine.

What kind of work is it that will make you, a godless man, let go?

In other words, taking care of'others' means taking care of the beautiful girl living in your house..."

Yushoin Apricot relentlessly complained directly that it was a bit abnormal to think about the fact that in the legendary era of online games, the gods of tens of millions of yen were able to work.

"President, the reason you said is really unbelievable.

Is there any special reason that is not convenient to say?"

Tomigashi Yuta also sat next to him and spit out directly. Even Yazi, who lacks common sense, nodded with approval, and squeezed Wang Hao with both hands again.

The big watery eyes have the possibility of dropping pearls at any time, and gently pressed their lips, Chu Chu said pitifully, "Could it be that the reason for Haojun's departure was that he found other women?"

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh? I didn't expect Haojun already has a girlfriend, and he is still living together..." Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu's wine-red pupils instantly condensed, and then smiled and calmly looked at Wang Hao, without seeing anything abnormal on the surface.

Of course, if it hadn't been for Wang Hao's right foot to be tortured, he would not have found anything unusual.