He watched the second five results on station b. It has broken through millions of clicks and is still in a state of continuous growth. He is very pleased to be able to do this.

The number of private messages to him is also a bit high. Wang Hao thought for a while, then clicked on the private message and browsed it for a while, slowly reading it.

Unsurprisingly, in his mailbox, there are already editors of various book libraries, all of whom have thrown olive branches at him.

There are many well-known library editors. After thinking for a moment, Wang Hao gave an ambiguous answer directly, without rejecting or agreeing.

Because of the special nature of Renkong, there is not much demand for the library.

Moreover, he himself also had the idea of ​​acquiring a library. When he read the next private message, Wang Hao immediately became interested.

[Aoba Shirayuki: Hello, Mr. God Lord, I am the editor-in-chief of Fushikawa Bunko, Machida Sonko?, are you interested in serializing your new work?

Wang Hao vaguely remembered that Xia Shizi's works were serialized in the Fushengchuan Bookstore. He also searched for the details of this library, but it was a bit in line with his requirements.

Moreover, the tone of the other party's speech was very good, at least he didn't put utilitarianism on the bright side, Wang Hao sounded quite comfortable.

[God: The invitation from the editor-in-chief Machida made me very happy, but I hope to give me some time to think about this issue. I will reply to the editor-in-chief Machida within three days.

[Aoba Shirayuki: I will wait for your reply, and the door of Fushikawa Bunko will always be open for you, the teacher of God.

It didn't take long for Wang Hao's message to be sent out, and there was a reply after a while, which surprised him a bit. He then quit station b with a smile, turned off the computer and went to sleep.

On the other side, Machida Yuanzi was excited and could not sleep.

At the very beginning of the second five series, she did not notice the novel. When she found out, the second five centimeters was almost finished.

At that time, the popularity of Second Five was already in a hot state, and Machida Yuanzi's first thought was to bring the god master teacher to his library.

Although knowing the possibility of success is extremely small, after all, such a super-popular writer who has not signed a contract is definitely the object of competition for major libraries.

At least behemoths like Dengeki Bunku will definitely throw an olive branch in the first place.

In contrast, Undead Chuan Bunku's hopes are really not great, but she still sent many private messages, insisting on it every day, but unfortunately she couldn't get a response.

But today is the same as usual, but it is different, because I received a reply not long after it was sent. Although I have not received a definite answer, at least there is still hope. This is undoubtedly an exciting thing.

"Boss, another dozen cold dark beer!"

Thinking of this, Machida Yuanzi yelled boldly, as long as he can successfully win over the god master teacher, he is undoubtedly one step closer to the road of promotion and salary increase.


In a dark and dark spacious room, the only faintly shining computer screen was browsing the web. A beautiful blonde girl took up a tissue and gently wiped her tears. There were already a lot of waste paper on the floor.

"Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, this damned guy, for the first time I have the urge to blow up a train, really a terrible one!" Yamada demon stopped clicking his mouse hand, gritted his teeth and stared at the screen "Five Centimeters" sobbed.

Originally, the fairy Yamada did not notice the existence of "Five Centimeters Per Second", but when Xiu Xian reached 10:30, the editor in charge of her suddenly sent a link, saying that the other party was about the same age as herself, and asked her to study hard and criticized it. She had a terrible meal.

All of a sudden, the Yamada Fairy who was playing the game stopped continuing to play, and at the same time lost interest in playing the game, and began to want to see who could make her study hard?

I am the Yamada fairy who is a master of animated light novels, and immediately became a best-selling author from the beginning of his debut. He also has a lofty ideal that a group of street writers do not have.

So I plan to finish reading the novel called "Five Centimeters Per Second", and then find out its shortcomings, and point them out on Twitter to severely criticize the guy called God Lord.

Unexpectedly, looking at it this way, he was completely fallen.

"How can it be repaired! The humiliation of this kind of humiliation shouldn't be so easy to let this young lady, who is a big and small, leave precious tears!

If you know yourself and the enemy, you must start with understanding the enemy's intelligence, and let this lady walk around!"

The fairy Yamada said angrily with red eyes, opened Twitter to search for the god, and suddenly his eyes lit up, beaming with excitement.

"To release a new book at this critical time is really courageous. It just so happens that Miss Ben's new work is about to be released. Let you guys see the real'predecessors'..."

Yamada Fairy snorted, and the depressed mood finally dissipated a little. Although she recognized the strength of the god master, she was still a little bit behind herself.

At best, it is so much stronger than the arrogant newcomer of Xia Shizi, only my great big and small commentator Yamada Fairy teacher is the savior of the light novel world today!

"Hehehe..." Thinking of this, the fairy Yamada smiled triumphantly, raised Bai Jieruyu's calf, and tweeted directly that his new work will be released on the same day as the gods.

The tweet was immediately reposted, and Yamada Fairy nodded in satisfaction. Now the codeword is not in the state, it is better to start a tense and exciting game again.

When the state is restored, and the codeword is inspired, the efficiency will be higher.

Well, that's right, she thinks that the chapters that other people have coded so hard are not interesting at all.

Life should have fun in time, so she should not be tied to writing all day.


Xia Zhiqiu House, after reading five centimeters per second, Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu went to browse Twitter again, hoping to find some inspiration codes.

"I was really underestimated..."

Seeing the movement of the fairy Yamada, she couldn't help but slowly shake her long legs wearing black silk, her expression seemed to be smiling, but she accelerated the speed of shaking her legs.

Just close Twitter directly, click on the file on the desktop with the mouse, put your hands on the keyboard to quickly start typing, and the sound of typing on the keyboard is very rhythmic.

The source of inspiration is endless, after a while, hundreds of words have been typed, Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu is still smiling fast code...

Chapter 141 Dating Shopping Plan!(repair)

In the early morning, before dawn, Wang Hao got up from his comfortable bed and looked out the window without focusing his eyes. It took a while for his brain to recover.

After a brief wash, Zhenbai prepared breakfast and lunch, and then he began to clean up and dress himself.

It was still the suit that looked slightly A Zhai yesterday, but this time he carried a backpack to make things easier.

In neon, most students carry backpacks very rarely. Most of them are elementary school students and kindergarteners. After entering middle school, everyone has changed to shoulder bags.

Of course, most otaku will often go to the streets to carry a backpack, which is convenient for participating in holy wars and purchasing the items they need.

Wang Hao was quite satisfied with his current outfit, because walking on the street had greatly reduced his sense of presence, which was unobtrusive.

He first sent out the manuscript of "Dragon Ball" he had completed, and I was afraid that he would surprise Ayano Iida by then. Then he pressed the map on his phone and took the tram to Liutianma Shopping Center. It was only half past seven.

With half an hour left before the agreed eight o'clock, Wang Hao was dumbfounded that the number of people here was constantly increasing, and only then did he notice the first opening of the Liutianma Shopping Center in the manual.

"This number is a bit difficult to handle..."

The current model is as crazy as a 50% discount on potato chips in the supermarket, and Wang Hao couldn't help but have a headache.

"Haojun, waited a long time."

A soft voice came leisurely, Wu Hao looked back, and was instantly amazed by Kato Megumi at this moment.

Wearing a white dress with short sides, black suspenders are exposed on the shoulders, the delicate collarbone is exposed to the air, the soft black hair is gradually blown up by the wind, wearing a pink beret, the pretty face shows a faint smile.