After speaking, Wang Hao turned upstairs and walked towards his bedroom.

He did feel a sense of relief in his whole body and mind now, and maybe sometimes being with Zhen Bai would really make people feel annoyed, but Wang Hao never thought that the other party was troublesome.

On the contrary, when he was with Zhenbai, it really made him feel a very relaxed feeling. It was a very natural feeling, at least in a happy mood.

When Wang Hao went upstairs, Shiina Shiro was sitting motionless on the sofa, completely different from usual, completely blank, although on the surface there was no change between the two.

But Shiina Shiro felt that her heartbeat seemed to have accelerated a little earlier, and it was beating more vigorously than usual. She placed her hand on her chest, and there seemed to be a wave of unknown emotional fluctuations in her chest, and there was a slight pain in her heart.

This kind of situation had never happened before, Shiina's indifferent face finally showed a trace of melancholy. She remembered the previous behavior of Rita when she was ill and put her hand on her forehead.

Shiina Mashiro raised her tender little hand on her forehead, and a sensation of slight heat spread, reminding her of what Rita once said to herself, that she seemed to be sick now.

But it's strange. I didn't feel this way when I was sick before. Shiina Shiro wants to ask Wang Hao for advice. What is going on with this strange feeling that suddenly appeared?

But when it came to her lips, she found that she couldn't say it. A latent instinct made her choose to hide it, because telling Hao like this would definitely cause him trouble, right?

Thinking of this, Shiina Zhenbai dispelled the urge to tell Wang Hao, she no longer wanted to cause Hao trouble.


However, Wang Hao did not expect so many, because of the real white and subtle emotional changes, even if he did not observe carefully, he would never notice it.

Because Zhenbai has almost always had this indifferent expression on weekdays, and he would just say whatever he thought of, and would never hide his doubts in his heart.

After he came to his bedroom, he remembered what Iida Ayano had said to him just now, it was about Dragon Ball evaluation.

Wang Hao sat next to the computer and opened a browser. He is not a little white who doesn't know anything. If it is really like Iida Ayano said, then Dragon Ball can indeed be said to be very popular now.

Looking at the search bar waiting for text input, Wang Hao frowned and thought about it, and then entered the words'ACG Forum' in the search bar, and soon the page entered a website full of two-dimensional style.

He opened the login bar, quickly logged in to his account, and immediately started searching for Dragon Ball.

ACG Forum is a forum for discussions about various comics, light novels, etc. There are many comic friends from all over the world who have a corresponding evaluation of each ACG work, which can be said to be fair Extremely strong.

And this forum is mainly a joint venture established by Shueisha, Kodansha, and Shogakukan, which are known as the three great masters in the comics industry, and the three major home appliances in the light novel industry, Fujimi Fantasia Library and Kadokawa Sneaker Library. It is convenient to know the comments of various works by the majority of comic friends in time.

The ACG Forum has developed to this day, and it can almost be regarded as a gathering place for many people who love the two-dimensional culture. There are even many friends from all over the world who have specially visited the headquarters.

The headquarters of the ACG Forum is set up in Neon. Of course, there are relative sub-stations in the Celestial Empire and the United States.

In addition to discussing comics, there will also be corresponding discussions on light novels, animations, and the upcoming animation of a certain comic.

Moreover, neon is the fastest growing area of ​​acg culture, and the daily discussion on various works on the ACG forum is also very hot.

In terms of comics, editors of many comic magazines also use their own website’s evaluation of a certain work, then go to the comic forum to check the corresponding comments on the work, and finally make a judgment.

Wang Hao naturally believes the data Iida Ayano told him that Dragon Ball has achieved quite a lot of results in Shueisha, with a 96% selection rate and a 100% praise rate!

The gorgeous data of Dragon Ball also made Wang Hao sighed, but he still needs to further investigate the market reaction to observe the attitude of the majority of friends towards Dragon Ball?

After a detailed investigation, it will be convenient for him to formulate a corresponding plan next.

If he only relied on Iida Ayano's Dragon Ball data on Shueisha, although there was a rough idea, it might be slightly different from the real data.

But you must not underestimate this nuance, because the big problems are often seemingly trivial. For Wang Hao, who pays attention to a stable character, he treats these places with a careful attitude. .

Chapter 184 Routineization of Comics

Wang Hao has only one purpose for logging on to the ACG forum at this time, which is to see what the major comic friends say about Dragon Ball at this stage.

Then combine the data given by Iida Ayano to determine how long it will take for Dragon Ball to fully ferment and grasp every point in time.

After a few seconds, he finally found the corresponding page of Dragon Ball on the ACG forum, or the result was beyond Wang Hao's expectations, so that he was temporarily dumbfounded. It should be said that Dragon Ball is now completely in the butchered version. Status, you can see it at will without him having to search deliberately.

Wang Hao, who often confuses major websites, sees this situation, and what he thinks is not about Dragon Ball's performance for the first time, is it because the navy is helping Dragon Ball?

But this idea only lasted for less than a second before he immediately denied it. Naturally, he hadn't invited the navy in his own words, and Shueisha would definitely not do that.

But Wang Hao, who was accustomed to the navy in his previous life, even knew that these comments were not made by the navy, but he still had a dreamlike feeling.

Looking at the rows of discussions about Dragon Ball in front of him, Wang Hao sighed softly. He didn't expect the influence of Dragon Ball to spread here.

He had long thought of the Dragon Ball being popular, but it was too unreasonable to be so popular, but the facts were so vividly before his eyes, so he could only choose to believe it.

"Dragon Ball with three more episodes, God-like opening work, what do you think?

"The god of death just finished, the dragon ball turned out.

"What happened to the forum today?With so many people discussing a work, I am afraid that the navy has come over?!

"For your views on Dragon Ball, you can click here to see.


Wang Hao thought for a while, and directly clicked on the most popular post at the top, because tens of thousands of people were still participating in the discussion in that post.

[Dragon Ball is going against the sky!Moreover, the god master teacher is so domineering, he actually updated three words just after the serialization, every word makes people want to stop!

[I think Dragon Ball now has the potential to be comparable to or even surpassing the god of death. This kind of refreshing worldview has never appeared in the current comics world. If the god master continues to do this, I believe that surpassing the god of death is definitely not What a difficulty!

[Are you kidding me upstairs?You say I am optimistic about Dragon Ball, but I have no objection to it, but it is a bit too exaggerated to put this comic with only three chapters in series and compare it with the death of a phenomenon-level comic?

[There is no comparison at all between the two, because Dragon Ball has just begun, and Reaper has been famous for many years, but it is true that as long as the story of Dragon Ball is surprising, it is not impossible.

[Well, both Mr. God Lord and Mr. Kubo are worthy of everyone’s respect. Mr. Lord God has updated the three words to pay tribute to everyone in the first serialization, and Mr. Kubo often lacks sleep when he serializes Death.

So we don’t have to compare Dragon Ball and Reaper, but why did I suddenly think of Teacher Fu Jian Yi Bo?

[Are you sure it is called Teacher Fujian Yibo and not the old thief rich and traitor?

[Since Dragon Ball is so popular, let's weaken the rich and traitorous old thief!

It's a pity that the guy doesn't know where to play mahjong anymore. I really hope that the rich and traitorous old thief can lose only a pair of pants, and then he comes back and picks up a pen to paint the hunter day and night.

[Hahaha, the brother upstairs, you really have an idea, but it is a pity to mention the hunter, such an excellent work is not worse than Death, if the rich old thief keeps updating normally, it may be better than Death now Be hot.

[Now I don’t want the old thief Fujian to update frequently, just want to ask if anyone knows the address of "Teacher Fujian Yibo"?

[It seems that brother, you really have a great idea, remember to take me with you when you come!

[Seeing that you can have such a normal discussion, I finally let go of my heart, thinking that this kind of slaughter-like state is the appearance of the navy.

Wang Hao used his trumpet wearing a vest to post a comment, withdrew from this post, and reopened several other hot discussion posts, before continuing to read it.

Because seeing this, he already had a general certainty in his heart, but Wang Hao's face was a little strange.

If this kind of massacre was in a previous life, he definitely believed 99% that someone had invited the navy, but it was different in this world. Wang Hao chose to believe that these were not navy.