"Huh? Is there something wrong?"

"It should be said that this statement itself is wrong!"

Wang Hao rolled his eyes helplessly, once again realized the poisonous tongue of Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu, and finally couldn't help but complain a little.

Regarding the promotion of his title from Monarch Abnormal to Mr. Map Cannon, he suddenly felt that his life was dark. Are all girls high school students now so terrifying?Or to say that only your tablemates are more special?

He thought about this issue for a second, and then chose to mourn for himself for a second in his heart. This kind of thing can be understood at a glance!

The people around were relieved when they saw this. Except for Sawamura Hideli, it was the first time for Yushoin Kyou to see Kasumigaoka Shiwa in this state.

I thought that the other party's personality was as quiet and gentle as his appearance, but he was unexpectedly...very venomous!This made everyone a bit stunned.

Moreover, in their eyes, Wang Hao, who has always been very steady and mature, would be unable to refute the other party's poisonous tongue.

After all, in the battle that just happened, although the two sides spoke very peacefully, they only talked a few words, but the air at the scene became inexplicably tense.

However, Wang Hao became a loser in the end, which made Segawa Akane and others look at Kasugaoka Shiyu again, and even Ako had a dull expression, feeling a little nervous in her heart inexplicably.

Shiyu Xiazhiqiu didn't care about these things. She was alone at school, and she had long been accustomed to seeing different sights.

Seeing Wang Hao's inability to refute, Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu smiled happily. In fact, she has been inexplicably irritable since she went back yesterday.

She didn't know the detailed reason, but seeing more and more girls appearing next to Wang Hao, she felt anxious and anxious at the same time.

That's why she just called Wang Hao with a humanoid planter and Mr. Map Cannon. Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu may have a light understanding of this, but she didn't dare to really be sure, because no one could tell.

"After you sent the plan last night, I tried to draw the character of the actor Tomiya Okazaki. Hiro-kun sees if there is a problem with this?"

Sawamura Hidelily didn't care about this. She already knew the character of Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu herself. She took out an original painting from the schoolbag she carried with her and handed it to Wang Hao, which surprised him a bit.

He didn’t expect that the other party would immediately take action when he published the plan last night. This made Wang Hao sigh and a little relieved. At least some people still think about work...

Wang Hao took the manuscript from Sawamura Hidelily, and frowned when he looked at the picture of Okazaki Tomiya.

After a while, he put down the manuscript in his hand, pointed at the character in the picture, looked at Ei Lili Sawamura and said, "Ei Lili, the person you painted is correct, but the general direction is wrong, or you Didn’t you understand what I meant?"

"Is there something wrong?"

Sawamura Hidelily became nervous when she heard the words. She felt that she should follow Wang Hao's general requirements. There was no problem with the setting, and the style of painting was also exquisite.

Although there was only one human design, she spent almost a night and drew a lot of drafts for it. Unfortunately, there was no human design that satisfies her. Only the one in front of her is barely qualified.

But Sawamura Hidelily was still a little dissatisfied with this, and felt that there seemed to be some problems, but she couldn't think of it.

So I had to bring this person design over to let Wang Hao see where the problem was. After all, she felt that she couldn't figure out where she was alone, so it's better to ask the other person face to face.

Therefore, she was nervous about the answer that Wang Hao was about to say. Maybe the other party could not only point out the problem to herself, but also change her style.


Chapter 176 The Golden Lost Dog

"I can only say that there is a problem with your painting style. The protagonist Okazaki Tomomi is also a bad boy with a set appearance.

However, Ying Lili's painting is too unconventional. The first impression you give is not an indifferent bad boy, but a gentle boy who feels very warm at first glance. Although the appearance is also the setting of a handsome boy, it gives People's intuitive impression is too bad!Haven't you seen a bad boy in reality?"

Wang Hao pointed out the biggest problem Sawemura Hideli had committed. She didn’t seem to see her face blushing with honey, she stretched out her finger and tapped the table lightly, and continued: "I don’t know if you have taken a serious look at After all, Okazaki Tomomi is also a character who looks very cold in character and appearance, and has a vicious mouth. However, he is a boy who is very kind at heart and willing to help others. However, your style of painting will completely change. This setting has been changed!"

"so what should I do now?"

Sawamura Hidelily gritted her teeth and asked. She suddenly realized her mistake when she heard Wang Hao's words. Indeed, as the other party said, the character image and settings were too different.

"What else can I do? Of course it is a radical change! Draw it according to the settings I gave you and your own thoughts. I will give you a week to do this. Remember to draw yourself Even if it’s initially formed!"

Wang Hao frowned and said lightly, although the members of the society are all pieces of jade, if they have not been polished, they will always be a piece of unremarkable jade.

Everyone has their own flaws. He can see it clearly from the perspective of bystanders, but Wang Hao can only remind them, but he can't help them.

Because these problems can only be solved by themselves, if they only rely on the help of others, it will only help them for a while!

Sawamura Hidelily’s own problem may not be clear to her because she was in the game, but Wang Hao was able to pinpoint the core of the problem. At this time, she suddenly realized the sentence at the end of the opponent. .

Hideri Kashiwagi is indeed a famous painter in the fandom, but it is precisely because of this that it is difficult to find his own style!

The reason is also very simple. It is nothing more than imitating the style of the original author for a long time and doing fan creations, but over time I lost my original style on the way.

Directly letting the other party develop his own style of painting within a week, Wang Hao also felt a little unrealistic, because Sawemura Hideli's current state simply couldn't do this.

This is similar to the feeling of taking the best of hundreds of families into one, but once the opponent has formed his own style of painting, it will undoubtedly increase the strength of the entire society a lot!

So he gave Sawemura Hidelily a week, not expecting the other party to be able to form her own painting style in such a short period of time, just hope she can find a general direction, I believe that after slowly exploring, there will be Grown.

"What? Can't it be done?"

Seeing Yinglili Sawamura lowered his head slightly, Wang Hao couldn't help but chuckle, and continued, "If you can't do it, then forget it, and I won't force you."

"Who, who... said I can't do it? This simple thing is enough for one week!"

Wang Hao's words seemed to poke her sore spot, and Sawemura Hidelily suddenly turned red like a cat with a tail exploded, and said with a bit of excitement in her tone.

Compared with the silence just now, it was like a different person.

"Hey, I'm in the mood to show your Tsundere attributes here to Mr. Map Gun. It's better to start working earlier.

But it’s really hard for you to make Mr. Hideri Kashiwagi, who has been obsessed with notebooks, suddenly stop drawing."

Xiazhiqiu Shiyu looked at Sawamura Yinglili and said with a faint smile, and gave a soft tut, with a playful smile on the corner of his mouth, sitting on the side elegantly and holding black tea, and said calmly.

Sawamura Hidelily was immediately full of anger, and she made a slightly angry reverse mockery, and said, "Ha...what are you talking about?! A certain second-rate writer is doing creative work with delusions all day long! Really poor person, Teacher Xia Shizi?"

"Well, even this is much better than a certain book artist. After all, if the script is not well created, then this work will become a hot chicken work that no one can play."

"There's no such thing at all! Players of this type basically look at paintings, and don't need plots or anything!"

"This is really like an answer from a blond dog."

"What kind of blond dog? You black girl with a poisonous tongue and belly!"

"The child's size is poor breast."

"Dark lonely girl!"

"Mr. Map Gun is a waste material."


After hearing the topic touched on him, he was inexplicably added to Mr. Map Cannon, Wang Hao's face turned black, "Okay, let's just say a word! Ying Lili, go ahead and continue the character design, Xia Zhiqiu, you too. Go finish the script creation."