Moreover, some news about the god master teacher that broke out recently made Machida Yuanzi feel sorry. She originally wanted to pass this cooperation, and then find an opportunity to dig him over.

After all, as the saying goes, as long as the hoe is swayed well, there is no corner to dig, and the god master teacher has not signed a contract with any company yet, so there is still the possibility of getting it over.

In fact, it is not just Machida Yuanzi who thinks this way, Kagurazaka Ayame also has the same idea, and wants to take advantage of the publication of "Five Centimeters Per Second" to find an opportunity to talk with Wang Hao about the other party's intention to sign a contract with Dengeki Bunko .

Because a super-popular writer like Wang Hao, and he has not signed a contract with any company, is undoubtedly a sweet pastry for the major libraries to snatch. Unfortunately, he himself has no awareness of this, or he has never considered this. a little?

Because he wanted to create a two-dimensional empire with his own hands, he never wanted to go to work with other people.

It's a pity that no one other than Wang Hao knows his true thoughts, because at his current age, saying such frivolous things will make him feel frivolous.

If you insist, you are too arrogant!

Chapter One Hundred and Eighty Nine

Machida Yuanzi could say that she didn't know Wang Hao's true thoughts at all, so when she calmed down and thought about it carefully, her eyes touched the last message Wang Hao left her message, and the corner of her mouth suddenly tickled.

Although he did not sign the contract with the other party for his new work this time, it was a joy to Machida Yuanzi Sora, but Wang Hao's final tone did not refuse to cooperate with Fushikawa Bunko.

It seemed that the other party had something to talk to the president of Fushikawa Bunko. Naturally, Machida Yuanzi would not give up this opportunity. He made up his mind to try to get the other party to talk first, and then talk about the next thing slowly.

But before that, Machida Yuanzi knew that he had to answer the request of the respondent first, and persuade the president of Fushikawa Bunko to agree to meet with the other party and discuss some things in detail.

But this shouldn't be a big problem, because his own president is also very interested in this young god master teacher, and the current situation of Undying Chuan Bunko really needs fresh blood.

Thinking of this, Machida Yuanzi got up from her chair, walked out of her office slowly, and sighed slightly as she watched the listless editors around her, speeding up and walking towards the president's office.

——, came to the door of the president's office, Machida Yuanzi reached out and knocked on the door, then stood quietly outside the door and waited.

"Please come in."

A majestic voice came from the office, Watanabe Taku who was working on the documents frowned slightly, raised his head and shouted lightly, setting the documents aside.

Recently, there have been more and more unsatisfactory things, Watanabe Taku's mood at this time is inevitably a little irritable, but he still calmed down, slightly raised his head and looked at the door, his expression returned to his usual serious appearance in the workplace.

After getting the answer, Machida Yuanko opened the door and walked in. When he saw Watanabe Taku's head nodded slightly, he said respectfully when he approached the side: "President Watanabe, the Lord God teacher has given confirmation this time. In reply, he rejected the serialization of new works in Fuseichuan Library."

"is it……"

Hearing this, Watanabe Taku's brow furrowed even more tightly. Watanabe Taku knew about the fact that Machida Yuanko wooed the god master teacher over, or that it also had his instructions.

Because no one knew the current situation better than him in the entire Undeagawa Bunko, Watanabe Taku would have the intention to win over the god, but what he didn't expect was that the other party refused so quickly.

Watanabe Taku couldn't help but a little disappointment, because the current society...

So far, he didn’t think about it anymore. He just sighed in his heart. Even if he hadn’t said clearly about some things, everyone in Undying Chuan Bunku was tacitly aware of it. Maybe the outside world might not know it, but he could not hide it personnel.

"Well, the god master teacher did reject the serialization of the new work, but the other party seems to be interested in talking to you, the president, which seems to be about other cooperation matters."

Machida Yuanzi thought for a while, and simply told Wang Hao directly to Watanabe Taku. I believe his president should be interested in this matter.

"Then the god master teacher wants to talk about what?"

After spending many years in the workplace, Watanabe Taku did not show a hint of happiness, but suddenly grasped the center of the problem.

However, after hearing the news of Machida Yuanzi, Watanabe's frowning brows rarely eased slowly. Although there is no unusual color on the surface, he does feel the cooperation proposed by the young master teacher. Interest.

"Um... the god master teacher didn't say this clearly, just let me bring you a message to the president and give him an answer.

Speaking of this, Machida Yuanzi's face is a little weird, and at the same time a bit depressed, because the god only told her that there is something to meet and talk with Watanabe Taku, the president of Fushikawa Bunko, but the details are not disclosed.

Therefore, Machida Yuanzi couldn't figure out his attitude, so he had to tell the truth to Watanabe Taku.

However, she believes that President Watanabe Taku should agree to Wang Hao's request. Although she does not know what the other party wants to cooperate with, since it is a cooperation, it must be beneficial to both parties.

Although Machida Yuanko hopes Watanabe Taku will agree, but in fact it is not herself who made the decision, so she can only stand by and watch to see what choice Watanabe Taku will make?

However, Watanabe Taku didn't say anything this time, he just groaned slightly, tapping the table with his fingers rhythmically, and there was silence in the office of Nuo University again, with a serious breath suppressed in the air.

He was thinking about the purpose and purpose of the other party's desire to meet, and various possibilities.

But no matter how much Watanabe Taku thought, there was only one possibility that he thought of, or that the only place where the Fushikawa Bunko and God Lord could be contacted was about literary works.

So Watanabe Taku is 95% certain that this young god master teacher wants to discuss with him nothing else.

However, this kind of matter should be left to Machida Yuanzi to discuss, because it is usually handled by an editor, but it seems that this god master teacher, who is called a genius by the industry, seems a bit arrogant.

But it is this that makes people more confident. You only need to do it to the right side on the surface, and then there will be no surprises about the next cooperation. After all, it is young people.

"Then make a decision like this, Machida, tell the god master teacher, tomorrow I will be at the headquarters of Fushikawa Bunko, and I will welcome him at any time!"

While Machida Yuanko was standing by and waiting, Watanabe Taku slowly said with a burst of laughter, and his serious face finally softened.

Being able to win over an author who is currently overwhelmingly popular, for the current Undying Chuan Library, can greatly improve morale and start to inject fresh blood slowly, which may make the whole situation turn for the better.

"Okay, President Watanabe, then I won't stay here to disturb the President's work." Machida Moroko looked up at Watanabe Takuya in a bit of amazement. It is rare to see the editors of Fushikawa Bunko. To this kind of Watanabe Taku, especially recently, he has been stern, and everyone is afraid of touching him.

But now this image reverses too quickly, right?Machida Yuanzi murmured secretly, then returned to his plain expression again, and quickly stepped out of the president's office.

Watanabe Taku's laughter stopped abruptly, and he became a little embarrassed. Then he noticed that there were other members beside him. When he just wanted to remind him, Machida had already walked out of the office and shut the door properly.

This made Watanabe Taku depressed again, and immediately thought that the other party’s character would not be nonsense, so he didn’t care about it at the moment, so he picked up the files on the side and started working again...

Chapter 190 The Black-bellied Classmate Adjacent

In the first grade Class A classroom of Shengzaki College, Wang Hao had already finished two classes at this time. He still remembers that when he came to the classroom in the morning, he started talking in low voices around him. The difference is that there are many sights this time. He looked over.

However, Wang Hao has gradually adapted to this situation, but what makes him a little sad is that he seems to be the kind of independent weird in the eyes of other people...

Although it was misunderstood by everyone at the school, Wang Hao felt that this seemed good, at least it would not cause trouble to others, nor would it cause trouble to himself.

Of course, if he doesn't have a strange classmate next to him, Wang Hao will feel that his youth is worth singing.

"Mr. Pervert, I suspect that there is a problem with the plan you gave me, but I don't plan to pursue it anymore. Just tell me how to solve these problems. I have marked the problems.

Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu, who was sitting next to Wang Hao, was obviously on the way to class, but she rarely slept on the table. She held two faint dark circles and handed over a pen and a writing notebook. .

"Is this the tone you use when you ask for help? If you can, I would like you to be more frank. Why don't you try a respectful tone?"

Wang Hao didn't worry about the result of the book sent by the other party. Instead, he looked at Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu with a smile. Such an opportunity was rare, so he decided to take this opportunity to fight against the army.

"Change your tone?" Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu smiled and asked flatly. Although Wang Hao felt something was wrong, he nodded hesitantly.

It is not an easy task to see myself, a female high school student with a black tongue and a black belly, in the same table clothes.

Hearing that, Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu didn't have any irritation on her face. Instead, she said her smile was brighter, raised her voice slightly, and said, "Please, master, can you tell them? Please give your..."

"Okay! This is enough, I will tell you, so stop!"