However, Wang Hao strongly demanded this, and Iida Ayano didn’t make any mistakes with the other party, so he had to follow his appointment not to reveal his true identity. Now everyone knows that the Dragon Ball author is a genius cartoonist who is only 16 years old, but he is even specific. But none of the photos.

"I can't judge the future of Dragon Ball, because after all, I just make the characters in the comics move, but I believe it deeply.

Moreover, according to Editor-in-Chief Iida, Dragon Ball is indeed more noticeable, but what's wrong with it?"

Hearing Iida Ayano's explanation, Wang Hao's expression finally relaxed, and he took a sip of tea and said with a faint smile, telling him his understanding of Dragon Ball.

There was absolute self-confidence in his tone, and he could not hear a trace of confusion from inside, his pupils always had a firm look in the depths.


Chapter One Hundred and Seventy Eight

"I hope this is the true opinion of the god master teacher, so I will also believe in Dragon Ball." Iida Ayano looked at Wang Hao deeply, and did not say anything else. She now chooses to believe this. Young man.

Because the other party just said to let the characters in the comics move on their own, it has already expressed the other party's firm thoughts and the confidence that Wang Hao said when he spoke, and Iida Ayano got to know Wang Hao again.

This seemingly mature teenager still has unknown ambitions deep in her heart, so she also chose to believe that Dragon Ball will have an extraordinary future.

"Dragon Ball will definitely not disappoint Editor-in-Chief Iida, but if I'm unfortunate enough, Editor-in-Chief Iida must be mentally prepared."

Wang Hao was slightly startled, and couldn't help but look at Iida Ayano again in his heart. He didn't expect the other party to believe him.

Originally, he thought that Ayano Iida came here to ask questions about the direction of the Dragon Ball plot, but if the other party really wanted to ask, Wang Hao could only say sorry.

Because Dragon Ball is a very complicated and legendary comic book, but the editor in charge of him was unexpectedly responsible. Just believing him so frankly, Wang Hao could only reveal some with a wry smile.

"I can't get any better when you rush to the street, now we are grasshoppers on the same rope, we can only advance and retreat together.

And I'm still waiting for Dragon Ball's promotion and salary increase, so it's better for you to surprise me."

Ayano Iida rolled her eyes helplessly, and said angrily that she was now betting all the treasures of her body on Dragon Ball.

Hearing Dragon Ball's cartoonist himself said such frustrated words, it was inevitable that he would feel a little anxious.

"Well... the surprise is okay, but is it really okay for Editor Iida to speak so bluntly?"

Ayano Iida refreshed his understanding of Wang Hao through the conversation just now. After listening to the other party's straightforward words, Wang Hao also refreshed his understanding of Iida Ayano. He did not expect that the other party would have such an unexpected side.

However, the conversation just now made the two parties feel less distanced and spoke more casually. Wang Hao feels good about this. After all, Iida Ayano is his first editor and will be responsible in this world. My last edit.

It would be nice to talk less cautiously and more casually in the future.

"By the way, how did you talk about the five-centimeter-per-second comic version last time? How is the really white manuscript finished?"

Ayano Iida has unknowingly changed Wang Hao's name from God Master Teacher to You, and the previous restraints are no longer there.

This time she came here, besides mainly wanting to know Wang Hao's attitude towards Dragon Ball, she was also very interested in the five centimeters per second comic version.

Regarding the original novel of Second Five, Iida Ayano also read it on station b. It is indeed a very beautiful and melancholic novel, and it was created by the god master teacher in front of her.

It is undeniable that less than a month after the appearance of "Five Centimeters Per Second", it has moved many people for no reason.

Even Iida Ayano, who has been out of society for many years, has a long-lost tremor in his heart at the second five o'clock, as if he is back in his youth.

It can be said that there is no problem with Second Five for comics, but it is difficult for anyone to draw the beautiful style of Second Five.

However, Ayano Iida knows that there is a man who can create a manga version of Miaowu that is not weaker than the original. It is also the person responsible for creating this manga version of Miaowu, Shiina Masai with a variety of dazzling auras.

Wang Hao smiled softly when he heard the words, he was not as complicated as Iida Ayano thought, "The really white manuscript has been completed, I will tell her to come down."

When I went to Zhenbai's room to ask her to get up in the morning, she helped the other party to clean up the five-centimeter-per-second manuscripts scattered on the ground.

Walking slowly to the really white room upstairs, Wang Hao knocked on the door lightly, "Is really white? Miss Iida came to look for you, remember to bring the second five manuscript, and I will help you put it in the drawer next to it. ."

"Well, come right away."

There was a faint voice in the room this time, Wang Hao shook his head gently when he heard the movement in the room, with a faint smile on the corner of his mouth, this time the girl's dream could finally set sail.

He went back to the living room downstairs and sat on the sofa for a while, and began to talk to Ayano Iida about other trivial questions.

"By the way, is there any special reason why you didn't disclose your true identity? If not, I suggest you use your real name, so that you can quickly accumulate popularity for yourself."

Now that the two parties did not have the previous restraints, Iida Ayano naturally expressed the doubts buried in her heart. She really couldn't see Wang Hao's thoughts on this point.

In terms of appearance, Iida Ayano can be sure that Wang Hao is at least that kind of handsome guy, and with the current popularity of Dragon Ball, exposing his true identity is absolutely profitable and harmless. It can be packaged into A capable idol cartoonist.

"Well, I don't want to hide this, but I'm also a high school student at the moment. If I expose my true identity, it will be a little troublesome."

Wang Hao smiled bitterly and said that he also knew that this would indeed allow him to accumulate higher popularity, but he didn't have much pursuit of these, and at his current age, there must be much trouble in daily life.

He doesn't want to be sightseeing wherever he goes, at least at this stage, Wang Hao has not planned to make his identity public.

"It's really a pity, I also plan to package you as a powerful idol cartoonist, by the way, get an agent as an agent to make some extra money..."

Iida Ayano said with some regret, and finally she said more and more quietly, and curled her lips helplessly.

Withdrawing the preface, Wang Hao does not look like a young man at all!I don't have any thoughts of being in love at this age...

This led to the failure of her small plan, and she had to save her salary for a while before she could exchange parts for her car.

"Sorry for not being as you wished, sir editor."

Although Iida Ayano muttered very quietly, Wang Hao heard the last softly whispered words from the other party, and could not help but wrinkle a few black lines on his forehead, and responded with a smile.

Are comic editors so idle?Compared with this, you should do your own job first!

If Iida Ayano knew what Wang Hao was thinking, she might be sprayed with a sip of salt soda, who made her so idle?!

During this period of time, she can be said to be the most relaxed editor in Shueisha. Apart from handling some of the documents and materials submitted by her editors, she was basically in a state of doing nothing in her office.


Chapter 179: The Potential of True White [Ask for automatic subscription!

"Ayano, did you come over to check my manga?" Shiina Mashiro slowly walked down the stairs, and when his eyes touched Iida Ayano, there was an unnoticeable tension in his tone.

It is like a student who has not completed his homework, facing the teacher naturally with a nervous mood.

Because of the reason why the submission failed many times, in her eyes, this is the script that Hiro had created for her with great difficulty. If it was screwed up for her own reasons, Ayano continued to return the manuscript this time. How to do?

Slowly approaching Iida Ayano, she felt a trace of fear and tension in her heart inexplicably, and a melancholy expression flashed across her indifferent face, as if it was an illusion just now.

Although this emotional fluctuation was fleeting, the careful Wang Hao still noticed something wrong with True White and frowned slightly. There is always a difference between True White now and usual.

I don't know why, Wang Hao always feels that the whiteness at this time is a little strange, and there is no emotion on the plain face, but the uneasy emotions surround her.

You should be nervous, right?