Ghost Lantern slowly stood up from the bench, bent his waist slightly to apologize, and said in a humble or humble tone. There were no emotional fluctuations other than indifference on the poker face.

Encountered something bad?

Hearing this mention from the other party, Wang Hao immediately remembered about the monk Tsing Yi. He looked at the ghost lantern a little nervously at the moment, and asked with some confusion: "Wait! Is Mr. Ghost lamp talking about a one-eyed monk in Tsing Yi?"

After finishing talking, Wang Hao stared at the ghost lamp nervously. Only this incident caused him quite annoyed recently. After all, the last time he was eaten and drunk by the monk Tsing Yi, let’s not talk about it, and next time he will team up with other monsters. Team, this has become a sad story...

"Yes, but you don't need to bother in the future." The ghost lamp nodded faintly, lowered his body and slowly let go of the kitten in his arms, and finally reached out and stroked the cat for a while, then turned and stood up.

"This is really thanks to Mr. Guideng's help, who solved a long-puzzling problem for me. If you don't mind, please accept this."

When Wang Hao saw the other party's behavior, he put a lot of vigilance on the black-clothed man in front of him. The other party seemed to like small animals very much, maybe it was the kind of cold outside and hot inside.

In any case, at least the other party really solved a long-perplexed trouble for him. Wang Hao walked over at the moment and handed the cat figure bought in the convenience store to the ghost lamp.

"Thank you." Ghost Lantern gave Wang Hao a deep look, then turned around and walked forward without saying anything, his figure gradually illusory...

After a while, after Wang Hao confirmed that the other party had left, he breathed a sigh of relief and stepped towards his home, still feeling a little surging.

Since the last time he met Monk Tsing Yi, he has personally investigated a lot of information about neon local monsters and ghosts, and has learned a little bit more or less.

Perhaps a long time ago, there was a Hyakki Yakou in this area.

There are many rumors about monsters in Neon, so their views on monsters are also different. Some people think that they are evil spirits, while others believe in some of them as ghosts and gods.

Wang Hao believes that the ghost lamp belongs to the latter, the ghosts and gods in the rumors of monsters, and occasionally appear in this world.

It seems that the world is not as dangerous as one thinks, at least there are related organizations on the other side, which has not disturbed the order of the world.

Anyway, the big rock hanging in his heart had disappeared and disappeared. Wang Hao felt that the whole person was a lot more relaxed, humming a little song and moved forward slowly.

"It's weird, I have set up the enchantment in advance, why can he still see it?"

Not long after Wang Hao left, the ghost lamp slowly walked out of the void, frowning, looking at Wang Hao's long-lost back, and whispered: "Is it the blood of the Onmyoji? And inheritance..."

After speaking, the space around the ghost lamp was distorted, bowed his head in contemplation and returned to nothingness, leaving the world with confusion.


Chapter 138 Twitter explodes!(repair)

When Wang Hao returned to Qiushui Mountain Villa with two large bags of things, it was already more than nine o'clock. By this time, it was relatively quiet at night, but he still heard the sound of the piano next door.

If he listened correctly, the other party played Chopin's Nocturne Op.9 No.1, which is also a piano piece he likes very much.

Because the artistic conception expressed by this nocturne is different from the artistic conception of many piano works, it brings people into a whole new feeling.

This is a unique dream that Chopin envisioned. Each of his notes is embellishing and depicting a dream.

Of course, the level of the performer is also very good, although he has not yet seen the other person, but the mysterious neighbor increasingly interested Wang Hao.

Wang Hao stayed in place quietly. After listening to the other party's performance, when he had time to visit, the gift he prepared should be related to music, right?

After thinking about it, he walked unhurriedly and returned to his room, only to see the scene before him came back to his senses, because the room was a little messy because of the reception of the crowd.

Wang Hao gave a bitter smile and took a lot of effort again, carefully tidying up, until he was satisfied, he stopped, panting and lying on his back on the bed.

With his right hand wearily took out the phone and opened it, the login button took a look at the group of Dansheng Gusen Xia Chuang, the name has been changed to "Modern Dimensional Research Society", I don't know when I became the group owner...

Wang Hao didn't care about this either. He stretched out his finger to slide the screen and glanced at the unread message above. It is roughly that Yushengyuan Xing will find someone to set up the club activity room tomorrow, and the club activities will officially start next Monday.

Although Wang Hao complained a little bit about the sudden change of his home into a club activity venue, but now he is relieved.

[God Lord: I beg you tomorrow, and the club activities will officially start next Monday afternoon.

I declare in advance that coming here is not just to play games, let's cheer together!

He thought about it, and added all the members of Aite at the end. After sending the message successfully, he directly withdrew from the deduction.

Although the members have been found now, the future is still difficult, because the production of the game is somewhat technically demanding, not as simple as it seems.

Wang Hao originally wanted to find a professional, so at least the speed would increase a lot, but now it's done, he decided to change the original plan again.

Originally planned to find a professional team, so that the game can be launched in the summer comic exhibition, but now I can only postpone the time to the winter comic exhibition, as for the works he has created, he already has a clue to the four gods of the key club!

He can also create the East alone at the same time, because the production of the East is not too difficult. The previous life of Zun also created the East series by himself.

But this way, I am really a bit busy. If it weren't for the support of his current strong physical fitness, I'm afraid he would even have a problem with drawing Dragon Ball.

In the current state, he began to understand the meaning of "plans cannot keep up with changes", and the price for this is to overturn many of the original plans.

Today's actions by Shueisha really surprised Wang Hao. He didn't expect that the other party would do such a sparing effort for Dragon Ball. It seems that Iida Ayano should have done a lot.

But he thinks this is also good, now the higher the Dragon Ball's momentum, the better, so that the twists and turns will be greater when it comes, and it can awaken the comic world that is like stagnant water.

But in this case, you have to step up the effort to create dragon balls, at least in the near future to paint the world's number one martial arts club, or even more!

Thinking of this, Wang Hao is really grateful to Shueisha and Ayano Iida. The other party is so hard now, do you want to help with advertising?

If he doesn't do anything like this, he really feels a little uneasy to sit and sleep, but he also promoted it to his friends today, and then continue to increase his strength a little bit.

"Go to Twitter to promote it, you can be regarded as doing your duty..."

Wang Hao muttered to himself, turned on Twitter on his phone, and replaced his original landscape portrait directly with the protagonist of Dragon Ball-Monkey King.

Then Wang Hao noticed that his last tweet had been reposted hundreds of thousands of times. The message was even more explosive, and he felt bad at once!

[Although I am very surprised that the god master is still creating comics, but the god master, can you consider the mood of us fans of "Five Centimeters Per Second"...

Second Five has not been updated for three days!I don’t have a second to watch, I feel like I’m going to heaven soon, I hope you can update it soon, this is my biggest luxury now...]

[Not updated in three days?!What are you kidding internationally!According to the calculation of the celestial dynasty in one day as if every three autumns, hasn't it been nine years?

But please rest assured that I will wait forever. This is also my wish for a lifetime. Don’t be too guilty. From now on, my grandchildren will send me a copy of "Five Centimeters Per Second".

Ah ah ah ah ah!!!!There is no second five to see that I am going crazy, God Lord teacher, you have to pity the poor villain!If this continues, I'm really going crazy!!!

[Indicating that the blade is ready and is about to be mailed to the god master teacher, please accept this little heart (smile) (smile)]

[Calm down, everyone. There is a reason why the master teacher does not update. It must be because the comics are too busy and there is no time. It will definitely be updated in some time. We just need to wait quietly.

Of course, if the god master teacher updates now, I will definitely buy more than ten copies of the weekly jump magazine which will be serialized in Dragon Ball next Monday!

[Similarly, as long as the teacher is willing to update now, you will buy 11 this weekly jump support!!

[God: I heard what you said, please support Dragon Ball a lot next Monday, and remember to give it a good comment.

However, I really don’t know about the update. I remembered that I had set it to automatic upload, so I didn’t care about it. I didn’t expect it to be like this.