After the words fell, he stroked Zhen Bai's little head again, but Zhen Bai was not as meek as usual. Instead, he struggled and shook his head slightly, watching Wang Hao correct with clear eyes, and said, "No... this is me. Comics with Hao..."

"Well, this is the comic we have together, so I will continue to work hard in the future, and I can't let go of it."

Looking at his true white and clear eyes, Wang Hao's heart gradually softened unconsciously, and he felt relieved immediately.

Because of his true white personality, he can say what he thinks directly. It can be said to be natural, but at the same time it is also the defect of the other party, but now it is slowly getting better.

Wang Hao suddenly remembered the days when he first met Zhenbai. Although it hasn't been long since now, he has obviously made great progress, at least he thinks so.

When he first met Zhen Bai, the other party didn't even know the concept of paying money and thank you. He really looked like an elf out of nature, without a trace of human fireworks.

It hasn't been long since now, Zhenbai already knows these concepts. According to Wang Hao's view, he is gradually accumulating common sense.

But speaking straightforwardly, it seems that it hasn't changed so far. This makes Wang Hao a little bit dumbfounded and emotional. With this frankness, he doesn't want the other party to change, because Zhenbai has not yet put on a mask.

"I cheered up with Hao."

Shiina Zhenbai blinked, but the clearly inspirational lines were stated in a plain tone, Wang Hao smiled bitterly and said nothing.

"It seems that Zhenbai trusts you so much now, but it makes me a little bit regretful and envious."

Iida Ayano, who had collected the second five manuscript, saw the interaction between Wang Hao and Zhen Bai, and suddenly sighed slightly, and said with some regret.

Innocent and innocent, Shiina Shiba is like an elf. Iida Ayano can say that she likes Zhenbai very much, but she didn't expect Zhenbai to come to Neon so suddenly, and she is Wang Hao's cousin.

This makes her very sad. If she knew in advance that Zhenbai would come to Neon, she would definitely apply for the custody of the other party in Neon in advance. Living with such a cute fairy every day, there are happier things than this. ?

But the guy Rita didn't tell him the news that he was coming here in advance, because he and she had been good friends for many years!

Now that Wang Hao takes care of such a cute Zhenbai every day, Iida Ayano is undoubtedly envied and hated. If you have to ask for a reason, then Zhenbai is so cute!Cuteness is justice!


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Chapter 181 Accidentally Reaching a Consensus

"Well, in all respects, it is really not easy to do this."

Wang Hao nodded with emotion and sighed slightly. If Qing Shan Qihai hadn't come to help recently, he felt that he would almost become a full-time dad.

But at present, although there are Qingshan Qihai helping with cooking and housework, I still have to take care of Zhenbai, such as brushing his teeth and washing his face every morning, etc., just like taking care of a cat...

"Come on, living under the same roof with a super beautiful girl, what are you dissatisfied with? But you can't bully Zhenbai, or I will apply for Zhenbai's care right in Neon."

Iida Ayano curled her lips in disdain, unceremoniously took the tea and drank two-thirds of it, speaking with a sour tone.

After calming down carefully, she thought about it for a moment. Even if Rita told herself that True White was going to Neon in advance, it is estimated that True White's grandfather would not be at ease to let herself take care of True White.

I would definitely choose to ask distant relatives to take care of Jin Bai while living in Neon. Besides, Iida Ayano also knows some details of Jin Bai. These Ritas have talked about such things as Jin Bai lacks common sense. .

If she really wants to take care of her, I am afraid it will be a very troublesome thing.

The reason for speaking so bluntly is to tell Wang Hao not to bully Zhen Bai. After all, this looking mature teacher is also a male high school student in adolescence. Who knows if the other party will make mistakes on impulse ?

With so white cuteness, this possibility is not surprising.

Of course, if there was a spark of love between the two of them, Iida Ayano would have no opinion about it, but would silently send Wang Hao to the heresy court to accept the torch of the fff group.

Hehe, she didn't feel resentful of being single for so long...

Wang Hao couldn't laugh or cry after hearing this. Although he always felt a little weird, he now treats Zhen Bai as his sister, or as a cat?

And don't say bullying is really white, he has been scammed by True White how many times, but the attribute of natural black is very scary, OK?!

"Ayano, Hiroshi is very good to me."

However, before Wang Hao could explain, Zhen Bai, who was sitting next to him, spoke faintly, looking at Iida Ayano seriously, tilted his head and continued to add, "I also like Hao now. ."


This time it was Wang Hao's turn to be shocked, and he was shocked when he heard Zhen Bai's unprepared words.

Why did you just think of natural black?I was shot while lying down...

"Tsk tusk, I didn't expect the god master teacher to start so quickly, it's really not a human being."

Iida Ayano snorted, with a faint blackened smile on his face, looking at him playfully, really white still looks indifferent, but Wang Hao left a thin cold sweat.

"Haojun is really desperate and dissatisfied, and he can't be neglected for a moment. He really deserves to be Mr. Map Gun."

On the other side, Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu slowly walked downstairs with a tea set in his hand, and said softly, slightly mockingly. After coming to the side and making a cup of black tea, he slowly sat down opposite Wang Hao. .

"Why did you get involved with the map gun again?"

Hearing this name, Wang Hao's face turned dark. Is the story of the plot really to make him go further and further down the road of a scumbag?

"Mr. Map Cannon? I didn't expect that the God Lord teacher would have such an unexpected side, but you don't plan to introduce it to us?"

When Iida Ayano heard the title of'Mr. Map Cannon', he first glanced at Kasanooka Shiyu in surprise, and finally remembered the last time Aoyama Nanami, and then smiled clearly.

Her gaze looked back and forth between Wang Hao, Kasumigaoka Shiyu, and Shiina Shiba, with a small arc at the corner of her mouth. Finally, she looked at Wang Hao and asked suspiciously, revealing a touch of ambiguous and playful tone.

"This is Kasinooka Shiyu, the author of "The Metronome of Love", who is also teacher Kasiko Shiko. He is a member of my club. This is the editor-in-chief of Iida Ayano of Shueisha and is in charge of my editor."

After sensing Iida Ayano's gaze and the tone of his speech, Wang Hao rolled his eyes helplessly, naturally knowing what the other party was thinking now, so he introduced a little bit irritably.

In the end, he glared at Xiazhiqiu Shiyu. He didn't expect that the other party would suddenly appear at this time, and he also came to add a fire, making things more complicated.

Wang Hao is already thinking about what to do next?He doesn't think that he is like the protagonist of other light novels, with a variety of auras added to him, the true white natural black and the black belly of Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu, also can not be underestimated...

"I didn't expect to meet Teacher Xia Shizi here. It was really amazing."

"No, editor Iida surprised me even more here."

Kasumigaoka Shiba and Iida Ayano shook hands with each other with a smile. They seemed to have reached a consensus during the conversation and ignored Wang Hao, which suddenly made him feel more complicated.

In addition to being ignored by both parties, the reason that made him feel complicated was that the slight pain felt by the foot under the guest table was passed from below, which made Wang Hao's facial expression a little tangled, and finally turned into a light sigh. .

"Mr. Mappao is really an interesting title. Am I staying here to disturb the god master teacher?" Iida Ayano looked at Wang Hao with a long smile on her face, and said in a rather ambiguous tone.

"No, I welcome the editor to come over."

Wang Hao sneered, and what he said immediately made Ayano Iida give him a playful look, "I don’t dare to stay here and disturb the precious time of God Master Teacher. Rita, please come and see that the true white goal has been achieved. Now, I’ll take a step ahead. Don’t forget what you said just now."

Ayano Iida packed up her bags and gave Wang Hao an ambiguous look before leaving. Wang Hao was obviously restrained by this line of sight and coughed softly, "Do you need me to send you?"

"No, you just need to remember your promise. Next, I will also be busy with the second five serialization. Besides, don't do anything that makes Xiao Zhenbaichan feel sad~"