Looking at the rest of the people is also very interested, anyway, it will be serialized next Monday, and there is nothing wrong with watching it now.

At the same time, Wang Hao was also a little guilty. He didn't want to sweep everyone's excitement. He stretched his hand to the side table. There was the first episode of "Dragon Ball" he had copied, which was a small compensation.

Ying Lili nodded gratefully and couldn't wait to walk over to pick up the manuscript, and An Yilun next to Wang Hao followed closely.

Even Kasumigaoka Shiba, Yushoin An and the others all joined together at this time, because they all wanted to know, what kind of work is "Dragon Ball"?

Not long afterwards, except for Wang Hao, Yazi, and Zhenbai, everyone else chose to watch.

This has to make him sigh. It seems that most people in Neon are very interested in comics, and it really deserves to be the fastest growing area in the second dimension.


Chapter 132 True White VS Yazi, Shura Field?(repair)

The first to finish watching was Sawamura Yinglili and An Yilun, their expressions were also a bit strange at this time, and Wang Hao was also a little panicked.

Rao is the stubborn and unyielding Sawamura Hidelily. For the first time, she also showed a tangled and complicated expression. With a small face, she asked unwillingly: "Have you had the experience of drawing comics before? The work "Dragon Ball" The level of is definitely not like what a newcomer can make, but I have never seen an artist with your style...

Are you really an old driver wearing a novice vest?"

After that, Sawamura Hidelily stared at Wang Hao intently. This is what she didn't understand the most. The overall structure of this work could not find a trace of flaws, whether it was from the perspective or the world view.

Although the style of painting may not look as good as some cartoonists, it definitely belongs to the type that makes people feel very comfortable.

"Aha, I'm also very curious about this question, because the setting of "Dragon Ball" is too novel, but I also somewhat understand why Shueisha did this.

I even admire the other party’s determination and courage. Your work has great potential..." An Yilun also said with some sigh. As a well-known blogger in the two-dimensional field, there are often many newcomer cartoonists. Let him identify his work through the Internet.

Even privately, the editors of the three big names in the comics industry have also talked to An Yilun. If they encounter a good work, they will be notified in advance, and of course there will be related rewards.

An Yilun also did not refuse this, because certain figures and games are indeed expensive, and doing so will benefit him and the cartoonist publishing house.

"This is indeed my first work, so I am really a rookie who is new to the field of comics, but I have been in contact with painting since I was a child."

Wang Hao stretched out his hands helplessly. He had already thought about the lines for this issue. Now he continued to say in accordance with the wording that he had already prepared: "As you can see, although I grew up in Neon, it is true He is a native of the celestial dynasty, and because of the family environment, he has basically been influenced by the celestial culture since he was a child.

Recently, I suddenly wanted to draw comics, I tried to summarize my memories, and then started to draw "Dragon Ball". Journey to the West was one of the inspirations for this work."

"I really don't know how your guy's thinking is formed. Are geniuses and abnormal thinking different from ordinary people?"

Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu, who had also read the first chapter of Dragon Ball, happened to hear Wang Hao's explanation, and immediately looked at him with a strange gaze.

"Student Xia Zhiqiu, the word abnormal in your words is completely superfluous, and my thinking is the same as a normal person, there is no special place..." Wang Hao's mouth twitched, what is this metaphor.

Shouldn't it be normal to say that there is only a fine line between genius and lunatic?Because Mao became a pervert when he got here, his treatment was completely different!

Even though he thought so, he didn't vomit like that directly. Looking at Sawemura Yinglili and An Yilun, he asked with puzzlement: "By the way, how did you know about the "Dragon Ball" serialization? "

"Aha, don't you know about this? Shueisha is now advertising "Dragon Ball" everywhere, and I believe it will become a hot topic soon." Although An Yilun is a little puzzled by Wang Hao's question, she gets her own thoughts. After the necessary explanation, he still chose to tell Wang Hao directly, and took out his mobile phone and clicked on a piece of news.

Wang Hao turned his gaze to the screen of the phone. The news content in it was related to "Dragon Ball", but he always felt a little weird. Is it really okay to advertise with such an upright and open mind?

Although he didn't look at the contract carefully last time, Wang Hao probably remembered some treaties, and since both parties signed the contract, he naturally had to keep the promise.

The news of the serialization is really nothing to say, but if the content of the manuscript is leaked out in advance, it would be a bit wrong.

Thinking of this, Wang Hao looked at everyone and continued: "There is also something about the content, I hope everyone will not tell others, after all, "Dragon Ball" will be officially serialized next Monday."

"My generation promised with the name of the evil king's true eyes, that's okay, but Haojun should be prepared for the following follow-up, if not, can I directly draw it on the spot?"

Little Bird You Liuhua blinked and looked at Wang Hao expectantly, as if looking at the omnipotent Doraemon.

"Don't think of drawing comics as simple and trivial. If you want to watch the next content, just remember to buy the weekly jump next week." Wang Hao's face was drawn. Although his drawing speed is indeed a bug skill, he hasn't It really went against the sky all at once.

"Haojun, this stingy!" Xiaoniaoyou Liuhua curled his lips gently, and suddenly a few black lines appeared on Wang Hao's forehead, and finally chose to ignore it.

"Five centimeters per second" and "Dragon Ball", the god master teacher hides so deeply, what about the trust between people?" Akane Segawa looked at him with grief, and Wang Hao was also a little embarrassed. However, he was only embarrassed for a moment, and then returned to his face with a calm smile, saying: "I remember saying at the beginning that I had just been involved in the creation of light novels and comics, but I also hope that everyone can keep my identity secret."

"I thought you were the same as I thought, but now I can't see through you more and more, but this also makes people more and more curious..."

Yu Shengyuan Xing's eyes narrowed slightly, her arms were gently folded, and she said thoughtfully.

"Compared with this matter, I think there is one more important thing that needs everyone to discuss, it is about Yazi."

Wang Hao smiled helplessly, thinking that it would be better to get rid of this topic now.

"What's the matter? Is Haojun finally willing to marry Yazi and be together forever! As expected, Yazi is the main palace!"

As soon as his words were spoken, Yuzhi Yazi recovered from a dazed state, and quickly walked to Wang Hao and hugged his right arm. His light blue eyes were slightly moist and moving, and the joy of joy was overwhelming.

This move of Yazi suddenly made Wang Hao a headache, but the next moment he was shocked even more, seeing Zhen Bai also hugged his left arm tightly, watching Yazi expressionlessly said, "Hao It's really white, so I won't let it go to you."

"That's it, I didn't expect you to be really hidden, and there is actually this kind of relationship between you..."

Akane Segawa looked back and forth between Wang Hao, Zhen Bai, and Yazi with a look of sorrow. Everyone also showed a smile like this.

However, Wang Hao in the middle is hard to tell, and he feels that Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu's smile is inexplicably dangerous...

Chapter 133 When Yazi's Salvation is in Progress (Revision)

"Xia Zhiqiu, don't show such a terrible smile, I didn't do anything!"

Wang Hao's face was solemn, and he became more and more aware that Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu's seemingly'gentle' smile could make him'harmonious' at any time.

"Ahhhhhhhhh? Why is the perverter so flustered? People haven't said anything yet, can't even the two beautiful girls satisfy you?"

Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu squinted her eyes slightly, watching Wang Hao chuckle, her small tongue licked her lips with a charming appearance.

The flustered is not because you laughed at me, why did you add the word abnormal...

Wang Hao murmured secretly and decided not to provoke Xiazhiqiu Shiyu for the time being, well, if he had the opportunity, he would try his best to avoid it in the future.

He immediately withdrew from the double-strike between Zhenbai and Yazi. Seeing the two of them swearing to not give up, he had to say something to stop him, saying: "Yazi, Zhenbai, you two, give me a little bit. Don't say so Words that are easy for others to misunderstand!"

"Hmm..." Zhenbai nodded in frustration, obviously not understanding Wang Hao's actions, could it be that he did something wrong?

Wang Hao felt a little guilty when he saw this, but he just felt guilty for a moment, and he immediately turned his heart back and resisted the urge to touch the little white head.

If I don't explain it clearly now, my image will really go from a cold and mature state to a playboy-type role.

Don't underestimate the true white and natural black. Gentleness is sometimes the cruelest to yourself, Wang Hao thinks now.

Yazi whimpered, with pear blossoms on her face raining, making Wang Hao’s newly determined determination unbearable, and she saw Yazi sobbing and saying, "Woo, oh, does Haojun like poor breasts?"

"Why did you come to this conclusion!" Hearing Yazi's words, Wang Hao wrinkled a few black lines on his forehead, and immediately felt that his decision was extremely wise.

If I had just been soft and gentle in such a place, wouldn't I have really become the perverted monarch Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu said?