"I thought everyone showed up, so I didn't say it." Xingkong Rin lowered his head a little aggrieved, and everyone saw this but sighed helplessly.

Only Wang Hao's eyes flashed, and an imperceptible smile appeared at the corner of his mouth. "Where is Nicole usually active? Maybe we can see her without any effort this time."

"Nicole is usually in the idol research club, do you mean..." Tojo Nozomi replied puzzledly, and finally his eyes lit up. If he chuckled slightly, Ayase Eri and others gradually became clear. Enlightenment.

Seeing that Kosaka Honoka and Hoshikura Rin still have cute faces, Wang Hao smiled and explained: "Yes, since the other party came to observe you in secret yesterday and today, it means that the other party is very concerned about the actions of Muse. And I will definitely not want to meet you during the break, I think the other party should be in the club room at this time."

"That's it, Na Rin and Honoka are going to catch Nicole!"

"Yes, come out now!"

Kosaka Honoka and Xingkong Rin gave each other a high-five and stood up excitedly. Seeing that the two really wanted to go out, Wang Hao couldn't help shouting, "You two wait! This will scare each other away directly , I have a better way."

Wang Hao sighed, decided not to sell the gate, and slowly told everyone his plan, and then went downstairs to the idol research club with everyone.



"Is it the idol research agency of Otonogizaka? Here is your express delivery. Please come out and sign for it."

Wang Hao stood outside the door and knocked gently, trying to make his voice more vicissitudes.

After a few seconds, there was still no movement, but these were not beyond his expectation. He had heard the small noise in the room, as if looking for something to block the door.

Wang Hao didn't care, he smiled at the corner of his mouth, and he counted it carefully. There are only four people here, including his words.


"Who would open the door for such an obvious trap?" Yazawa Nicole snorted softly. After reading the door, she let out a sigh of relief and gently opened the window and jumped out.

"Ah! Now the target, wait a minute~" In an instant, Starry Sky yelled and screamed, smiling and chasing him. Yazawa was surprised to see what she was like, and immediately speeded up, making a grimacing face to the rear, "The fool will wait. You, don't chase it anymore!"


"Oh!" When Yazawa Nicole turned her head, she suddenly realized that her whole face seemed to have hit something soft, and her body suddenly fell to the ground. Then she saw Tojo Nozomi with a friendly smile on her face, and she squeezed it with both hands with a smile. Pinch the air, walked over slowly, smiled and said, "It's not a good boy's way to run away. It seems that little Nicole has to be punished."

"Elegant Butterfly!!"


Chapter 146 The role of idols (repair)

A few minutes later, with two small black double ponytails, Yazawa Nicole, a petite figure, looked very tired and haggard. Supported by Tojo Nozomi's cheerful smile, he weakly opened the door of the club. .

This made Wang Hao's face a bit weird, and the situation seemed a bit unexpected. He originally thought that the other party would have a fierce fight, at least now it will definitely make a big noise.

Because he was quite impressed by Yazawa Nicole during the concert. If the other party was so honest and well-behaved, he wouldn't have just turned the window and escaped.

He couldn't help looking at Tojo Nozomi's questioning gaze, and the other party just smiled contentedly, and followed Yazawa Nicole into the club room.

Although a little puzzled, Wang Hao shook his head gently, decided not to go further, and followed everyone in.

As soon as he entered the idol research club activity room, not only Wang Hao's eyes lit up, but the other women also exclaimed.

"Wow! I didn't expect there to be an A-RISE poster here!"

"There are also Fukuoka Academy posters over there!"

There are various posters on the walls on both sides, all of which are about the type of girl school idols.

On the ceiling are all kinds of cute cartoon dolls. There is a long table in the middle of the activity room. On both sides are separate. A large cabinet is filled with dense books and DVDs. , And square cardboard boxes are stacked above the cabinet.

Fortunately, this activity room is spacious enough, and the people who organize these things put so many items together but it makes people feel less messy.

"I didn't expect there to be such a place in the school..."

Maki Nishikino looked at the girly-style activity room in front of her, and couldn't help but sighed. Wang Hao was also a little surprised at this. He glanced roughly and found that these were almost all related to idols and wanted to collect so many Things are really difficult.

"Don't look so casually."

Sitting on the chair, Yazawa Nicole looked at the crowd with an uncomfortable expression, and curled her small mouth in anger.

"Ah...this, this is the legendary legendary idol legend DVD complete set, this is the first time I have seen anyone who owns this!"

Koizumi Hanayo seemed to be a different person at this time. With a little star in her eyes, she took out a pink box from the bookcase, took it and walked to Yazawa Nicole with excitement, her tone trembling with excitement. There are actually two more sets, so awesome!"

"I still have a set in my house, it's nothing at all." Yazawa Nicole turned a little red and snorted, while Koizumi Hanayo stared at the DVD in her hand with bright eyes, and said excitedly: "Can this be played?"

"Of course not. That is for preservation. Are you here to visit? If that's the case, please go out quickly!"

"Well, of course we are here to visit, but there is something I want to discuss with you."

Wang Hao smiled slightly and didn't care about the other party's attitude at all. He sat directly opposite Yazawa Nicole. Except for Koizumi Hanayo who was still in a state of excitement, the other women also sat down.

"Then talk about it quickly before going out. My time is very busy."

Yazawa Nicole replied impatiently, and directly put the expression of dissatisfaction on her face.

"We are here to invite you to join the Muse, how about it?"

Although Yazawa Nicole looked impatient, Wang Hao still noticed the other's nervousness and said softly at the moment.

"Huh! I'm not interested, it's better to say that this kind of half-hearted society should be dissolved soon."

Looking at Wang Hao's harmless smiling face, Yazawa Nicole was relieved and regained her confidence.

"Dissolution is impossible, but can you let us listen to your reasons? Why do you want to disband the Muse so persistently..." Wang Hao directly rejected the other party's proposal without thinking, and the purpose of his trip was I want to untie Yazawa Nicole's knot.

As Tojo Nozomi said, the muse can only perform miracles when the nine goddesses return to their thrones at the same time, and the current muse is incomplete in Wang Hao's view.

As for counting him?Non-existent, non-existent...

"The problem of flaws can be seen at a glance. The reason why I don’t recognize the current muse is because you don’t even understand the role definition of idols, and you don’t even understand this kind of thing. You are talking about idols, which is simply insulting the term idols. almost!"

Yazawa Nicole stood up angrily. Wang Hao was also shocked when he heard what the other party said. He didn't expect that the other party could understand the idol so much and had already thought of such a profound problem.

The definition of the role of an idol is probably similar to the style of the star itself. If it is explained in a two-dimensional term, it is the attribute composition of the idol.

For example, the natural stupefying attribute, the dark-bellied little devil attribute, etc... the impression left in front of the audience.

The current Muse has just been established. Although each member has his own personality characteristics, there is no time to adapt all of these. It can be regarded as just starting.

Originally, he was only planning to let Yazawa Nicole join in and act as a mascot-like existence. It seems that now letting the other party join in, maybe it really is like Tojo Nozomi said, when nine goddesses stand on the stage at the same time, they can Create miracles.

At least with the addition of Yazawa Nicole, the current Muse can definitely improve, which is not an exaggeration.

"You guys, are you serious about creating your own characters?" Yazawa Nicole looked around and asked everybody word by word.