What does not exist?The current female power of Megumi Kato is simply overwhelming, and she belongs to the heroine level.

"No, I just came here too, without further ado, let's go!"

After a moment of stunned, Wang Hao came back to his senses. He turned around blushing and walked directly into the shopping center. Kato Megumi took a look at her outfit when she saw it, and then quickly followed.


"Wow, a lot of people, but I really look forward to seeing how many shops~" Kato Megumi said in a sigh, then looked at Wang Hao next to him, tilted his head and asked suspiciously: "Are you okay, Haojun ."

"No... it's okay..." Wang Hao looked at the number of people in front of him, then looked at his position, and continued helplessly: "There is no way to continue like this, I am afraid that when we arrive, what we want will be Snapped up."

"So that's the case, Haojun is right, but promotions are generally like this."

"Is that right?"

Wang Hao smiled reluctantly, Kato Kee nodded faintly, then looked at the front and said in surprise: "The door has been opened, Haojun."

In fact, there is no need to remind Megumi Kato, Wang Hao can also feel that he is being constantly squeezed forward by the crowd, and for the first time experience the feeling of involuntary.


"Although it is correct to say that, this kind of disorderly queuing is a problem in itself. Let's find a place to rest."

Wang Hao stood exhaustedly outside the store and pointed to the open-air drink shop not far away for people to rest. Fortunately, he bought what Kato Megumi needed, otherwise he would not want to have this experience, but this is the first one. ...

Kato Kei nodded faintly. Wang Hao saw this and stood in front of the road. When he turned his head, he found that Kato Ke was tripped by the crowd and was about to fall to the ground!

Wang Hao's eyes condensed, he turned sideways and quickly walked around the crowd, holding the opponent's hand when Kato Megumi was about to fall, and then he was lightly relieved.

"Ho-kun." Kato Megumi spoke softly, staring at him lightly, and said calmly.

"Let's go, Kato." Wang Hao just responded with a smile, holding Megumi Kato's hand, turning around and starting to break the road ahead alone.


"Ah~ I finally came out. If I continue to stay inside, I am afraid the consequences will be disastrous." Wang Hao lay on the table tiredly, and after a while, he slowly raised his head to look at Megumi Kato, slightly apologetic. Said: "Kato, I'm really sorry, but I asked for a break at this critical moment."

"No, I am the one who should apologize."

Kato Kee shook his head faintly, stretched out his hand and continued to shake the small fan in Wang Hao's direction, and said calmly.

"Do you live in such a terrible environment? But what is going on with the high-probability couples around you? Sure enough, the current ones will explode to me!!"

"Well, let's not talk about the person next to you, maybe we are invisibly increasing that probability in the eyes of others."

Kato Megumi looked at Wang Hao and said lightly, without showing the slightest color, and continued to shake the fan calmly, and continued: "Don't be so troublesome, just go into the shop where you can go."

"This is no way, Kato, do you have any stores you want to go to? Just mark them here, you have to mark all the stores you want to go." Wang Hao frowned, and he was holding Liutianma Shopping Center. The manual was handed over.

Megumi Kato quickly marked the store he wanted to go to. Wang Hao took out his mobile phone to quickly check the business hours of each store, and used a pen to mark the distance between the stores and the crowd in each time period. .

"That's it! Let's go, Kato!"

After finishing all the data, Wang Hao stood up from his position excitedly and pushed his black flat glasses casually. How could this little trouble stump him?

But you still have you, Liutianma Shopping Center.

"But is this arrangement really correct? If I want to, just go shopping." Kato Kee frowned while looking at the dense data on the pamphlet.

"Don't worry, Kato. After my precise calculations and taking into account many factors, following the above time and route, I can definitely conquer this Liutianma shopping center easily!"

Wang Hao put the money for the drink on the table, picked up the things he bought just now, and walked forward confidently.

"Since Hao-kun has said so, let's go, oh!" Kato Hui smiled and followed Wang Hao without saying anything.

The breeze is blowing, and the blazing sun shines.

The number of people in Liutianma Shopping Center has not decreased but increased at this time, and even the fighting in certain places has reached a fierce stage.

However, Wang Hao and Kato Kei proceeded easily according to the established route, without encountering any obstacles, time just passed by, and there were more and more bags hanging on his body...


The 142nd chapter is how to raise a passerby heroine!(repair)

"Finally here, this is the last store." Kato Hui was full of joy, watching Wang Hao and said excitedly: "Unexpectedly, I will finish shopping in one day. It's hard work, Haojun."

"Is this the last store? But listening to you say that, I really think of the hard work." Looking at the crowds, Wang Hao looked at the store in front of him and squatted on the ground, feeling quite complicated. , Sighed lightly, and said, "Kato, go in first. I'll take a rest outside first."

"Really? Then Hao-kun will take a good rest here." Kato Hui looked at Wang Hao with a tired face, and did not continue to force him, turned and walked into the store.


The crowd was walking sparsely outside the shop. Wang Hao put his hanging pockets on the ground, and he was relieved a lot. Of course, not all of these were bought by Kato Kee alone, he bought a lot of it himself.

Wang Hao stared at the crowd, suddenly the mobile phone in his pocket shook, opened it, and found that Nan Xiaoniao was in the group of muses.

The content is probably asking him to go to Otonogizaka to help guide Muse’s music and some other issues. All Muse members are waiting for him there, so if you are busy, forget it.

Wang Hao thought about it for a while. These days, he also paid attention to the Muse group and found that the members of the Muse had already started to take action, which made him quite relieved.

Besides, he has also boasted about going to Haikou before. As long as the Muse encounters any difficulties, he will try his best to help. Wang Hao himself also admires this group of girls who sing for their dreams.

Everyone’s youth is short, and some people just let it pass in vain, but there are also people who are walking towards their dreams during this period. Although they may be losers, they are undoubtedly worthy of respect.

So he decided to go over and take a look. His recent arrangements were too tight. In terms of Wang Hao's physical fitness beyond ordinary people, he already felt a little tired at this time.

At first, Wang Hao's view of time was not so tense, but now he feels that more and more things are weighing on him, and now he feels that time is becoming more tense.

He has a bold idea now. Next Monday, he will go to the principal's office and have a personal talk with the principal to see if he can spare more time.

Of course, it's not absent from class all day. Wang Hao will still appear the necessary form to go. The detailed matters must be explained to the principal in person.

He didn't want to do it if he could, but if he just relied on the time now, he might be really too busy, after all, there are a lot of things waiting for him to do.

Although it was very hard to do, he did not think it was trouble. If he really took this as trouble, he would not try to do it. With the legacy left by Mr. Wang and the connections of the Wang family, it was so simple and easy. There is absolutely no problem in spending a lifetime.

But when people lose their dreams, what is the difference between them and salted fish?

However, although it was said that this was the last shop visited, it was also very rude to Kato Kee to leave like this. Wang Hao thought about it, and decided to talk to Kato Kee first.

Thinking of this, Wang Hao walked into the store slowly, only to notice that it was an optical shop, and Kato was bending over and carefully selecting.

Wang Hao didn't bother the other party directly, and chose to walk near Kato Ke, but unfortunately the other party had already noticed his presence, looked at him with a smile on his face, and walked closer to him slowly.

After a few steps, he came to Wang Hao's side, put his feet up lightly in disagreement, reached out and took off the black-framed glasses that Wang Hao was wearing, and brought him half of the red-framed glasses he was holding.

"Well, it feels good, it suits you well, probably." Kato Hui said with a smile while watching Wang Hao with her hands behind her back.