I'm really sorry!I will update now, please wait a moment!

Wang Hao probably glanced at the comments. They were all about updating at a speed of five centimeters per second. He first sent a tweet and then quickly walked to the computer.

I opened station b three times and five times apart, and quickly logged in to the page of Second Five, it really hadn't been updated for three days.

After entering the writer's backstage, I discovered that the chapters I had originally set to upload on time were lying quietly in the draft box, motionless.

"Hey..." Wang Hao sighed helplessly, and directly clicked to upload manually, wiping away his cold sweat.


Chapter 139 The Invitation of Megumi Kato (revision)

The novel version of "Five Centimeters Per Second" is about to end, because there are not many words, Wang Hao is considering whether to update it directly.

However, this idea was only a flash, and he was quickly admitted, and decided to upload the remaining chapters at once.

After all, although it was due to a system problem this time, it was also related to my own negligence. The rest of the update did not take long to continue serializing. It would be better to update it all at once, which can be regarded as my own compensation for fans.

And with the end of Second Five, he can also start the process of Liankong and take a new step forward.

Thinking of this, Wang Hao reopened Twitter. His tweet, which had just been posted a short time ago, was retweeted thousands of times in an instant. The same number of comments were unreasonable, and he had to make him feel a little emotional.

[Unexpectedly, it was really updated. I personally went to station b and took a look, and actually updated three chapters in a row!Call crazy for the god master teacher!!!

[I read few books, don't lie to me.But it seems that the situation seems to be true. Why do I feel an incredible sense of happiness?

[Are you still in the mood to chat here?Everyone is waiting for me, let me finish reading first and then come to the water for 300 rounds.

[The blade cannot be sent out, which is really regrettable and gratifying.

It's a pity that the teacher of God Lord has lost an opportunity to open a hardware store, but I will support it in another way next Monday. The weekly jump of Dragon Ball will be serialized next Monday, and I will book fifty copies in advance.

[God Lord: No matter what, this time is indeed my negligence, and everyone's enthusiasm has made me flattered.

So there will be a surprise for everyone later, so please look forward to it.

[One of the masters of the gods was captured in the front row, saying that all that I can't imagine is later!

[Listening to what you said, I am a little curious whether the god master teacher is a male or female?I was originally estimated to be around 30 years old, an emotionally rich vicissitudes of life uncle, but I did not expect to be a 16-year-old Xiao Zhengtai, and suddenly made me feel a little moved~]

[It is so touching in Second Five, God Master Teacher is definitely a cute girl!


Wang Hao looked at most of the comments, although a small part of them made him secretly complain, and quickly replied to a few comments, but it would be unrealistic to reply one by one.

He raised his head and glanced at the time. It was over 9:50, and there was a blowout comment. Wang Hao thought about it, and decided to repost another tweet.

[God Lord: It's not too late now. The surprise I said will be released at ten o'clock in advance. Everyone should rest early.

In addition, an advertisement is inserted, and the comic version of "Five Centimeters Per Second" is officially decided to create!Ms. Shiina Mashiro, a world-class talented painter, will be in charge, and it will be serialized soon!

My new work "Love the Sky" will also be released in the near future. I hope everyone can do the same as before. Please support me!

Although the comic version of Miaowu has not been published yet, let alone the issue of serialization, Wang Hao has confidence in Zhenbai this time and believes that the comic version of Miawu will definitely be serialized successfully.

After finishing all this, Wang Hao waited until 9:59:59, manually uploaded all the remaining chapters of Second Five, and fell directly on the bed. Suddenly he felt that his whole person was a lot easier in an instant.

After working hard for so long, tomorrow I can finally relax for a whole day and take some relief. It is a hard-won happiness. The combination of work and rest that the ancients emphasized is indeed the truth.

Where should I go?Or just lie down on the bed to rest, or play a day of games, and spend it lazily.

But this seems a bit too lazy, at least take this opportunity to visit the neighbor next door.

"Jingle Bell--"

Before Wang Hao was happy, the phone rang suddenly and quickly. Wang Hao picked up the phone number and looked at the phone number on it. He was a little impressed but couldn't remember it. It might be someone he knew before.

It's already ten o'clock. It must be something to call so late, right?Moreover, it is a very rude behavior for others to see if you don't answer.

"Hello." Wang Hao asked with a frown, slowly getting up from the bed.

"Haojun hasn't slept yet?"

There was a familiar voice on the other end of the phone, which instantly reminded Wang Hao of who the other party was. He couldn't help but smiled bitterly, and said, "You are Kato. You haven't slept so late, what can you do with me?"

"It's nothing, it's just that Haojun hasn't forgotten tomorrow's affairs."

Kato Kee said lightly, directly expressing the question in a statement, and Wang Hao instantly remembered the agreement between the two.

It was a promise made on a calm noon, and the promise of youth is always accompanied by heavy steps to gradually mature.

Goodbye, my precious holiday.

"How could I forget, did Kato think about where to go?" Wang Hao reluctantly said goodbye to his precious vacation in tears, trying to make his voice sound ordinary.

"If Hao-kun has something tomorrow, don't care about me. I'll be fine here, so I can go next time." Kato Kee's calm voice came. There was no emotional fluctuation. Wang Hao estimated that she was on the other end of the phone. The expression on his face was as flat as the tone of the speech, which made people unable to pick out any abnormalities.

But for Wang Hao, the lethality of this tone was even greater, and there was no room for rejection.

He sighed heavily, and now he didn't care about the vacation that seemed like a dream, and said quickly: "Eh...I will really be fine tomorrow, so please go on a date with me, please!"

"Since Haojun has said so, meet at the entrance of Liutianma Shopping Center at 8 o'clock tomorrow morning.

Staying up late is bad behavior, Haojun also rest early, good night."

"good night……"

Wang Hao weakly replied good night until the other party hung up the phone, and his whole person instantly lost his vitality. After ten minutes of lazily lying on the bed, he was refreshed.

Think about anything from another angle, there will be unexpected results.

Tomorrow and Megumi Kato will go shopping alone. Think about it, isn’t this just a date?

And even though Kato Megumi's sense of existence is very subtle, she also belongs to that kind of young and beautiful girl, and her personality is also very gentle and understanding, just a little inconspicuous.

No matter how you look at it, Kato is the kind of ideal girlfriend!

In that case, what can I complain about?Why didn't I expect this just now!

Thinking of this, Wang Hao began to look forward to tomorrow's date, so he adjusted the alarm clock to five o'clock, because he had to get up early to prepare breakfast for Zhen Bai.


Chapter One Hundred and Forty: Second Five Ends (Repair)

Wang Hao knew that the turmoil that ended at a speed of five centimeters per second had just begun. A small number of people in the industry had begun to target him, and of course there were good and bad.