At this time, Zhen Bai shifted his gaze, and there was a hint of melancholy in his clear eyes. Wang Hao smiled at Zhen Bai and comforted him softly, "It's okay, it will definitely pass this time."


Shiina Mashiro nodded obediently. After seeing Wang Hao's smile, she felt relieved and passed the stack of manuscripts she was holding in her small hand towards Iida Ayano.

Immediately sitting next to Wang Hao slowly, the white tender little hand shook slightly, still a little nervous, Wang Hao smiled at her again when he saw it, and lightly stroked the really white head to make her feel relieved.

Naturally, Ayano Iida, who received the manuscript, did not notice this, she was only attracted by the pile of manuscripts passed by Mashiro.

There are also many good works from light novels to comics. Moreover, comics adapted from works like five centimeters per second, let alone the style of painting, the plot is absolutely top-notch.

Moreover, Shiina Zhenbai was the ghostwriter, and it should be said that the style of painting is the least problematic. She believes that Wang Hao has also pointed out Zhenbai in creating comics.

Ayano Iida couldn't wait to look at it immediately, and when she saw the first page, she was attracted by this peerless style, which made her breath heavier.

Even the hand that flipped the comic couldn't help shaking slightly, and the look in his eyes became stronger every time he read a page.

After Iida Ayano finished reading the manuscript in her hand, she still had a trace of shock on her face. She looked at Wang Hao in disbelief, "Is really white...painted?!"

"Ayano, can't it be wrong again?"

Before Wang Hao could speak, Shiina Zhenbai, who was next to him, spoke lightly, but his expression was a little disappointed, and his head was slightly calm.

"No? How could it not! It's better to say that this work is really great!"

Iida Ayano was taken aback. Obviously she didn't expect Zhenshiro to say that, but she was still a little excited to express her own opinions, "The comic version of five centimeters per second, naturally, the plot, the style is also superb, and for The storyboarding process is also very mature. You should have made a special script for this, right?"

In the end, she looked at Wang Hao, Yi Zhenbai's current level is far from being able to do this, and only the god master teacher in front of her can help Zhenbai.

But the potential of True White is absolutely terrifying, and this can be seen in the prototype of this Second Five Comic.

"Well, that's right, but almost all creations are done by one person."

Wang Hao smiled faintly. There really is no need to conceal this point, and Iida Ayano should know the true white manga level better than himself.

"No, this is a work done by Hiroshi and I." Shiina Masashi shook his head and said peacefully, with a warm smile on the corner of his mouth, which immediately surprised Wang Hao and Iida Ayano.

It's a pity that the smile was fleeting, but Wang Hao and Iida Ayano sighed.

The two of them had hardly seen Zhen Bai who smiled, because Zhen Bai's expressions other than indifferent would hardly show on his face.

The smile lasted only for a moment, Shiina was really white, and returned to his calm expression, "Can you serialize it?"

"You should ask when the serialization is right."

Iida Ayano said in an angry voice, it would be strange if such an excellent work could not be serialized. Although Wang Hao's help was said, through this comic, she saw the infinite potential of true white.

At the same time, it also means that if Zhenbai can tell stories in the future and can give a comic a real plot, then she is definitely a dazzling star in the comics world.

It’s a pity that it takes a long way to get Jinshiro to learn to tell stories, but Ayano Iida doesn’t worry much about this, because Jinshiro is also known as a “genius manga artist” by his side. , Can guide her forward.

And Iida Ayano herself will come to help each other from time to time, because Shiina Mashiro is also one of the cartoonists under her charge. It should be said that she is in charge of only two cartoonists, and that is the two people in front of her.

After all, the editor-in-chief is generally not responsible for the cartoonist, and the editor in charge is responsible. Of course, if you encounter the kind of new cartoonist that the editor-in-chief personally sees, they will still be personally responsible.

After Iida Ayano became the editor-in-chief, although she often went to find newcomers, only Wang Hao and Zhen Bai were in charge. The former did not need to worry about her at all, but the latter required her to worry a lot.

But for Ayano Iida, who is so depressed at work now, it is a job that I can't ask for. In Zhenbai, she finally found her responsibilities as an editor, which made her depressed and a little happy.

However, for Iida Ayano to slowly cultivate true white growth, it is also a long-standing idea. It is a pity that the other party has always been in the UK before, and the two only communicated online for a while.

"Where should the five manga version be serialized this time?" Wang Hao looked at Iida Ayano and asked in confusion. After all, there are still many manga magazines under Shueisha. "Weekly Jump" is definitely not suitable for this type, because The nature is completely different, so he wanted to ask which comic magazine it was serialized in.

The positioning of this type of comics in Second Five is a bit vague. It can be placed in youth comic magazines, or in Shou Xiang comics, etc.... Comic magazines, but Shueisha’s comic magazines should be suitable, after all, comics The position of the leader of the world is not something that can be done casually.

The reason why Wang Hao wants to know about the magazines serialized in Second Five is that he also wants to promote it on Twitter in advance.

The 180th chapter cuteness is justice!

"The serialization is not as simple as you said, you have to take it back to the editorial department for review and approval."

Iida Ayano rolled her eyes. When she said this, she herself didn't believe it, because the second five of this manga version is so good, "I originally wanted Shinshiro to serialize the second five on "RIBON", but It seems a bit unsuitable now."

According to her original plan, she wanted Zhenbai to be serialized in "RIBON" magazine, because the environment there is most suitable for Zhenbai.

In other words, it is a good place for girls to manga. "RIBON" () was launched on August 3, 1955. It is Shueisha's monthly magazine with the largest circulation of girls’ comics. It is released on the 3rd of every month and is currently priced at 450 yen.

Because the magazine has always adhered to the traditional style of girl manga, and constantly created pure and cute cartoon images, it has attracted many primary and middle school girls to become loyal readers of this publication, making "RIBON" always dominate the girl manga periodical.

If you say "Weekly Shonen Jump", "Weekly Shonen Magazine" and "Weekly Shonen Sunday" are currently the three major weekly Shonen manga magazines.

So Shueisha's "RIBON" and Kodansha's "Nakayoshi" and Xiaoxueguan's "Ciao" are listed as the three major neon manga magazines, there is no doubt that.

If nothing else, she originally planned to serialize Second Five on this. Although it is still suitable now, Ayano Iida has a new plan and rethinks the positioning of Second Five.

"Well, "RIBON" is good, but it limits the meaning of the five seconds theme, but it is suitable for creation after Zhenbai."

He nodded, "RIBON" is too early for the current real white, and it is also restricted, but in this way, there are fewer places suitable for the second five. Wang Hao can't help but ask again in doubt: "Since Don’t serialize Second Five on "RIBON", don’t you mean..."

At the end, Wang Hao's eyes had gradually brightened before the words were finished, as if thinking of something.

"Yes, this time the one responsible for serializing the second five is "Jump Square"!"

Iida Ayano snapped her fingers. Although she wanted to make Zhenbai very white and adapt to the environment of the serialization on "RIBON" in advance, as an editor, she could also see where the work was suitable for serialization.

It can be said that the question of where to divide the serialization is also very important, because the audiences on each comic magazine are different, so naturally there are corresponding requirements for the type of work.

"The serialization on "Jump Square" is really suitable for works of this type."

Wang Hao gave a bitter smile. He still knew "Jump Square", and it was also a comic magazine owned by Shueisha. Relatively speaking, it was indeed the most suitable place for Second Five.

Because the nature of "Jump Square" is relatively special, the types of comics serialized in it can be said to be diverse, and you can see all kinds of comics.

In addition to shonen manga, "Jump SQ" also publishes manga comics, essays, novels, etc., including girl manga, youth manga, anime or novels, and is a comprehensive magazine.

"Well, let it be reviewed by the editorial department today. After passing it, you can print it and prepare for serialization."

Iida Ayano cherished the original manuscripts. The surprise that Zhen Bai brought her this time was too great. If you wait for Zhen Bai to make interesting stories...

Thinking of this, Iida Ayano couldn't help but let out a long sigh, thinking that she should buy a lottery ticket or something?Maybe you might actually buy a ticket to Europe.

She thinks that she has definitely been transferred recently, or that she has been favored by heaven as an editor?

"Ho, it succeeded."

Shiina is really white but not as much as Iida Ayano thought. He just raised his head slightly to look at Wang Hao, his clear eyes changed to a hint of joy, and he spoke gently.

Wang Hao was taken aback for a moment. Obviously, he didn't expect Zhenbai to ask such questions specifically at this time, but he still smiled and responded, "Well, congratulations on the successful serialization of your comic."