This time, Dragon Ball became really popular. Although there are only three short words at present, this is an undisputed fact.

So even if it was Wang Hao, who was originally holding Zhizhu, he was a little worried at this time. He originally thought that Dragon Ball was not so hot, but if this continues, there is a high chance of overturning.

This immediately made Wang Hao a little worried. Indeed, as Iida Ayano said, Dragon Ball was already on the cusp of the storm, and now it has become a crucial opportunity to grasp every critical time.

It is only the first week of the Dragon Ball serialization, and it has already received such praise. Wang Hao has also thought about it carefully.

In the previous life, Dragon Ball did receive a lot of attention at first, but it was far from reaching this level, and it was only expected at the beginning, and then gradually began to go downhill, until a turning point was reached. God position.

Then I discovered a sad fact that should have been known for a long time, that is, this world is not like the previous life, and almost all of the friends here have been miserable!

That's right, various works full of routines emerge in an endless stream. There is still no touching element in them. There are also many violent comics and various scumbags. Few truly outstanding works are born.

The reason why Dragon Ball is able to succeed beyond his expectations now is undoubtedly that the plot of the two-dimensional cultural routine of this world is too serious, which has caused many friends to be miserable.

So the appearance of such a brand-new work in front of everyone will naturally make the majority of comic friends interested.

At the same time, this also made Wang Hao a little relieved, and he was sure of the pace of Dragon Ball's next update, and kept the pace of two more updates every week, which would also make the storm come faster and more violent.

Let this stagnant comic world rekindle enthusiasm, this is the real purpose of Wang Hao's creation of Dragon Ball!

Otherwise, he wouldn't have to bother to read these detailed comments, nor would he choose Dragon Ball, a legendary work for his creation.

Chapter 185: A Group of Problem Children...

Directly choose to create works such as Naruto and One Piece that have been popular from the beginning, but will only become more popular in the later period, so that he doesn't have to worry about it at all. He only needs to create quietly and serialize them regularly.

But is it useful?

Wang Hao pondered this question carefully, so he chose Dragon Ball.

Close the webpage in the upper right corner. In addition to Dragon Ball's favorable posts, there are a lot of posts about quoting wars in the ACG forum.

He doesn’t need to think to watch those, because cartoonists have never relied on public opinion to generate popularity, but on their own strength to create topics, even if there are a lot of people who have sent out a bunch of quotations, comics should be popular. Always fire.

But Dragon Ball needs a bit of twists and turns, so he didn't come forward to stop public opinion, because public opinion never disappears, so he wants to use public opinion to increase the momentum of Dragon Ball, but the next storm may be even greater.

"Ha ha……"

Wang Hao laughed at himself and shook his head slightly. Now I think this is a bit redundant. I just need to take it step by step, and it will happen naturally.

He stopped thinking about these issues, and opened the software on the computer to continue to further improve the "Eastern Seal of Demons". It will take some time for him to make this work alone before the summer show.

In addition, the corresponding game technology is needed to test the difficulty of modulation, but this seems to be no problem for Wang Hao. His own game level is quite good, and the game difficulty can be adjusted accordingly when setting the game difficulty.


It took more than an hour before Wang Hao stopped his programming hands. After saving all the content, he left the computer, because the time was almost before the end of the club activities.

He found the Dragon Ball manuscript that had some unfinished details yesterday, took out a file bag and packed it, and went to the club room again. At this time, everyone was almost ready to leave.

"Did the producer come to visit us? But it's really regrettable that we didn't bring the condolences."

Yu Shengyuan apricot languidly stood up from the chair and stretched out, showing her plump curves unreservedly. He looked at Wang Hao with a slight humor, but he ignored it.

Instead, he glanced at the pile of snacks he had just placed on the table. The display was neat and tidy, but now it has become clean. Wang Hao said with a smile when he saw it, "If you come back If you do, I guess I will be bankrupted by you."

"Hey, who would believe such an obvious lie? I want to pack a little bit more and go back as a game snack..." Akane Segawa curled her lips and looked at Wang Hao with suspicion. She still missed the cake just now. It's absolutely great to use it as a snack while playing games.

"I really envy you that you still have so much time to play games."

Wang Hao sighed lightly, with a hint of sourness in his tone, Akane Segawa blushed when he heard the words, "Hey! Don't you make me look idle like this? I'm also busy studying! Are you busy?!"

"Yes, I know you are too addicted to learning."

Looking at this Tsundere with a strong sense of vision, Wang Hao could only choose to spread his hands helplessly, saying that he always felt that Hideli Sawamura and Akane Segawa collided with each other in attributes?

But this kind of tiredness is easy to deal with, at least not much lethality, but the black belly of Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu and the true white natural blackness made Wang Hao a headache.

Wang Hao is really really worried. After Kasumigaoka Shiba gets acquainted with the members of the club, Akane Segawa and the others will be utterly impaired. Although the atmosphere of the club will become active, he is the only one who has the headache. No matter, because my current society is almost a group of problem children...

Eh -, isn't this really the jujube pill series in the industry?

He deeply doubted this, shook his head slightly, and then walked slowly in the direction of Sawamura Hidelily, the other party was still creating.

At first sight is a manuscript that is being created. It is painted on a handsome guy who looks indifferent. Hideli Sawamura frowned and sighed slightly. In the end, he chose to discard the manuscript and throw it into a ball. In the trash can next to it.

When she raised her head, she was a little stunned when she saw Wang Hao who appeared next to her, and said, "What's the matter?"

"Does Mr. Hideri Kashiwagi forget his job as a manga assistant?"

Wang Hao gently shook the file bag in her hand, and Sawamura Hidelily suddenly remembered, and she blushed with honey, and said with a stubborn face: "Of course I didn't forget it! Leave this to me!"

"This is the best. The Dragon Ball manuscript still has some details left. Remember to be familiar with it carefully when dealing with it. Experience should be accumulated slowly."

He passed the document bag in his hand. Although he knew that this should be no problem for Hidelili Sawamura, Wang Hao kindly reminded the other party.

Any manga assistant needs to learn from the beginning, and then continue to accumulate experience and grow. Although Hideli Sawamura has never hired a manga assistant, she knows this.

And most comic assistants basically start from scratch, or even learn from the most basic line drawing, and then slowly participate in other tasks.

Therefore, Wang Hao directly handed over the final work of the manuscript to her, which also made Sawamura Hidelily a little grateful. After all, the other party directly let her participate in the creation of Dragon Ball. At the same time, he can also look at the manuscript on the way to deepen his own understanding. Understanding of comics.

In terms of the basic work of painting, Wang Hao seems to have completely believed in her. Hideli Sawamura thought that she might work as a manga assistant under other manga artists at this time. I am afraid that it is just some basic things, and how many things are needed. Months are spent on learning, and only then can I start to learn comics.

However, Wang Hao’s actions at this time have completely trusted her. If he changes to another cartoonist, he will never let himself, who has just become a comic assistant, come into contact with manuscript creation. He will only let himself do some chores and learn basic painting. Know how.

Because newcomers are directly invited to participate in the creation, it is very likely to destroy the hard-worked manuscript, so there will be a requirement to learn from scratch. Only the manga assistant recognized by the manga artist can be allowed to start some simple follow-up work of the manuscript. Finally rise slowly.

It can be said that the entire process of comic creation is very rigorous. If there is a slight accident, it may completely destroy all the fruits of labor, causing the members of the entire team to start working overtime again and continue to create comics before the dead line.

Chapter 186 Quiet Changes

"I'll be more careful about the details. You will wait to receive the manuscript at the club activities tomorrow afternoon."

Sawamura Hidelily cherished the manuscript away. Wang Haodu gave the manuscript to her who had just become a manga assistant. Although Hidelili Sawamura said it lightly, she was already upset. Sub-spirit.

"Well, then I will trouble you."

Wang Hao nodded. He naturally knows the rules of the manga assistant, but he thinks that this is completely unnecessary for Hidelili Sawamura, because the other party's skills are indeed very good. Continue to learn some basic newcomer teaching. It's a waste of time.

After all, Sawamura Hideri, also known as Hideri Kashiwagi, can become a well-known painter in the fan world. Her painting skills can no longer be underestimated, but she has not found her own style of painting. Let the other party slowly participate in the creation of Dragon Ball. Make it accumulate experience.

"Since it's all okay, let's go first, Ahao, pay attention to your body too, but don't fall down."

After An Yilun and his party packed their own things, they looked back at Wang Hao and said.

He is now full of enthusiasm for this project. For this reason, he even quit a few part-time jobs, just to spend more time in game production.