"I just got in touch, not as exaggerated as everyone thought..."

Wang Hao didn't notice the abnormality of Xiazhiqiu Shiyu at this time, but scratched his head dejectedly.

It stands to reason that cartoonists and light novelists, these two professions should be very common in neon.

And through his observations these days, although the entire two-dimensional industry is a bit backward, there are also remarkable points.

Neon, like the island country in the previous life, is the fastest growing area of ​​ACG. It has also been called the "Animation Kingdom". There are really many people working in this industry here.

If you are a famous master, you will indeed be respected by others in society.

Although I am a little famous now, I still have some distance from the master, and I haven't mentioned my pen name and works from beginning to end. Even Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu, who knows the details, didn't mention a word about it.

Act high-key, be low-key.

Although Wang Hao has a still-great ideal, now he just wants to act in a low-key manner. There is always no harm in doing so.

The heart has the Tigers, fine sniffing the rose.This may also be due to his character, which happens to reflect the masculine and feminine aspects of human nature.

So he just couldn't figure it out, things shouldn't develop like this.


Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Okay, it's better to have a red dot...

"Is that so? But Haojun is really amazing!

No, please accept my knee..."

Tomigashi Yuta looked at Wang Hao with admiration. Although he didn't know what works the other party had created, he started to create two aspects at this age and he always felt very powerful.

Suddenly being praised like this, Wang Hao felt embarrassed, shook his head in embarrassment, and whispered: "That...I'm really just getting in touch, not as exaggerated as everyone thought, there is still a long way to go..."

"A newcomer who is just getting in touch? However, it is better to concentrate on creating both comics and light novels at the same time.

Do you understand what I mean?It's a bad habit to be strong..."

When Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu heard Wang Hao's words, he first chuckled. Can newcomers who are new to this area create classic works like "Five Centimeters Per Second"?

Such excellent works, even some masters who have been immersed for many years, may not be able to write them.

But to say that Wang Hao is a newcomer in this area, this is true, after all, the age of the other party is already there, and the pen name of'God Lord' has appeared in people's field of vision for the first time.

But what Xiazhiqiu Shiyu wanted to express was not that Wang Hao pretended to be a pig and eat a tiger. Although it was somewhat interesting in it, all he wanted to say was left at the end.

Although Wang Hao's emotional quotient fluctuates sometimes, but his IQ is definitely not low, after a moment of meditation, he heard what he meant.

Suddenly he was a little stunned. Although it was strange today, things have become even stranger now.

Wang Hao stared at Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu carefully, and saw the familiar arc of the other's mouth, and finally confirmed that she was not joking, then smiled slightly and said, "This really scared me, but I will pay attention. Thanks for reminding."

Before he knew it, Wang Hao also changed his understanding of Xiazhiqiu Shiyu. Although he was still a female high school student with a black belly and a poisonous tongue, he would definitely be more popular if he showed such a posture.

But if it really becomes like that, it will not be the real Xiazhiqiu Shiyu, because it is too foul to occasionally show a cute side like this!

"Speaking of all, everyone’s schools are very close. Is it really because of living nearby?" Dan Sheng Gu Senxia gently picked up the juice and looked at everyone with some doubts. Because the schools are all nearby, they live in the same place. The possibility of a region is also great.

She lives in the same area as Xiaotoriuyu Liuhua and Tomigashi Yuta. After all, everyone goes to school and basically follows the principle of proximity.

"Why are you asking this suddenly?"

Wang Hao always feels that there is an ominous premonition that something bad will happen next, in various senses.

"Of course, it is convenient to contact in the future, and I have time to visit.

We are all friends already, so it is natural to ask each other for contact addresses..."

There was a serious expression on Yuzhi Yazi's face, and Wang Hao felt it in the next instant that his arms were covered with strong gentleness again.

Although Yazi made a serious look at this time, Wang Hao still noticed Yazi's abnormality, and the corners of his mouth could not hide a curve, and there was a sense of excitement in the depths of his eyes.

It always made him feel a little dangerous. Just when he wanted to subconsciously refuse, the self-introduction just now echoed in his mind.

'No friends in school', this simple sentence, less than ten words in total, was repeated back and forth in Wang Hao's mind, and his mood became heavy.

"That said, we are already friends..."

Wang Hao let out a sigh of emotion. It's not a way to avoid these things subconsciously, it's time to face it.

Because the things that were longing for before, now as long as you step forward bravely, you can touch them within your reach.

Thinking of this, Wang Hao sighed deeply and said that if he was rebirth, how could he retreat because of a small matter? Is there any scruples in this matter?

"Well, I live in the Setagaya area. There is a long downhill nearby. If you go up there, you should see a house. The entrance says Qiushui Mountain Villa."

Wang Hao's helpless hands spread. The reason why he drives to school every day is that besides sending Zhenbai to school in the morning, the downhill road is too troublesome.

"Is it in the Setagaya area? I live in a nearby apartment with classmate Yuu Kotori, and classmate Tomakura. You can find that long downhill walk to the left. It's really accidental."

Tansheng Gu Senxia said excitedly, although he had guessed the approximate area a long time ago, he was still shocked after hearing the answer.

"This can only be described by fate! Because I live next to the apartment you mentioned..." Akane Segawa covered her small face. This offline party has exceeded her imagination.

"Shi Yujiang and I are also nearby, but we have to go to the right on that downhill road, about seven hundred meters or so, Haojun!"

Yazi said happily, but Wang Hao’s hand was hurt again, and after hearing the ending words of Yazi, he couldn’t help but vomit a little, “I’ve heard it, and I’m not a kid, so I don’t need to emphasize it to me. ..."

Mian Ji's members didn't know each other, and they all lived near his home, Wang Hao didn't know how to complain from the heart.

What kind of novel or comic book is this?In addition to becoming stronger, Krypton gold can also vigorously perform miracles!

No, it's a bit too early to make a conclusion, because there is still one person present who hasn't said.

Wang Hao gradually showed a little smile, and immediately shifted his gaze, and instantly noticed the strange expression of Yu Shengyuan Apricot, which looked like he wanted to laugh but didn't want to laugh.

Suddenly, Wang Hao's heart was cold, and he frowned slightly, and asked in a uncertain tone: "That... don't tell me, do you live nearby?"

"Yo! My little brother is a coincidence." Yushengyuan Apricot smiled lightly, and suddenly looked very charming, Yu Jie's aura was unreserved, and the pale golden pupils showed a hint of playfulness, and continued: "I will live. About two hundred meters above your home, you can see your home every day when you go home after school, so it is a must.

It turned out to be Qiushui Mountain Villa. I have always wondered who lives in such a big house..."

How does this kind of plot unfold?Now it has completely surpassed the plot of novels and comics!

Are you the main character in Gal Game?

But the reality is fine if this is the case, but why am I still a virgin now!!!