If the works published on the juvenile JUMP cannot be favored by readers, they may face a cut in the end, whether it is a senior cartoonist or an animated version of a smashing work.

Now Shueisha has such an unexpected existence as Fujian Yibo. Regardless of the ranking and popularity of readers' reply, it is entirely dependent on the wishes and preferences of the cartoonist himself.

As for Dragon Ball, it was an exception. Without going through the initial ranking, it was directly nominated through the serialization meeting and decided to be officially serialized in the weekly jump.

Ayano Iida now sees the number of 100 votes behind Dragon Ball, still rubs her eyes in disbelief, and finally raised her head to look at Taketa Ryoko and asked in confusion, "Taketa, are you sure there is no problem with this list?"

"Well, this is a reader's response letter randomly selected by a computer in front of everyone."

Ryoko Takeda's tone was also shocked, and other editors nearby were also dumbfounded when they saw this list.

In the ranking of reader responses on Tuesday, the works that directly accounted for all the votes have not appeared before!

Even the Kubo leader, in the most glorious moment of the creation of Reaper, only received 90 votes, and the remaining 10 votes were divided among other works.

Although the 100 reader replies on Tuesday cannot be regarded as an official ranking, the editors can already have a general idea through this list.

But even if it was Iida Ayano, who was in charge of Dragon Ball, she still couldn't believe it at this time. She decided to go online to see the evaluation of Dragon Ball in person. The data inside was more detailed.

After all, although the probability of drawing 100 votes for the same work is very slim, it cannot be denied. After all, it was selected from countless votes. Maybe this time the Dragon Ball luck was just good?

And this is only one hundred votes. On Wednesday, there will be a second formal screening of five thousand votes.

But the data displayed on the Internet is different. It is completely real results without a trace of luck. To get the real first place, you must add up the coverage selection rate and the reader’s praise rate. The first is the real first.

After logging in to his account, Iida Ayano began to flick the mouse gently, carefully scrolling up one by one from the lowest ranking on the page, and she couldn't help but get nervous.

"Nani...Is it right?!"

When I reached the top, Iida Ayano looked at Dragon Ball, who was in the top position, and was completely shocked by the gorgeous data!

Coverage rate of 96%!Reader praise rate-100%!!

Iida Ayano was completely dumbfounded in the face of such dreamlike data. She pinched herself casually, and finally accepted the reality and made sure she was not dreaming. .

"Then I won't bother the editor in chief Iida to continue working."

Standing on the side, Yuko Takeda looked at the editor-in-chief Iida Ayano, who was always serious and serious. At this moment, she felt like she had suddenly changed her person. She felt that she was not good to stay here, and turned and left the editor's office.

Ayano Iida didn't care about Takeda's departure at all, and even forgot to say hello. He just stared at the screen and stared at the "Dragon Ball" on it.

The 173rd chapter is the top dragon ball![Request automatic subscription!

The number of votes in the reader's reply on Tuesday was 100 votes from countless votes. Although the probability is small, it does not rule out the probability of Dragon Ball encountering this.

However, the reader's praise rate and selection rate cannot be summed up by luck at all. It can be said that the comic itself is very interesting, which is accepted by the majority of comic friends, and it cannot be faked and explained with small probability. This is the true strength of "Dragon Ball". !

The reason why we can’t fake it is because every week’s jump contains 20 comics, each of which has options, and every comic friend can check two or three of them. This is the so-called selection. rate.

Each reader response letter can comment at most three books. If this number is exceeded, then the reader response letter will be considered invalid and the corresponding data will not be recorded.

If you take 100 "Weekly Jump" comic magazines as the total number, 96 of them have chosen to evaluate "Dragon Ball".

However, the total amount of the data displayed on the Internet is not as small as 100 copies, but the total amount sold in this issue of "Weekly Jump", so this is the most shocking!!

"Dragon Ball" coverage rate is as high as 96%!This is a terrifying number that is unimaginable before, or before the data of "Dragon Ball" was released, no one would dare to imagine that it would have such a high selection rate!

You know, Dragon Ball is just a new comic series that has attracted so many people's interest. It's incredible.

As for the positive rate, it is 100%!

This data can be said to have never appeared before, even when "Reaper" was at its peak, when Shueisha half the sky was supported on its own, the praise rate reached 93%, and at that time "Reaper" was already The existence of phenomenon-level comics...

Iida Ayano continued to be in a trance for a while, and then calmed down and thought about the reason. "Dragon Ball" has undoubtedly occupied the first place this time. There is no doubt about this, unless there is a 100% probability work. , Can temporarily suppress the edge of "Dragon Ball".

It's a pity that this kind of work is almost impossible to appear in today's comics world. If this kind of work does appear, I am afraid it is likely to cause a major reform in the comics industry. This is definitely not a joke!

At present, Ayano Iida doesn't need to look at Wednesday's data. It can be judged that Dragon Ball is the top overall player this time. If this result is not the first, then it is a real fraud!

For "Dragon Ball" to achieve this result, Iida Ayano is also thinking about the reasons at this time. The first point is the world view of Dragon Ball, which is like opening the door to a new world. There is no current routine at all, but there is an incredible The magic of the book deeply attracted everyone to read.

The new world view, the style of painting and the split mirrors are not at all wrong. Wang Hao considered that the original Dragon Ball style is a bit rough now, so he tried his best to perfect the style and did not improve it, but it made people feel better. The details are very comfortable.

The last point, Iida Ayano has only now figured out that it is the explosive update volume of "Dragon Ball".

Three episodes were updated for the first serialization, and the quality of each episode is of excellent quality. It also satisfies the reading volume of the majority of comic friends at one time, which makes people feel very comfortable. Of course, the favorability for Dragon Ball is also excellent.

But after Iida Ayano got excited, she thought carefully and frowned slightly.

She always feels something is wrong, and she can only rely on a woman's intuition to say the reason.

There is only one thing Iida Ayano is worried about, and that is that the expectations of "Dragon Ball" are too high now. It can be said that it has provoked the interest of a large number of comic friends, and they are all praised.

But this is the problem. The greater the expectation, the greater the disappointment. Dragon Ball has received great acclaim just now, and it has become completely popular. If there is an accident in the middle, it is almost impossible for "Dragon Ball" to stand up again... …

Thinking of this, Iida Ayano realized the seriousness of the problem and immediately got up from the chair anxiously, walking back and forth in the office, cold sweat dripping from his forehead.

"Jingle Bell--"

The phone on the side rang suddenly, and Iida Ayano looked at the displayed phone number and sighed lightly, and said, "Deputy Editor Kitahara, what can I do?"

"Editor Iida also read the data of Dragon Ball, we all hope that Dragon Ball can continue to be like this, so it may be difficult for Editor Iida."

The deep voice of the Deputy Editor-in-Chief Kitahara came over, and Iida Ayano couldn't help but smile when she heard the words. She really guessed that she was right, but she could only nod her head and agree, "Please rest assured that the Deputy Editor-in-Chief Kitahara, Teacher God Lord I will personally supervise that aspect, and the update and quality of Dragon Ball will definitely continue to be maintained!"

"Well, then editor Iida, please continue to work, I won't bother."

"No, I am interrupting the work of Deputy Editor-in-Chief Kitahara."

After Iida Ayano hung up the phone with a smile, the smile on her face gradually disappeared and her expression became solemn.

Reached out and picked up the phone, opened the phone book and found Wang Hao's number. Iida Ayano just wanted to dial out, and then stopped again.

She suddenly remembered that the god master teacher himself is still a high school student, and he should be on the way to school now, even if he calls the other party, it is useless.

It's better to wait until school is over in the afternoon and visit Wang Hao's house in advance to take this opportunity to discuss with the other party about "Dragon Ball".

For Shueisha, it would be the best choice if "Dragon Ball" went on like this.

Even if something happens to "Dragon Ball" in the middle, you can take advantage of the trend to launch the pit god Fu Jian Yi Bo to serialize the comics. When Fu Jian Yi Bo stops publishing again, it is estimated that the storm will calm down.

But for Iida Ayano, the success and failure of Dragon Ball are related to her future career.

If Dragon Ball succeeds, at least he will be promoted and raised; but if he fails, although it will have no effect on his current job, it is estimated that by then, his current position will be the end of his career.

Another thing that made Iida Ayano angry is that she is Wang Hao’s editor at any rate, but the other party never came to her to ask related questions. Even the manga manuscripts are delivered by express, so are you not afraid of precious manuscripts? Was there any accident midway?

It seems that I still have to talk to Wang Hao about this issue this afternoon, otherwise this kind of relaxation will become the most tormenting time for her.