There is no doubt about this. Even ZUN in the previous life hopes that the world can forget the first five works of the Oriental series, because this is a dark history.

For example, take Wang Hao’s "Eastern Seal of Demons", which contains Hakli Reimu, for example, the Hakuli Reimu in this work and the next series of Hakuli Reimu are completely different. For the time being Can be divided into old work and new work.

The old work is also the first five works in the Oriental series. The Reimu in the Oriental Seal of Demons has an oval face, a purple single ponytail, and a super large bow at the back. It has a new bun face with black hair and red. The bow-tie version is completely two-piece.

So he plans to make drastic changes on his own. For example, he has to make changes in all aspects of human settings and scripts.

After re-making the old work, it becomes the first work in the Eastern series in the true sense of the world. There is no black history and it is of great significance.

To put it simply, Wang Hao intends to create a remake of the Oriental Seal of Demons, because the 1997 version will be eliminated in this era.

The characters are created in accordance with the new work, the script will also be revised, and some characters will be deleted, such as the tortoise Xuan Ye that appears in the Oriental Seal of Demons.

This character is the mount of Hakuli Reimu, but there is no need for it to exist, because the character of Turtle Xuan Ye never appeared in the next new work.

And in the current series, Tortoise Xuan Ye is only acting as a flying tool, so Wang Hao decided to delete this character first, and change the setting of Reimu Hakuli to be able to be in the sky because he learned a certain spell flight.

Because in the setting of the old work, Hakurei Reimu can't fly, so I can only take the yin and yang jade with the tortoise Xuanye to investigate the cause of the monsters and rush to Hakurei Shrine to destroy the monsters.

If you have to say why, it is that the time left for him is simply not enough. Although the Oriental Seal of Demons is easy to produce, it is not easy to make it before the summer show if you rely on Wang Hao alone. thing.

"The script needs to be changed. The Tortoise Xuan Ye can also be deleted, and the characters can also be created according to the new work, but the main characters can't be moved, and the style and plot should not be bad..."

Wang Hao frowned and murmured to himself that he needed to change the script, which is fine, and there is no big problem with the character image.

However, the plot will be set a little more plump next, and the production of the screen and handwritten MAD must also be improved. These changes are essential.

It is equivalent to continuing to make some optimization adjustments in the case of a remake of the previous life.

"Working overtime to create, it should be fine, right?"

Wang Hao himself estimated the time. With his current strong physical fitness and bug-like skills, he could do it alone before the summer show.

Of course, the production of game screens must not be rough, because nowadays, appearance is one of the indispensable and important parts of the game world!

At least nine of the ten excellent works in the game industry are exquisite in style, and the style of the remaining one is not much different, but compared to other excellent works, it is slightly inferior. That's it.

"Secondly, the characters. You can let Wuyu Marisa act as the boss of the game. The only characters that players can choose are Reimu Hakuli. The Oriental Seal of Demons will let these two important characters appear first."

The Oriental Enchantment Record that he is currently creating is completely in two versions with the old one, taking into account the lack of time and the need for more work in other areas.

Wang Hao can only regard Wuyu Marisa as a boos, and the character can only choose Reimu Hakuli, so that it can be made perfectly, and it can be refined.

Although it might be better for more characters to appear on the stage, every time an extra character appears, he has to do more.

For example, the character’s skills also have damage testing, character image, script, plot integration, programming, etc...

All of these require a lot of time investment, and during this period it is impossible for him to only make games, and the progress of comics and light novels cannot be left behind, as well as some miscellaneous trivial matters.

Thinking of this, Wang Hao couldn't help laughing again. It seemed that he would have to work overtime again. He was really an industrious little bee.

However, in spite of this, time must be controlled. Even if the work cannot be continued every day, the rules of life must be firmly controlled.

Wang Hao decided that he must rest on time until 12 o'clock every night in the future, and he should not be rushed about everything, and the school also allowed him to ask for leave, step by step, so that there would be no problem.

"Is it better to expand the club?"

At present, the members of the "Modern Dimensional Research Society" are busy making "CLANNAD", and there is a possibility that it cannot be made before the winter manga exhibition, so Wang Hao can only perform the "Eastern Seal of Demons" by himself creation.

He is now considering whether to continue to expand the current society, recruit additional members, or look for temporary members, so that he doesn't have to be so busy.

Moreover, in Wang Hao's eyes, the expansion of the community is only a matter of time, but his attitude towards this is that he would rather not abuse, or directly regard the current community as the core, and continue to develop externally, but the core must definitely be strictly screened.

After thinking about it, Wang Hao started to make the Oriental Seal of Demons again. The reason why he was confident that he could do it in such a short period of time was because he himself was almost familiar with the structure of the entire game, and only needed some optimization adjustments.

As for the dubbing required by the characters in the handwritten MAD, this is not even a problem. He can find Muse or Qikai Aoyama for dubbing at that time.

There is no problem with the above. At this stage, only Wang Hao needs to slowly create these by himself, sitting silently by the computer and forcing programming...


Chapter 196: The Club Activity Room Changed Again...

Time passed slowly, and seeing that today's workload was completed, Wang Hao stopped the production of the Dongfang Demon Record.

Now there is still a while before the club activities are over, he thought about it, and finally walked slowly to the next door.

"How is it? Is there anything I can help?"

As soon as he walked in, everyone in the club activity room was still busy. Wang Hao couldn't help but smile and said that the atmosphere in front of him was much better than when he first met at the club activity.

"Not yet, but I think it should be soon."

Yushengyuan Xing turned her head and faintly replied, and then looked at Wang Hao with some doubts, "Why are you here at this time? It's really strange..."

"Well, I am also a member of the club, and I am also the producer and director of this game. Shouldn't I be here? Please don't ignore my existence so simply!"

Wang Hao rolled his eyes, and then faintly complained. How do you say he can be regarded as the director and producer of this game, what is the treatment now?It's completely treated as a passerby character!

Although he knew that the other party was only teasing him, Wang Hao felt that he was going to work in another place?

The area of ​​this club activity room is quite large, and it has also been renovated by Yushengin Apricot, with many more related facilities.

A large dark red rectangular wooden table is placed in the middle of the club room. Thanks to this, members of the club can work together at the same time.

The chair Yi is the leather chairs from the last time, neatly placed on both sides, and next to it are a dozen computers that are well-equipped.

There is even a projector that I didn’t see last time is placed on the ceiling. The empty wall on the right is completely covered with a huge projection screen. At the same time, there are more speakers and microphones, which are placed in the corner. , There is an extra refrigerator in the other corner.

"I want to ask, what do you want to do with so many more devices? If this continues, my wallet may not be able to bear it..."

Wang Hao sighed heavily, looked at Yushengyuan Xing and said helplessly.

Since the other party renovated the club room last time, the extra equipment Wang Hao has also given the other party money. Although Yu Shengyuan pushed back for a while, he still gave in helplessly under his insistence.

He estimated that Yushengyuan Xing should be taking advantage of the time he was going to school today, and he called for decoration, because the club activity room had not changed much last night.

"Ahem...I think these are all necessary things, and microphones and speakers can also be used when making music, and the projector has many functions."

Yushengin Xing coughed lightly, and Yoshihide spoke.

"Indeed, you are all right."

Wang Hao nodded in agreement, Yu Shengyuan's eyes lit up when she heard the words, "Then I suggest that the wall next to it should also be opened, okay? Anyway, it is a vacant room, so it is better to use it to expand the club room. ."

"Um... can I ask a question before then?"

Wang Hao didn't rush to answer the other party's question. Instead, he walked back and forth two steps with a smile, glanced quickly and roughly for a while, the corner of his mouth smiled deeper.