"Kato?" This move made him a little at a loss, and finally turned a thousand words into one sentence, but Kato Hui just smiled and squinted, "This is a thank you for being with me today, thank you, Haojun. "

Hearing these words, Wang Hao's heart was shocked, he only felt that his mind was blank, even everything around him was completely blank, and all voices were cut off at this moment.

Maybe the whole world can't accommodate anything except the girl, and it looks like a flash in the pan, eclipsing everything around it.

The gentle breeze blew by, and the warm sunlight shone on him and Kato Ke, and only Kato Kee’s faint smile was left in front of them, proving her unprecedented sense of existence.

"Kato, please join my club. I believe that if it is you, you will definitely become the heroine." Wang Hao held Kato Megumi's shoulders with a serious face. He had never seen Megumi Kato like this before, this kind of amazing For a moment, Wang Hao thinks that only the moment when he first sees true white can be compared with this.

"Is that so? What do I need to do." Kato Kee said, tilting his head. The ordinaryness at this time gave people the illusion that they didn't exist at all.

"Yes, in short, join my club first!" Wang Hao scratched his head in embarrassment. He doesn't know what to ask Kato Kei to do now, but now the club has just begun to be established, and it is filled with new people. , It was just right for Kato Megumi to come in at this time, and it could also increase the combat effectiveness of the community.

"I always feel that Haojun looks a bit like those strange Shuli who cheated Lori with lollipops on TV."

"Then you are the little loli who was deceived by me?"

"I'm already a high school student, but no problem, Ho-kun's club makes me a little curious." Kato Hui scowled, with a serious expression on his face, Wang Hao just smiled and took out a white gift box from his pocket. After going over, he said softly, "Thank you. I like Kato's gift very much. I also have a gift for you. If you don't mind, please go home and open it."

"You're welcome, Haojun's gift also makes me look forward to it. Then I will go home and open the gift first."

Kato Megumi took his belongings from Wang Hao and walked slowly outside the door.

"I'll take you back..."

"No, if Haojun has something to do, go and work, I am very happy today."

Before he could finish speaking, Kato Kee said first, and the figure disappeared into his sight with the crowd.

Wang Hao sighed deeply, his eyes beaming with confidence, slowly took off his glasses and put them away, watching the direction that Kato Megumi disappeared, and secretly said thank you again, and at the same time made up his mind.

Wait, Kato.

The method of raising a passerby heroine has just begun, I will definitely train you into the sparkling heroine in the game!


Chapter 143: Ear Naiguo in the Late Stage of Lazy Cancer (Xiu)

Wang Hao first sent a message to the Muse group, saying that he would be there in half an hour, then went to the station, took the tram for more than 20 minutes, and finally came to Otonogizaka Academy.

Because it was Sunday, there were basically no other students in the school at this time. At the same time, he was a little lamented by the efforts of all the Muse members. He would try his best to help these girls.

But the weather is a bit hot. Although there is a reason for noon, no one wants to practice on a hot day.

The Muse stepped forward to prevent Otono from abandoning the school, so if you want to do this first, you have to increase your popularity.

It is only when Kosaka Honoka and others set up this society. It can be said that the Muse has no reputation. The only thing that can increase the reputation is to be exposed to the public environment and participate in various competitions to increase exposure.

He then became a top campus idol and attracted more students to Otonogizaka Academy. The only person who can do this is to participate in the Lovelive competition and get the top three.

However, this difficulty is very difficult for the newly formed muse, and Wang Hao guessed that Kosaka Honoka and others may not pay attention, but if they knew about this, I am afraid that it is not only for the top three, but has already aimed their attention. champion!

Of course, the reality is definitely not that simple. The Lovelive competition this time will definitely be very fierce. Let alone the old school idol groups, the new ones should not be underestimated.

Thinking of this, Wang Hao smiled bitterly and speeded up his pace. When he approached, he realized that the three of Kosaka Honoka were enjoying the shade of the trees. Wang Hao immediately walked over slowly, waved his hand, and shouted: "Yo--"

"Ho-kun, you are here!" Kosaka Honoka raised his head when he heard the sound, and also exclaimed, Sonoda Kaimo and Nan Qinli raised their heads and looked over, and the three jogged over at the same time.

But Wang Hao frowned when he saw this. The Muse should now have eight talents, "Why are you here? Are the three of you doing special training?"

"Ah... I heard that the chairman and Xi said that Ho-kun is a road idiot, and then the bird was very worried and took me and Honoka, and went down here to wait for Ho-kun. Everyone is now on the rooftop." Sonoda Kaimo looked strange She looked at Wang Hao and Nan Qinli with a look, and finally chuckled thoughtfully.

When Nan Qinli heard this, her face blushed and her head lowered, Wang Hao was a little bit dumbfounded, and also a little embarrassed, "Then everyone should go to the rooftop. I also want to discuss something with you."

"Then I will be responsible for leading Haojun to the rooftop and set off!"

Kosaka Honoka shouted vigorously, and walked ahead first, Sonoda Kaimo and Nankorinri also packed their lunch boxes.

Wang Hao couldn't help but his face twitched. It seemed that he was really considered Lu Chi, but he still didn't complain, and silently followed behind.

When he waited on the rooftop, he found that the venue was really spacious, and it was indeed very suitable for line dancing and training.

Then came the problem, Wang Hao looked around, except for himself and Kosaka Honoka on the huge rooftop, no one was there at all.

"The noon training is done after everyone has lunch and then gathers on the rooftop."

Sonoda Umi whispered softly, Wang Hao nodded slightly, and glanced at the time on his watch. It was indeed the lunch break, and he arrived a little earlier.

"Haojun, you don't know, I was forced out by Xiao Hai at home. It was a rare holiday, so I really want to rest...Oh! Xiao Hai, you bullied me again!"

As soon as Kosaka Honoka's voice fell, he felt a pain in his head. As soon as he turned his head, he saw the blackened Sonoda Kaimo looking at him with a smile on his face. Then he closed his mouth aggrievedly.

"Let's not talk about the other people in the Muse. What about the weight loss plan Honoka said? Sure enough, it won't work if the amount of training is not increased..."

Sonoda Kaimo had a kind smile on his face, and Kosaka Honoka immediately shuddered when he heard the words. He blinked his big shiny eyes and looked at Wang Hao and Nan Qinli aggrievedly, but both sides turned their heads away tacitly.

"Master Haimo, I know I was wrong, I will definitely train well. For the sake of my childhood sweetheart, let me forgive me this time!" Kosaka Honoka, who had no help signal for help, had no choice but to hug directly with a pitiful expression again. Ended Sonoda Umi.

"Tsk tusk tusk, do you still know that I am your childhood sweetheart? For Honoka, who is in the late stage of lazy cancer, such a request is invalid. Accept it honestly. This is also for your good!" Sonoda Kaimo flashed with disgust. To the side, the tone was full of the meaning of hating iron but not steel.

"Guoguo, you really should lose weight." Nanqinli said with a bit of unbearableness, and Wang Hao also sighed helplessly, "I also think Haimo's words are good. You should lose weight. If you continue like this, you It really becomes a salted fish."

He also believes that if we continue to let Kosaka Honoka's late-stage lazy cancer, I am afraid that it will really be impossible to save.

"Why... even everyone said that..." Kosaka Honoka's face suddenly lost its color as pale as he heard this, and his face looked unlovable.

"Huh! Hao, Hao... Hao... Jun, you came so soon?"

There was a cry of exclamation from the door, I saw Starry Sky staring at Wang Hao with a surprised look, and Koizumi Hanayo behind was slightly shy. Tojo Nozomi and Ayase Eri had different expressions, and the former hung as if they were different. Si smiled, the latter hummed softly.

"Ou...you... why are you here?!"

At last, Maki Nishikino's face flushed, and he stopped in time and walked aside calmly.

Didn't you tell me to come over?Why are these reactions like this!Forget it, just take it yourself...

Wang Hao's face turned dark, he secretly murmured, and he took a deep breath. He looked at the number of people, nodded and said, "I have something to discuss with you. You should all be aware of the upcoming Lovelive competition. "

"do not know!"

As the leader of the team, Kosaka Honoka raised his hand with a cute expression on his face, and everyone was puzzled. Sonoda Kaisue and Ayase Eri looked at each other with unnatural expressions.

They are responsible for the dance instructor and the daily training management of everyone. Although it is said that the attention of outside news should be done by Kosaka Honoka as the leader, but with Honoka's confused personality, I am afraid that they will not pay attention to these, so they think I am also responsible.

Wang Hao didn’t notice the abnormalities of Sonoda Kaisue and Yanase Eri. He scowled and looked at everyone and said seriously: “I’ll tell you the details of the Lovelive competition later. If you decide to If Si wants to participate, I will be responsible for guiding you in music and other issues in the future. Of course it may be very strict. Do you have any comments on this?"