When Wang Hao returned to Qiushui Mountain Villa, before everyone came back, he brought the high-end snacks he bought and walked towards the house next door.

This is a very large house, a western-style house with a spacious area, about three floors, and it is undoubtedly perfect from the outside.

But it is always a bit like the vampire castle described in the novel. Because of the fact that no one lives for many years, the surrounding atmosphere seems strange and quiet, but the surrounding grass is full of flowers, especially the green vines entwined on the house. It adds a different kind of charm, full of natural flavor.

If judged by normality, the price of this luxurious western-style house with a large area is definitely very expensive, but there will definitely be people living in it.

It's a pity that because of the haunted rumors, there has been no one here. The people who remembered that they lived in the house when they were young chose to move out one by one, and the price has been lowered again and again. It is estimated that it is less than half of the cost.

This is so, until the new neighbor came, the house was still in a state of no one to care about.


Wang Hao gently pushed open the partially rusted iron door outside. He just walked in with his front foot, and closed the door hurriedly before he came. He heard a sudden sound behind him, and his heartbeat slowed down.

When I looked back, I breathed a sigh of relief. It turned out to be the sound of the iron doors colliding with each other when they were closed.

"Is the friend next door there? I'm here to visit..."

He looked around, walked forward and shouted, and suddenly a pleasant piano sound came out through the window beside him, and the transparent white gauze curtains were gently blown by the breeze.

With a trace of anxiety, Wang Haohuai couldn't help but walked over there, wanting to find out what this new neighbor who is playing the piano looks like, maybe it might be a ghost.

After all, he himself had seen real monsters, and there were a lot of rumors about this house, even if there were real ghosts, it was not surprising.

In this way, the piano sound that appears in the middle of the night can have a reasonable explanation.

"Yamada... Fairy?!"

However, the next moment, when he came to the window and looked in, he exhaled in surprise, with an expression of disbelief on his face.

Inside is a beautiful blond girl, sitting on a wooden chair and playing the piano naked. The Holy Light and Dark Muddle are intertwined on her body at the same time. The pleasing and moving piano sound pouring out from her fingers, Wang Hao At this time, there is no feeling of appreciation.

"Ding dong, ding dong, ding dong—"

He quickly turned around and walked to the door, and pressed the doorbell several times without hesitation.

The Yamada fairy who was playing the piano immediately frightened a Ji Ling, so he ran over in a panic and picked up the intercom.

"Who? I don't have a draft for you!"

After he heard a noise here, the doorbell pager made a clear panic sound.

"Ms. Yamada, may I ask, why are you playing the piano naked?" Wang Hao lowered his head slightly, and faintly asked with his face close to the intercom.

"Wha..." This time Wang Hao only heard one word and hung up the call. He just stood outside the door quietly.

"Where are the panties! One sock and two socks! One shoe and two shoes...no! Why should I wear shoes at home!"

The Yamada fairy in the house was completely panicked, ran around the room quickly, quickly put on his clothes, and even spoke incoherently.

Finally, a little angrily, he took off the shoes he had worn, just barefoot, picked up the broom next to him, and ran towards the door in a rush.


Chapter 158 Dark Shepherd and the Hall of Holy Light

The light blue door slammed, and was suddenly pushed open from both sides, and saw a beautiful blond girl holding the broom high in her hands, ready to shoot down at any time.

"You perverted voyeur! Hey... God Lord? Why are you here?!" After seeing the visitor clearly, the Yamada Fairy showed a wave of consternation and disbelief.

"Hello, I didn't expect to meet again with Yamada-sensei so soon..."

Wang Hao said with a calm face, and by the way, he beckoned to the other party. In terms of appearance alone, the fairy Yamada is definitely a rare beautiful girl, but his expression is not moved at all.

There are a lot of things to complain about. First of all, from the works of Yamada Fairy, from the perspective of the creative style of Harem Xiang and Selling Meat, Wang Hao would at first think that the other party is definitely an otaku, but in fact he is a super blonde. Beautiful girl.

Wearing a lot of red and white and full of ruffled Lolita clothing, long golden hair tied with a red bow, the skin is white and delicate, the blue eyes are as touching as if they can speak, and the ears are pointed and pointed. Long, it can be said to be exactly the same as the fairy who appeared in the fantasy story.

It can be said that the fairy Yamada is worthy of the word'fairy'. If you don't know each other, Wang Hao would really think that she is a fairy from the second dimension.

And that kind of thing happened just now, but Wang Hao didn't know why, there was no fluctuation in his heart, but there were a lot of words that didn't know where to start.

Because...I have lived next to you for so long, and I only found out now, ha ha...

He has become accustomed to the dog-blood plot happening to him, or if there is no dog-blood plot happening now, will he feel a little uncomfortable?Non-existent, non-existent...

To ask why, Wang Hao felt that this was already a factor of the same level as force majeure, and it almost became an inevitable event.

"What's going on? What's going on!"

The fairy Yamada held the broom with his right hand, and gently made a fist with his left hand on his waist, frowned slightly, and looked at Wang Hao questioningly.

"This is the line I want to ask, why do you play the piano naked here?" Wang Hao uttered indifferently, Yamada Fairy and Zhen Bai are different, because they have common sense and the other is not common sense.

If he did such a thing in vain, Wang Hao would still express his understanding, and then he glanced at the Yamada Fairy, looked away slightly, and subconsciously moved two steps to the back.

"What's the matter with your guy's actions? By the way! This, this is my interest! Don't have any strange misunderstandings!"

The Yamada fairy turned slightly while holding the broom, and gracefully made a lady's movement, looking up at the sky outside at a 45-degree angle, and finally placed his gaze on Wang Hao, and said in a nearly sacred tone: "After washing. After taking a shower, playing the piano gently, a great story will come to mind, right?"

"Even if you ask me that, I won't get the answer, because if you insist, it is impossible to think of it!"

"By the way, why do you guys appear here to peep?!"

If the Yamada fairy changed the subject casually, Wang Hao twitched the corner of his mouth, sighed lightly, and lifted the snack box in his hand. "I live next door. I used to hear the piano sound from here in the middle of the night, so today I was going to visit, but I didn't expect to meet you here.

And my name is Wang Hao. Is it a bit impolite to use you to address others?"

"Huh? What a chance!"

"Although what you said is very reasonable, even I want to agree with your statement, but the fact is so accidental. If you don't believe it, go and check the house number..."

Hearing what he said, the fairy Yamada had an expression of disbelief, but he moved quickly, and went straight to the Qiushui Villa to take a closer look at the house number on it, and quickly returned to his door.

Suddenly, the honey juice blushed, pointed at Wang Hao, with a shy and angry tone, and whispered softly: "Even if this happens by accident, it will not change the fact that you are a voyeur. Peek What a beautiful girl's nakedness is so terrible!"

"Although this may be the case, this is indeed a misunderstanding. The kind of thing that happened just now is also force majeure. I thought it was a ghost that appeared over there, so I went to investigate!"

Being misunderstood as a voyeur, even if Wang Hao is concerned about his pure reputation, he is no longer calm and indifferent!

Just now, as soon as he found out that the other party was playing the piano naked, he immediately did not look bad, so he turned around and pressed the doorbell to prove his clear conscience.

"Phantom?" Seeing that his expression was not hypocritical, the fairy Yamada asked suspiciously, with an expression of doubt and incomprehension on his face.

She had already believed half of Wang Hao's words, but when she heard the ghost suddenly, she still felt a little absurd.