Chapter 144 Campus Idol Project (repair)

As soon as Wang Hao said what he said, no one at the Muse raised objections, and after looking at each other, they did not feel disgusted.

For Kosaka Honoka and others, Wang Hao's willingness to help them is undoubtedly a good thing. Today, Wang Hao is willing to come here, and they are still very happy in their hearts.

Because Wang Hao himself personally promised this last time, if the other party is unwilling to guide the muse, and does not care about the muse, although they will not say anything, they will inevitably be somewhat disappointed.

After all, the current muse, although it was founded by the three of Kosaka Honoka at the beginning, it has developed into the current appearance, and it can be said that Wang Hao almost contributed to it.

The Muse’s first concert was really too much of a blow to the three Honaoguo. The realistic indifference and the words of the student president, if not for Wang Hao’s timely guidance, I am afraid that the Muse would most likely have been disbanded.

The rest of the people also welcomed Wang Hao's arrival. Even Eri Ayase, who was the president of the student council, was slightly relieved when he saw Wang Hao's arrival.

As the current leader of the Muse, Kosaka Honoka is very important to everyone, but Ayase Eri still sees many shortcomings of Honoka.

But this boy is different. The inadequacies of Honoka that Xuanze Eri said are completely invisible to Wang Hao.

Although the current muse has been formed, has the embryonic form of the campus idol group, and also has the leader of Kosaka Honoka, but there is no development direction!

Although it is said that the school idol project will be used to save the school, but now there is no direction for action. Even if it is determined to save the school, it is nonsense.

If you don’t plan it in detail, I’m afraid the Muse will only be a formless group. This is also an issue that Ayase Eri is troubled by. She has also discussed several times with Tojo Nozomi and Sonoda Kaisue, but so far, to no avail. , This is also the biggest problem that bothers the Muse.

Naturally, Wang Hao didn't know that just a few short days had passed. Sonoda Kaisue and Xuanze Eri had already thought about such a long-term thing, and were still troubled by it.

The reason why he knew about the Lovelive competition was only to pay attention to the old school idol group A-RISE, and then found out that the other party was going to participate in the Lovelive competition. Wang Hao also went to search for this competition, which was a rare experience. Platform.

"Since everyone doesn't know, then I will explain this Lovelive competition, although I only learned about it recently."

Seeing that everyone had no objection, Wang Hao completely relieved his heart and regarded himself as a member of the Muse, smiled slightly, and said: "If you want to save Otonokizaka, who is about to disband the school, the Muse can only increase its popularity. In order to attract more students to sign up here, and this Lovelive competition is a golden opportunity."

"Because this Lovelive competition is a huge event, the group that decides to participate may come from all over the world. You can use it as a stage for the success of the campus idol project!"

"Are you planning to let us participate in this competition?" Ayase Erri, who has experienced many competitions, instantly understood Wang Hao's intentions. Except for the confused Kosaka Honoka and Hoshizora Rin, everyone else took one. Suddenly the color of the deputy.

"Yes, this competition is solely for the selection of the best campus idol groups, so all the teams participating in the competition must represent their own college.

This is also the only shortcut for Honokao to implement the campus idol project. I believe your goal is at least the top three, or even the championship, right?"

When Wang Hao said this, he looked at everyone earnestly, and found that they were firm eyes without a trace of retreat, which made him feel at ease.

Soldiers who don't want to be generals are not good soldiers.

Although there is no muse just established, and without mentioning his own level, he aimed at the championship. This kind of arbitrary behavior is probably a provocation in the eyes of other established idol groups.

But Wang Hao didn't care about these. If the Muse's goal this time was only the top three, he would be a little disappointed, because he had already regarded himself as one of the Muse just now.

His principle of doing things is to do his best, do his best, never regret even if he fails, but he will not force the muses because of his own will, but Wang Hao saw it in their eyes at this time The same look.

"Although we really want to win the championship, is it really okay for the Muse to participate directly like this?" Kosaka Honoka, who is usually lively and free, also began to solemn, looking at Wang Hao with anxiety, despite having such a goal. , But there is really not much confidence.

"Don't talk about your current state as champions. Whether you can advance or not is a question, but if you can't, I won't say it, because there are 6 months left before the Lovelive competition, which means you only have 6 months to train. "

Wang Hao slowly revealed what he knew. This Lovelive competition is a national competition in neon. I am afraid there will be teams from other countries. Although many of them have just been established just like the Muse. The new team, but there are definitely several top-level campus idol groups.

According to Wang Hao, there is a seed-level campus idol group in Tokyo-A-RISE, which is currently the hottest favorite to win the championship.

If it really started now, Wang Hao would never tell this matter, because the current muse, I am afraid that promotion has become a big problem.

"But if you want to win the championship, it's not just about daily training. First of all, it is song creation, dance and clothing. These three aspects must not be sloppy. I can help everyone discuss the former, and I can only rely on the latter two. You discuss with each other yourself."

Wang Hao thought for a moment, and slowly said his opinion, Sonoda Kaimo frowned slightly, and asked with doubts: "It's that simple? Is there nothing else?"

"Of course it's not just that. The most important thing is popularity. The muse is almost never exposed in public, but I will try my best to think of something about this, but you have to prepare yourself."

"what to prepare?"

The girls asked in astonishment, but Wang Hao paused and smiled slightly, "In short, you must first shoot a pv about Muse, upload your group to the Internet, let more people know Muse, increase popularity and accumulate popularity. , Try to complete as soon as possible."

"If it's what you said, I uploaded the video of the Muse's first concert to the web last time, and I saved a copy here."


Wang Hao and the others couldn't help but praise Xuanze Eri's wit, but she was a little embarrassed, blushing, took out the USB flash drive and handed it to Wang Hao.


Chapter One Hundred Forty Five

Wang Hao took the U disk and put it away. For the video of the Muse concert, he already had a place in his mind and uploaded it to the music area of ​​station b.

Due to the impact of five centimeters per second, station B is now gradually being known by more people, and there are corresponding up masters in each area. Although there are still few, Wang Hao is temporarily satisfied.

He will slowly implement the follow-up plan to slowly expand the influence of station b. After going to discuss with the principal next Monday, he intends to serialize Liankong at station b, and at the same time serialize an additional copy of Demon Forbidden!

Originally this was what he planned in advance, but Moban was a novel. He considered many factors and time at that time, so he temporarily gave up serializing Moban on station b.

Ahem... This is a long way off. Wang Hao shook his head and said, "Actually, I think it is possible for your entire club to re-record the video again. Although the last concert was not bad, it was recorded with your current club. The effect may be better. It will attract popularity on the official website of the Love1ive Contest. It will also become a bright spot in many campus idol clubs when participating. It is undoubtedly an excellent choice."

When he said this time, everyone's expressions were a bit twisted and embarrassed. Wang Hao was taken aback when he saw this. Could it be that he said something wrong?

"It may not work now. Our club is not really recognized, because Otonoki established a campus idol club before, and the school will not recognize two clubs of the same nature, and we can't convince Ni. But senior." Nan Qinli explained in a low voice, and the other women were also depressed.

"Don't you think Nicole is the first-year student who ran away at your concert last time?"

Upon hearing these two familiar words from Nicole, Wang Hao instantly remembered the black double pony-tailed first-year student who had fled from the wasteland last time.

"Don't look at Nicole like this, she is a third grader, I think she is a bit like the ninth goddess of the muse." Tojo Nozomi smiled and said, Wang Hao felt the mess in the wind, and then looked at them. He sighed slightly to his own eyes, and continued: "In other words, I have to convince Nicole next, right?"

"Yes, the muse is the general term for the nine ancient goddesses of art and science in Greek mythology, and there are only eight of us, and only Nicole can be regarded as a complete muse."

Nozomi Tojo said again, but Ayase Erri shook her head helplessly, "Although we talked to Nicole about this issue, she never agreed."

"Is it because Nicole's idol club has other members, so I don't want to join the Muse?"

Wang Hao frowned slightly. If the other party is also the school idol club of Otonogizaka, and the goal is also the standard Love1ive competition, then it is really difficult to handle.

Because according to the regulations, each college can only have one campus idol club to participate, and the establishment of Muse is obviously later than Nicole's club, which means that those who are admitted to be eligible to participate will definitely not be Muse.

"No, Nicole did form a campus idol research club with others in Otonogizaka before, but everyone else in the club has left. Now Nicole is the only one who has persisted since the first year of high school until now."

Ayase Eri's face is a bit complicated. She has also cared about Nicole's affairs for a long time. The Campus Idol Research Society was also a society she personally recognized when she was a freshman in high school. Unfortunately, it has become Nicole's knot.

She felt that this was also related to herself. If she could persuade Nicole well at that time, she might not become so distrustful of others now.

"Speaking of Senior Nicole, I have been hiding from us recently. It was clear yesterday Saturday that she was hiding in the corner of the rooftop to observe secretly. When we were training just now, she also hid in the corner. Meow~" Xingkong blinked. Put the index finger to the red lips, tilted his head and thought about it.

"In this case, why didn't you say it earlier, Rin-chan..." Sonoda Kaimo said with a headache. Recently, Nicole has been avoiding the crowd. If only he could have a good conversation now.