As for the other one, he doesn't know, because there is no object that directly identifies the other party, so for the time being, the other party will be treated as a beautiful blonde girl.

Seeing that the two were still talking, Wang Hao stopped and didn't continue to move forward to interrupt their conversation.

"Why not! This is me! The number one in the ORICON list is what I said!" The fairy Yamada stomped his feet angrily, the skirt fluttered gently, his tone was rather helpless, and his dissatisfaction was obvious.

"So? Why do you think I will do things that are beneficial to other companies? You are really naive." Kagurazaka Ayame asked with one hand on his hips, with a faint expression, saying something very Ordinary things.

"Huh, wayward, I can't help you~"

Hearing the other party's plain answer, the fairy Yamada snorted slightly, spreading his hands helplessly with a cheerful expression.

In the end it all turned into a sigh, and Mu Ran opened her shiny eyes, pointed at Kagurazaka Iris, and said proudly: "Then I will make an exception and write a series with you!"

"Huh? This can't work."

Kagurazaka Ayame was slightly surprised, and then immediately refused. He immediately made the imposing Yamada goblin frustrated, reluctantly pulled a smile, and stood quietly to the side, asking in unbelievable doubt: "Eh! What? I didn't hear clearly..."

"Then I'll say it again, this is not okay." Kagurazaka Ayame's tone was mixed with a little helplessness, but his expression was still relaxed, as if he was telling a very ordinary thing, and his expression didn't care at all.


Chapter 155: Real White Teacher?

"The first me in ORICON! As the best beautiful girl light novel writer in history! Even if I am stigmatized as a betrayer! I can write a book in your publishing house!"

The fairy Yamada said in one breath, paused for a moment, stomped his feet severely with a frustrated expression on his face, and continued: "Such special conditions, if you miss this opportunity, you will never have it again!"

"I see, should you go back..."

Kagurazaka Ayame covered his forehead with a headache, feeling helpless for the Yamada Fairy, turned his head slightly, and happened to see Wang Hao next to him, and asked with a slightly puzzled face, "Is there anything wrong? It’s not allowed to visit here now."

After speaking, he ignored the Yamada fairy next to him, but left here with a rescued expression and walked towards Wang Hao.

"I just rushed over after reading the message from the editor of Kagurazaka on station b. I don't want to leave so early now."

"Ah...the god master teacher will tell me in advance if he wants to come, this really makes you laugh."

Wang Hao smiled and said, Kagurazaka Ayame was taken aback, and he knew Wang Hao's identity. He didn't expect to be as young as the rumors.

Who could have imagined that the sixteen-year-old boy with a handsome face in front of him was actually the god master teacher.

"It's me who is talking now, please don't interrupt!" The fairy Yamada didn't understand the situation at all, and ran over and stared at Wang Hao.

"Um...what the hell is going on? I've been wanting to ask..." Wang Hao glanced at the Yamada Fairy, and finally asked Kagurazaka Ayame.

"By the way, who is this guy?"

Seeing that Wang Hao ignored her, the fairy Yamada couldn't help reaching out to Wang Hao.

The two stared at Kagurazaka Ayame at the same time. She held her chin slightly with one hand, thought for a moment, and then introduced, "This side is the god master teacher, and this side is the Yamada fairy teacher."

"Huh?!" ×2

"You are the god master teacher?!"

"You are the Yamada Fairy Teacher!"

As soon as they heard the introduction of the two sides, the Fairy Yamada and Wang Hao were shocked, and finally looked at each other inconceivably and spoke at the same time.

"I didn't expect Yamada Fairy Teacher to be such a young girl. Is this still a student?"

Wang Hao looked at the Yamada Fairy and said with emotion, he himself had watched "Burning Dark Fairy" in the past few days, and he was able to write that kind of interesting and h content Yamada Fairy, but he did not expect to be a beautiful blonde girl... …The impression is so bad!

In Wang Hao's independent impression, those who can write this kind of articles are definitely the kind of mensao type of boys, and they still like the kind of harem very much.

It's a pity that God of Destiny once again staged a dog-blood drama that doesn't follow the routine. It should be about 14 years old when you look at the other party. No matter what you think, you should be in junior high school!

"Hmph, you are not qualified to say that to me, you are not a student yet, but I did not expect that there is such a young writer besides me."

The Fairy Yamada snorted, squinting at Wang Hao with one eye, with a hint of appreciation, which made Wang Hao a little bit dumbfounded, "Why did the Fairy Yamada appear here? I remember you shouldn't be from Dengeki Library."

"Ms. Yamada Fairy came here to ask Shiina Mashiro to draw illustrations for her, but Shiina Mashiro only helped Chijumura Masaru to draw illustrations. We don't have Shiina Mashiro's personal contact information."

Kagurazaka Ayame explained to Wang Hao softly that she was entangled by the Yamada fairy for a few hours today, and her annoying head became bigger.

It would be okay to know the contact information of Shiina Mashiro, but the other party used to draw illustrations for Chijumura Masaru entirely privately, and has nothing to do with Dengeki Bunko.

And even if Shiina Mashiro works at Dengeki Bunko, he will not make decisions without his consent, not to mention other unreasonable requests.

"Yes, I must let Mr. Zhenbai use those holy brushes to draw the most beautiful illustrations in the world for me. I believe that my cooperation with Mrs. Zhenbai will be even more powerful!"

The fairy Yamada snorted lightly with a smug expression, then pointed at Wang Hao, and continued with a little doubt: "Speaking of which Shiina Mashiro seems to be working with you recently, the picture on the b station is I I saw it, that painting is so beautiful that it makes me obsessed and intoxicated, hehehe..."

"Really? Teacher Zhenbai is indeed working with me recently, so I advise you to give up early."

When Wang Hao heard that the other party planned to let Zhenbai draw the h illustration, he made a decision directly for Zhenbai without even thinking about it.

"Huh! Your work is not interesting at all. It makes people see the urge to blow up the train collectively, so I had to let Mr. Zhenbai to me early and add the illustrations of Mr. Zhenbai with my writing style. The "research light novel" that no one has seen so far will surely be completed successfully!"

"No, this is impossible no matter how you look at it. I will never give up Teacher Zhenbai to you."

Wang Hao sighed lightly. He didn't expect to encounter such a thing when he went out. The real white influence was really great, far beyond his expectation.

But when he heard Yamada Fairy’s description of Second Five, he suddenly had an impulse not knowing where to complain, because even he himself had thought about joining the mass train bombing team...

"Ms. Yamada, I have said many times that Mr. Zhenbai does not belong to the Dengeki Library. Even if Mrs. Zhenbai comes to work here, only Mrs. Zhenbai can make the decision."

Kagurazaka Ayame said with a headache again, and the fairy Yamada immediately stomped his feet angrily, "So I didn't say that, Mr. Zhenbai has never responded to me, so I would like to ask you to help me contact Mr. Zhenbai!"

Wang Hao's expression turned weird as he listened to the side. I'm afraid Zhenbai didn't even know the message sent to her by the Yamada Fairy, so he didn't reply.

Of course, Wang Hao will definitely not explain it to the other party. He can’t push Zhenbai into the fire pit, especially when Zhenbai heard Iida Ayano’s words last time, it seems that he has become a little interested in H’s stuff recently. Bad signal!

If the Fairy Yamada really contacted Zhenbai, and then she was transmitting something indescribable to Zhenbai, then she would regret it.

"If you continue like this, I will call the editor in charge of you to come over and take you back personally."

Kagurazaka Ayame didn't want to know this now, her patience had gradually disappeared, so she had to use this threat method similar to elementary school students asking their parents.


Chapter 156 I am a "light novel"!

"What is your attitude? What do you think of ORICON's first me!"

The fairy Yamada hesitated slightly, and finally continued unwillingly, because she was so obsessed with Shiina Mashiro's paintings that she would never leave so easily.

Although the divine lord seemed harmless to humans and animals, it would be impossible for him to obediently offer Shiina Mashiro teacher, so he could only start from Kagurazaka Ayame.