But what the other party said had to make Yamada Fairy hesitate. If Kagurazaka Ayame really called her editor, she would be truly tragedy by then, but she didn't want to give up so easily, so she was a little bit angry.


Kagurazaka Ayame gave a chuckle, looked at the Yamada Fairy with playful eyes, and joked, "I treat you as a lucky seller, what's wrong?"

"Ah? What are you talking about? Correct me right away, you stupid editor! Honestly bow down to my literary talent!"

Upon hearing this, the fairy Yamada immediately squeezed both small hands angrily, and said loudly with an angry face, his cheeks flushed with honey.

Wang Hao laughed and didn't say anything. He didn't expect this Yamada teacher to be more interesting than he thought. Although his personality is a bit more lively, it is a good choice to be friends.

It's a pity that the other party now wants Zhenbai to paint h's illustration, so I can't relax.

Moreover, Wang Hao has another plan. For most of his light novel illustrations in the future, he may ask Zhenbai to help.

"What kind of literary talent? I seem to remember the articles written by Mr. Yamada. Isn't it often summarized on the website and often attacked by people saying that the article is bad?"

Kagurazaka Ayame blinked innocently, supported his chin with one hand, and looked at each other in surprise, as if he was telling a very common thing, his expression was completely "Don't you know yet?"

"No! I just wrote the article on purpose to make it easier for others to read!"

Like a cat with blown up fur, the fairy Yamada raised his hands in anger, from honey blush to flushed face. The tone of voice was extra excited when he spoke, and he stamped his foot fiercely again, "You really! One! Don't understand anything! Incompetent editor!"

After venting his temper, the Yamada Fairy calmed down again, with his hands on his hips, looking at Kagurazaka Ayame like a great man, "Listen? Give me a good memory. All the lightness except me. Fiction writers have become obsolete dross abandoned by the times.

Then, now I write easy-to-understand and easy-to-read articles that will open up a new world of light novels.

In other words, only I am the savior of the light novel world, no, I am the light novel!"

Speaking of the end, the Yamada fairy was completely righteous and awe-inspiring, Kagurazaka Ayame was surprised, and Wang Hao's face was a little strange.

He could understand what Yamada Fairy said just now, and in one sentence to summarize it, except for me, everyone in this room is hot chicken!

The atmosphere at the scene was suddenly strange and embarrassing, and the air suddenly became quiet. Fortunately, there are only three of them here.

"I know, I know, Miss Light Novel, see you next time."

"Hey, wait! What are you doing!" Kagurazaka Ayame directly pushed the Yamada fairy out slowly, and immediately made her turn back dissatisfied.

"If you don't hurry back, I really want to call this time to complain to your editor."

Seeing that the other party continued to protest, Kagurazaka Ayame just took out the phone silently and said lightly with his eyes closed.

"What... you, you, this is too cunning!"

"Okay, now the countdown begins, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6..."

"I will go back today and today, but you will remember it! I will complain about you to my lovely servants on Twitter!"

Seeing that the other party chose to ignore him completely, Yamada Fairy's face panicked, and when he quietly heard the number count to 6, he finally chose to stamp his foot severely, turned his head in angrily and left, and turned to Wang Haohe when he came to the elevator. Kagurazaka calamus stuck out his tongue and made a face.

"Okay, what's the matter with the god master teacher who came here so early?" Kagurazaka Ayame said with a smile, and the previous frustration and helpless expression disappeared at the same time.

"I'm here to discuss with Miss Kagurazaka and the editor-in-chief here about the issue of the second five publication."

As soon as he was interrupted by the Yamada Fairy, he almost forgot what he was going to do. Hearing Kagurazaka Ayame's words, he remembered his purpose of coming here.

"That's the case, but the editor-in-chief went on a business trip this morning, and it is estimated that it will take a few days to return to Tokyo. Can the god master teacher wait a few more days, I promise it will not be worse than other publishing houses?

Kagurazaka Ayame was startled when he heard this, and then looked at Wang Hao with some anxiety and expectation, and said in a sincere tone. I didn't expect the other party to come today to discuss publishing, but the editor-in-chief happened to be on a business trip.

This can't help but make her a little headache. In case the other publisher asks other publishers to publish Second Five, it is not good news for Dianshock Library, and Wang Hao came to Dianshock Library for the first time.

"It doesn't matter. I am coming here today to visit. Since the editor-in-chief is away, I will come in a few days. I hope that Dengeki Library will not disappoint me and wait for nothing."

Regarding the news of the absence of the chief editor of Dengeki Library, Wang Hao did not look surprised, just smiled faintly.

He came over today, and he really wanted to have Miaowu published earlier. By the way, he was very satisfied with the attitude of Dengeki Library.

So Wang Hao didn't mind that much. There was also a reason for choosing to publish here, because the channels of Dengeki Library are very wide, and of course the other two people are also the same.

"Thank you God Master for your understanding! I will call the editor-in-chief to see if he can come back early." Kagurazaka Ayame nodded gratefully to Wang Hao, and quickly flipped the number on the phone. For a moment, he dialed out immediately.

"Then I will visit next time, and I won't stay here to disturb the Kagurazaka editing work."

"Teacher God, go slowly, I will reply you as soon as possible!"

Wang Hao walked out slowly, and when he came to the elevator, he turned his head and nodded slightly to Kagurazaka Ayame. Then he reached out and pressed the elevator button, and walked in after the elevator door opened.

At this time, Kagurazaka Ayame just dialed the chief editor's phone, and quickly told the chief editor of Dengeki Bunko-Sudosaki about the second five.


Chapter 157 The Neighbor Next Door

When Wang Hao left Dengeki Library, he looked at the time, and he was still very rich. He decided to take this opportunity to visit his neighbor who lives next door.

After all, this new neighbor has moved here for a while, and Wang Hao is very interested in the piano that this neighbor plays in the middle of the night, or is he curious about what kind of person he is?

As for gifts, Wang Hao didn't know what to give, because he had never had a chance to give gifts to neighbors before. After all, the house next to Qiushui Villa was good, but because of rumors, no one lived.

He was also surprised at this neighbor who suddenly appeared, but Wang Hao heard a delicate smell from the other's piano.

When he drove past a dim sum shop, Wang Hao's eyes brightened, he immediately stopped the car, walked into the dim sum shop, selected a box of high-end dim sum, and left with satisfaction.

Doesn't this kind of plot often appear in comics?When giving gifts to neighbors are usually snacks or food, Wang Hao combined with the personality of the other party and felt that the new neighbor should be a type of snack.

When Wang Hao was passing the traffic lights, he met two high school students holding weekly jumps. It stands to reason that there should be some time after school, but he is just a little curious, maybe the other party has some reasons.

When the green light in front came on, he slowly drove the vehicle away. There were too many things encountered today.

First of all, Zhenbai actually helped Qianshoucun’s light novels to draw illustrations in the past. No wonder he was a little familiar with the illustrations when he looked at Qianshoucun’s previous works. Unfortunately, the artist’s name was not marked on the screen. I dare not judge.

After all, it is a bad thing to casually guess other people's works, and there are always painters with similar painting styles in the world.

Because Zhenbai never adds her own name to her work, this young girl may just simply want to paint and never add other ideas to the picture. Perhaps it is precisely because of this that other people can feel from her pictures. Shocked.

Because the current society is too complicated, most people are smiling at each other, and there are all kinds of distracting thoughts in their hearts, and Zhenbai has never been in contact with the dark side of society, and is as pure as a person who has disappeared in the world. The elves are the closest to nature.

It's a pity that the common sense is not enough, so Wang Hao now feels that True White is completely like a cat, and he is like a dad, or is it better to describe it as... the owner?

Now she wants to try to draw cartoons and chose her dream. Of course, Wang Hao will help Zhenbai. Although the other party has a script for her, Wang Hao believes that one day Zhenbai will definitely create his own work.

Therefore, the plan of the Yamada Fairy must not be allowed to succeed now, although the true Bai will gradually know this in the future, but Wang Hao feels that he has the obligation to protect her now.

For some reasons, it can be said that Wang Hao liked the works of Yamada Fairy very much, so Wang Hao went to the bookstore to buy "Burning Dark Fairy" last time, which also accounts for a large part of the reason.

Of course, after he himself watched "Burning Dark Goblin", Wang Hao himself also liked this work very much. Although the plot in it is a bit lustrous, it is still very interesting, and it is not unreasonable that it can sell well.