But he didn't think it was realistic to think about it, and he still had to do it himself, and he had enough food and clothing.

He inadvertently heard during the break that Nangong seemed to be transferred to some island as the class teacher that month, and in the third class, everyone gradually accepted the new class teacher.

One thing that makes Wang Hao strange is that in addition to the poisonous tongue of Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu in the morning, he has not continued his poisonous tongue so far. It may also be the reason why he is underestimating the novel.

Until the sudden quiz in the fourth class, everyone was a little caught off guard and complained. Wang Hao flipped through the test paper with one hand, and started to wave his other hand quickly, which made people feel perfunctory. The attitude is in sharp contrast with that of Sakamoto, who is not hurried or slow, and is doing the test papers seriously.

It is like a top student and a bad student, and Sakamoto is undoubtedly a representative figure of the top student in their eyes.

When Wang Hao stopped writing, less than half of the time had passed, and it was particularly dazzling in the examination room, and the teacher Aihara who was in charge of the invigilation walked up to Wang Hao and glanced at the test paper, and returned to the stage with satisfaction.

When the rest of the students saw this scene, they remembered that the fierce man sitting there was the number one in the school year, and seeing the stern teacher Aihara showing such a satisfied expression, at least it was a full mark.

Each had no choice but to sigh and continued to work hard.

When Wang Hao was so bored, he had to turn his pen slightly. Although he said he could hand in the paper in advance, he felt that he had better keep a low profile and didn't want to be too eye-catching.

Well, be a low-key person, do things high-key...

After he decided to dismiss get out of class and go to the principal's office, the principal should know his identity. In the memory of his predecessor, the other party seemed to know Mr. Wang.

"Jingle Bell--"

The bell for the end of get out of class rang leisurely, and Wang Hao was relieved. After handing in the test paper, he walked out of the classroom and headed for the principal's office.

In fact, in his case, he should go to the Academic Affairs Office, and then explain the reasons, and then see whether the Academic Affairs Office agrees.

However, Wang Hao felt that it was very likely that the other party would disagree if he went to the Academic Affairs Office in this ordinary way. After all, is the duty of a student...cough, anyway, he thought it would be better to go to the principal's office to explain.

Because of the lunch break, there were a lot of students walking around. He paid attention to the people around him, and slowly accelerated his pace. The higher he went, the fewer people walked.


After arriving at the destination, Wang Hao reached out and knocked on the principal's office door, then walked in and stood outside.

"Please come in."

A voice that sounded very low but very majestic, slowly came out of the room.

Then Wang Hao opened the door gently, walked in slowly, and quickly looked around.

The environment is very simple and elegant, and what Wang Hao cares about is the hanging calligraphy, which already contains a hint of meaning.

Finally, he looked at the forty-year-old man in front of him, his hair mixed with some white hair, and he wore a pair of black half-rim glasses. Just looking at him, he felt a sense of majesty, the principal of Shengzaki Academy. ——Kondono.

"Master Wang, is there something important?" Kondono looked at Wang Hao with a stern face, with a rare smile.

"I do have something small this time and I hope Uncle Kondo can help." Wang Hao smiled slightly, and sat on the sofa slowly, speaking neither humble nor overbearing. There was no ordinary student nervous when meeting the principal. He seemed very relaxed and casual. Without being rude.

"The name Young Master Wang directly addresses is, these are all things that should be." Kondo said with a smile, it is hard to imagine that this is the serious principal in the daytime.

The Shengzaki Academy has a relationship with the Wang family, and there is nothing to do with it. On the surface, this college has no connection with the Wang family. Kondono alone has the final say.

But in reality, Dudaojia is the largest director of this college, and holds the core power of Shengqi Academy.

The Katoshima family had nothing to do with the Wang family. Kondono had met with Wang Hao for the first time, but before the other party enrolled in the school, he received a call from Toshishima Yuya, the real powerhouse of the college. Xiong Ye used a very respectful tone and explained that the young man in front of him would come to school here.

Kondono was able to become the principal of Seisaki Academy at this age, and naturally there are many merits.

The average person may not know who Dudaoxiong is, but as long as they are a little higher, they all know the horror of the Dudao Family. The contemporary Patriarch Dudaoxiong is also at the top of the neon level.

Not to mention the young man in front of him who can be respected by Tokushima, Kondo no longer dare to imagine Wang Hao's true identity, because the identity of the other party has exceeded his own level by many levels.

This also makes him both happy and worried. What is happy is to be able to build a relationship with this character, and what is worried is that the other person's personality may be a little worrying.

If the other party caused a major incident at school, and whether you want it or not, I am afraid that you will be the one who will be the one who will be the one behind.

But since Wang Hao has been in school for so many days, he has discovered that the other party has caused a little disturbance, but other aspects are completely ordinary to no more ordinary. Although Kondono is still a little worried, he has relaxed a lot.

Until the other party's sudden visit today, Kondo was uneasy again, for fear that if he accidentally provokes this young ancestor, his career may come to an end.

"It should be an orderly growth, and I do ask Uncle Kondo for something this time." Wang Hao smiled easily. He has his own set of guidelines for dealing with people.

This sentence made Kondono finally let go of all worries.

Although there are many dudes circulating in the society, the real situation is not always the case. Some children from large families are often very low-key and very well-educated, and few dudes appear.

From Wang Hao's conversation, Kondono, although he still doesn't know the true character of the other party, he definitely belongs to the kind of character who has a good cultivation.

He is not arrogant or impatient, and his words are humble. Wang Hao became elusive in Kondono's eyes. At the same time, he sighed and relieved. He gave up some active and careful thoughts, which is worthy of the respect of the Patriarch of the Dudao Clan. young people.


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Besides, Kondono is not stupid. Being able to become the principal of Shengzaki Academy naturally has a considerable amount of knowledge reserves. He knows the meaning of Wang Hao's words. It is correct to grow up and be orderly, but there are also differences in respect and inferiority.

"Actually, I came to Principal Kondo this time to tell you. Due to many things in the future, I may often be absent from school. Presumably Principal Kondo also knows."

Wang Hao said with a light smile, and finally said the purpose of the trip, but his tone of voice was no different from the previous one, and his face was still calm.

He thinks he has done the first ceremony, and now when it comes to business, Wang Hao just smiled and changed his title, but he felt a trace of unquestionable attitude.

Kondono also understood the meaning of Wang Hao’s words, but he didn’t know much about Wang Hao, not to mention knowing what the other party was doing, but at this time he couldn’t say that he didn’t know, he could only accompany the smiling face. : "Master Wang does have a lot of things to deal with. Although there are some things on the school side, I will explain it to the teachers of Grade A and the Academic Affairs Office."

"I have to trouble Principal Kondo to explain the reason for me, so I won't continue to disturb Principal Kondo's work."

"No, it should be."

Kondono responded with a faint smile, and Wang Hao slowly walked out of the principal's office and threw the pot directly to the opponent.

If he went to the Academic Affairs Office to explain, he probably couldn't explain it clearly, so he could only take this route.

If it weren't for being forced to run out of time, Wang Hao wouldn't want to do it either. After all, youth in high school was only such a short time, but unfortunately, as the plan expands step by step, there are many things waiting for him to do.

Otherwise, with the tightly arranged time now, it would be strange for him not to be tired as a dog every day, Wang Hao doesn't think he is a robot that doesn't feel tired.

Well, usually he will go to school normally like an ordinary student. Anyway, he doesn't need to worry about school matters, and there is no problem with credits, but he should be honest... ask for leave?

Although it feels a bit weird, let’s just take it for the time being. Wang Hao nodded silently, and after having lunch in the school cafeteria, he began to find a corner to sit down with codewords, because in addition to Liankong, Demon’s forbidden Just start serialization.

"Worn out……"

I don't know how long the code has been, and he doesn't want to continue the code anyway. Looking at the five seconds displayed on the mobile web page and the message sent to him by private message, he has a new plan.

Wang Hao thought about it for a while, and finally left the Shengqi Academy directly in the car and proceeded according to the coordinates given on the phone.

Not long after he left, the class bell rang leisurely, representing the official start of the afternoon class.