Chapter 174: The Demon Forbidden and the Cannon Sister [Seeking automatic subscription!

However, Wang Hao did not go to school leisurely as Iida Ayano thought. He had already returned to the Qiushui Villa early in the first class and was lying in bed at this time.

Of course, he just came back like this and it wasn't a skipping class, but he felt physically heavy just now, so he asked for leave to come back, but it seems to others that it looks like a different one.

After all, he hasn't told anyone the reason, and he didn't plan to tell anyone else.

Wang Hao, who was resting quietly on the bed, carefully thought about the reason. In fact, he noticed it very quickly, and he should be over-tired.

First of all, he is not rigorous in controlling his life rhythm, there is no regularity to follow, and he often works overtime at night.

During this period of time, every time he finished drawing the Dragon Ball manuscript, his fatigue had not disappeared, his physical strength had not yet recovered, and he began to do other tasks, and he rarely had a good rest.

And even if you have time, you have to be busy for other things.

The result of doing this is certainly to speed up the rhythm a lot, but it brings a lot of burden to the body, because after all, he is still a person, and now he can only be regarded as a better spirit.

If you continue to continue like this, it is not surprising that one day you suddenly die suddenly, Wang Hao laughed to himself, and decided that he would have to control the pace of life in the future.

At least he didn't want to die young, but then he would have to slow down the progress a little bit.

This time he closed his eyes and slowly fell asleep. Suddenly he felt that his whole person was a lot easier. When he woke up, time passed quietly to more than one o'clock in the afternoon.

Before Wang Hao got up from the bed, he clenched his hands into fists, and his fingers were not so sore. This made him breathe lightly and went to the kitchen to prepare a lunch at will.

Now that the time has reached this point, it will not take long to go to school now and school will be over. He plans to draw the character of the forbidden temporarily.

After all, the novel area can't only have a background picture of Miaowu. Although the painting is really white, it is a background picture for Miaowu, which is two completely different types from Moban.

The first impression of the cover of each book is different, and this is also very important, so Wang Hao plans to set a background picture of the world of the forbidden on the board of the forbidden.

He plans to set up a corresponding background image for each work, so that people can have a sense of substitution.


This time, it took Wang Hao almost an hour and a half to finally successfully complete his work.

The first is a full-color background map of the college city, but compared to the entire picture, the college city is just a distant view.

The real protagonist is the man next to him with short, handsome brown hair, wearing Tokiwadai Academy costume, standing on a high-rise building, looking down at the entire academy city from top to bottom, still at her fingertips There was a little electric light shining, and just standing there made people feel a majestic temperament.

The brown pupils never admit defeat, serious eyes, and the pretty face without makeup, the whole person looks pure and handsome.

The only seven superpowers in the Academy City rank third, and the Academy City’s strongest "Electric Shocker", code-named "Super Electromagnetic Cannon".

The second-year student of Tokiwadai Middle School, a noble girl’s school, is known as "Tokiwadai’s trump card" and "the strongest and invincible electric shock princess". It was also called "Bilibili" by a certain unfortunate male high school student with a hedgehog head. Misaka Mikoto who is known as Cannon Sister!

Next to her also stood three young girls with different expressions, namely Shirai Kuroko with an idiot smile, the slightly shy Chuchun Rishi, and Saten Tearko who looked equally handsome.

The center of all this is Misaka Mikoto, even the huge college city has become her background at this moment.

Wang Hao chose Misaka Mikoto as the center, instead of choosing other characters as the background image of Demon Forbidden, which he has also considered.

To put it simply, it is Misaka Mikoto, the former artillery sister, who can be said to be very popular. This character has been designed by the author himself to be perfect!

Handsome and beautiful, at the same time with the attributes of arrogant and poor breasts. He has a strong sense of justice and a boyish and hearty personality. He can always stand up at critical moments and is deeply trusted by other people, but there is no trace. The temper of the ordinary lady.

Of course not only for these reasons. With the development of the "Magic and Forbidden Book Catalog" in the future, Wang Hao will continue to create the "Science Super Electromagnetic Gun" comics and animations that will push Misaka Mikoto's popularity to the peak, so that the gun sister Misaka Mikoto will appear in everyone's vision. !

He remembers landing at station b in his previous life, as long as he meets the handsome Misaka Mikoto on stage, many people will silently brush the same barrage.

[The flashing light between your fingers is my life-long faith!

It can be seen that this role has been deeply loved by everyone.

And after Moban slowly becomes popular, more people will log on to this webpage, which will naturally make people notice this handsome discharging girl, combined with the impression of the background picture, will undoubtedly generate a certain popularity.

Wang Hao nodded with satisfaction when he looked at the painting. As for the cover of the "Magic Forbidden Book Catalog" on the main body, he painted the male protagonist in it, the unfortunate boy with a "fantasy killer" (the god’s hand of the girl), to He is a kind of listless sensual Kamijo, a very ordinary male high school student with a hedgehog head, but he actually possesses the invincible peach physique that all singles envy.

After finishing all this, he uploaded the first chapter of "Magic Forbidden Book Catalog", logged into his administrator account of station b, and immediately set the background image and cover.

Soon after thinking about it, he posted some of his creations and profiles for Gensokyo to the other side of the picture area.

This can also arouse other people's curiosity about the East, and the release of the Oriental series will not appear abrupt.

The elements of station b will only become more and more plump, and when combined with other works, it will generate huge popularity in the future.

It’s a pity that if you want to develop station b into a comprehensive website with unique personal characteristics, it takes a long time, and now station b can only be regarded as a small website, and it lacks an opportunity to make it a popular website. .

For this, Wang Hao had a plan, but he had to store enough capital first, otherwise, as soon as this big cake came out, a group of sharks that smelled it would be vying to snatch it.

That's why Wang Hao pays attention to progress in stability. Although his age is still very young, it can be said that his life has just started, but he can already observe these things calmly and calmly.


Chapter 175 Mr. Map Cannon

Wang Hao felt that it seemed a bit wrong to let Moban directly serialize without a trace, so he resolutely logged into his Twitter.

[Hello everyone, my other "Magic and Forbidden Books Catalog" has just been serialized on station b. It is a long-form light novel, which can be updated every day. The world view of this work is very grand, and I can also be here It is guaranteed that the content is very interesting, and interested friends can check it out~]

After successfully finishing this advertisement, Wang Haoton felt refreshed, and the smell of wine was also afraid of the deep alleys. It would be better for Demon Forbidden to appear in the public eye earlier.

When all this was done, he heard the movement from the corridor. Wang Hao glanced at the time in the lower right corner of the computer screen. It has been more than 20 minutes since school is over in the afternoon. Now it is almost the prescribed time. It was Yushengyuan Xing and others who came to participate in the club activities.

Wang Hao got up from the chair, and briefly tidied up the manuscript scattered on the table, walked out of the room slowly, and came to the club room next door.

"Ahao, you are so slow, we are about to start making the strongest beautiful girl game in history!"

An Yilun also turned his head and saw Wang Hao. She stretched out her hand and gently pushed her glasses, burning with a burst of enthusiasm.

"Tsk tusk tusk, the producer and director of the game is actually late, what should I do if the game progress is not up to date? Haojun is really lazy~"

Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu gave a light tusk, and slightly raised her legs while sitting in her seat, shaking slowly, with a slight smile on her mouth.

Wang Hao didn’t seem to hear what Xiazhiqiu Shiyu said. He nodded in agreement. After he walked to the remaining empty seat above, he smiled slightly and watched Xiazhiqiu Shiyu said unhurriedly: "You said It makes sense, but I remember that I sent you all the plans yesterday. Everyone seems to have an arrangement for the direction and area of ​​responsibility. Even if I am not in progress, I should be able to start, and the time is still one minute away."

"Unexpectedly, in the past few days, the perverted gentleman has changed so much. It seems that I should change the title for you. Which one of the humanoid planters and the map gun do you think sounds good?"

Hearing Wang Hao's words, Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu squinted her eyes slightly, but the smile at the corner of her mouth did not abate. Instead, she stretched out her hand and took a sip of the black tea next to her before continuing to speak calmly.

"Hey, if you can say this kind of thing with a calm face, I think Teacher Xia Shizi should be very sure about the script, right?"

"Don't dare to be, does Mr. Map Cannon want to guide me privately?"

"Is it really good to call the map gun so nonchalantly?"