"Really? Let me at least help me get the dishes."

He looked at the other person’s busy back and said softly, without reluctantly trying to help. Qingshan Qikai frowned slightly when he saw this, and finally began to relax, and said with a grateful smile: "Then trouble Haosang, thank you... …"

"No, I should thank Nanami sauce for getting up so early to prepare cooking."

Wang Hao waved his hand, walked over to pick up the bowls and chopsticks, walked slowly to the dining table in the living room and put them there, then walked upstairs again, and came to the door of the really white room...

Chapter 170 The True White Brushing Play

He stood in the hallway and knocked on the door lightly, and continued to stand in the hallway for two minutes, but unfortunately, there was still no movement from the room. Wang Hao sighed helplessly and said, "Is it really white? If you don't answer, I will come in..."

When he was halfway through, Wang Hao entered the really white room again. This time it was not so messy, at least not so bad that underwear could be seen everywhere, but there were a lot of manuscripts scattered around.

Wang Hao carefully put the original manuscript to Zhenbai and tidied it up one by one, and saw the characters and scenery on the screen, which made him lose consciousness.

The manuscripts he held in his hand were all five centimeters per second manuscripts. The characters and scenery on each page looked very fresh and beautiful. Just looking at the pictures above would have an inspiring magic.

I have to sigh that Zhenbai's achievements in the field of painting can be said to be very advanced and profound, and there are no illusions under the reputation.

Carefully picked up the second five manuscript, and after Wang Hao sorted it out, there was a faint joy, and then he laughed at himself again. Why is he more excited than the painter himself?

Every cartoonist basically completed one page of the original manuscript, which must be carefully put away, which is like Zhenbai so casually thrown on the ground, and the quality of each page is so high.

The most important point is that these are not waste manuscripts, they are really finished products without any flaws. Anyway, he can't do it so casually.

He shook his head slightly, perhaps this was the only way to match the style of true white. Wang Hao put the manuscript neatly in the drawer beside him.

Then he found the true white school uniform and put it aside, and finally came to the computer and squatted down, looking at the suspicious object curled into a ball in front of him, and whispered: "If true white gets up again, the baumkuchen in the morning will be I'm going to fly away~"

"Um... Baumkuchen won't do this..."

Zhen Bai slowly stuck his head out of the bed, stretched out a small white hand, and gently rubbed his confused eyes.

"If you want the Baumkuchen not to fly away, just get up if it's really white. I have put the clothes next to you."

Wang Hao gave a bitter smile and touched his really white head lightly. The other party narrowed his eyes slightly before he walked out.

It has been five minutes after Zhen Bai left the room, and she was indeed much faster than other girls in dressing up. Unfortunately, Zhen Bai did not wear any makeup and her hair was still a little messy.

He feels that there is no need to make up for True White, because it is already amazing if True White is a plain face, but at least he still needs to tidy up his hair a little bit.

Of course, Zhenbai would definitely ignore this, so Wang Hao could only help her organize it.

He brought Zhen Bai to the bathroom, and after washing the other party's hair and drying it, Wang Hao nodded with satisfaction when he looked at the true white in the mirror like an elf.

He picked up the toothpaste next to him again, put it on the toothbrush and squeezed it out.


Zhenbai had long experience in this, and opened her small mouth slightly, revealing her white teeth. Wang Hao put the toothbrush into her mouth and swiped it slowly.


"Ho, go in a little bit more inside, it's not comfortable at all outside..."

"Ah! Really white, don't move, I'm a bit unsure of it."

"But it's so uncomfortable outside. Hao's one sticks in a little bit. Now itchy and uncomfortable."

Because there is only a wall between the kitchen and the bathroom, and the door of the bathroom is not closed, the sound coming from inside makes Qihai Aoyama who is cooking flush, and he hears the conversation between Wang Hao and Zhen Bai. It became clear that the two of them originally had that kind of relationship, and they were still doing that kind of thing in the toilet.

But I didn't expect Haosang to be this kind of person. He was there in the morning..., the more I thought about it, the more Qingshan Qihai's face turned red.

No way!No way!

Qingshan Qihai shook his head vigorously, and dispelled the thought of asking aloud. Although Haosang and Zhen Baijiang were doing shameful things early in the morning, they must be a couple.

Besides, Haosang helped him so many things. If he disturbed them out loud now, it would be too uninteresting.

Aoyama Seven Seas!You have to learn to observe the surrounding atmosphere!Just pretend not to hear anything!

But for some reason, she suddenly felt as if she had a sense of loss that was not easily detectable.

"Miss Shiina Mashiro, please don't make the lines so dirty!"

"Hao, what is dirt? Can I eat it?"

"I lost, but can I be quiet when I brush your teeth in the future?"


There was another conversation in the bathroom. Although Aoyama Qikai wanted to stop listening, her ears could not help listening clearly.

She suddenly breathed out inexplicably lightly, and the subtle sense of loss just now disappeared suddenly.

However, when did I become so delusional, and still thinking about that kind of thing...

"Qihaijiang, why is your face so red? Are you sick?"

After washing Zhenbai's hair, brushing his teeth, and washing his face, Wang Hao walked out of the bathroom with Zhenbai, and asked in doubt when he saw Qingshan Qihai whose face was red.

"Ah...I'm okay?! Haosang takes the real white sauce and sits at the table first, there is no problem here!"

Seeing Wang Hao who suddenly appeared, Qingshan Qihai suddenly felt guilty and almost shook the kitchen utensils in his hands. He said in a flustered expression, with a little excitement and a hint of tension in his tone.

After all, Qingshan Qihai was still thinking about Wang Hao and Zhenbai just now, and even thought of a series of indescribable pictures in his mind. Now that the Lord suddenly appears, even if she is usually stable, she will inevitably feel a little flustered and guilty at this time.

"Is that so? Then I'll wait for Qihaijiang in the living room with Zhenbai."

After Wang Hao heard that the other party said it was okay, he didn't think much. After all, with the character of Qingshan Qihai, he didn't need to worry about it.

Moreover, in some places, such as cooking for them, Wang Hao had to thank the other person instead. After thinking about it for a moment, he turned and left here with Zhen Bai and walked slowly towards the living room.

After working all night, Wang Hao is indeed very hungry now. He knows his current state, he still has to replenish his body with some energy. After all, he is not an iron man.

Seeing Wang Hao leaving here, Qingshan Qihai breathed a sigh of relief, but she must restrain her delusion in the future. Just now, there was a big oolong incident.

After the three of them had breakfast, it was still early, and Wang Hao used Maybach towards the High School Affiliated to Shuming University of Arts...


Chapter 171: When the rich old thief meets the master teacher

Just as Wang Hao was taking classes with carelessness and carelessness, it could be said that a storm had just set off within Shueisha, because it was already the second day of the Dragon Ball serialization.

In the editorial department of Shueisha, the people inside are still busy at this time. Some newcomer cartoonists are receiving the guidance of the editor, and some editors are constantly calling some unscrupulous old thief who has been delayed for a long time.

The person who called was the current editor-in-chief of Shuei Jisha, Matsumoto, and the owner of the number he dialed was an abominable old thief who made countless people want to desperately send blades-Fuken Yoshihiro!