Seeing that Wang Hao was a little angry, Yamada Fairy stopped selling Guanzi, and continued to say frankly: "Don't worry, if you are not ready, I will still be very kind and will postpone the release time for you to create. , And release new works together when you finish."

"Then I will tell you, my new work is expected to be released soon, and now I have inspiration!"

"Are you serious?"

"Could it be that you think I'm playing you? Don't tell me, you haven't started writing yet!"

"Well...Is it..."

Seeing the embarrassed look of Yamada Fairy, Wang Hao suddenly became speechless, sighed lightly, looked at the other party and continued: "There will be at most one month left, my new work will officially start serialization, and the name has now been decided. , It is called "Liankong".

In other words, you have at most one month to prepare your new work, don’t forget who is the first to challenge..."

"No road race! I understand this kind of thing too, but instead of sitting next to the computer and trying to force the code, it is better to do it all at once when you feel relaxed. This kind of work is the most interesting!"

The fairy Yamada blushed with some honey that Wang Hao said, stomped fiercely, the skirt fluttered slightly, his eyes stared back in shame, and he told his own explanation with a righteous face.

Is this the reason why you are lazy to play games and not code words these days?

Wang Hao murmured secretly, spread his hands and said curiously, "I am curious about the way you work..."

"Do you really want to know?"

The fairy Yamada suddenly said with a serious face, making Wang Hao a little uncomfortable at that time, frowned for a while, and replied in an uncertain tone, "'s true..."

Although he is very interested in the working status of the Yamada Fairy, he doesn't want to see it that much. Besides, Wang Hao feels that his creative speed should not be comparable to that of others, because that is already a level of openness, although It consumes a lot of my body.

However, it is rare to see the frank appearance of the Yamada Fairy, Wang Hao also agreed to follow the words, anyway, he was a little interested in it.

"Hmph, I didn't expect you to want to see it this way. I really can't help you. In a few days, I will allow you to visit my'Crystal Palace' again and see the working status of the'Savior of Light Novel'!"

The Fairy Yamada snorted twice, and his face clearly showed a look of "You hurry up and give me an honor", but what he said in his mouth was full of black lines, and he couldn't be happy.

"At that time, you can just give a notification, but you shouldn't say anything strange to Zhenbai?"

Wang Hao first nodded far-fetched, and finally looked at the Yamada Fairy with some doubts. Although the other party might really be looking for him, but after seeing Zhen Bai, he would definitely exchange his primary and secondary goals.

It's like a lonely wolf who happened to meet a little sheep while searching for food at night, saying that it was fake without thinking.

The fairy Yamada naturally knows the meaning of Wang Hao’s words, and pursed his mouth in dissatisfaction, “Don’t worry! Although Mr. Zhenbai appeared here, I’m surprised, but I haven’t said it yet. After all, the game is not over yet. After my work beats you, hehehe..."

Speaking of the end, a faint green light appeared in his eyes and he glanced at Shiina who was next to him, and a smirk appeared at the corner of his mouth.

"I'm relieved to hear you say that, but it's really okay to be so full? In my opinion, you have set a huge flag..."

Although Wang Hao secretly breathed a sigh of relief after hearing the words of the fairy Yamada, the flag set by the opponent made him want to complain.

After uttering what he wanted to vomit, it was a little smoother. Wang Hao looked at Yushengyuan Apricot, "Are you sure that FPS type game?"

"I tried a few today, and it feels so-so. I haven't decided yet."

Yushoin's apricot was playing the game with full concentration. After hearing Wang Hao's words, he directly replied without turning his head. The computer screen displayed an FPS-type online game.

Everyone who played this game together just now has basically sacrificed honorably, and now she is left alone fighting hard.

As soon as the voice fell, the screen was black, and the blood red game over was directly reflected in the center of the screen...

Chapter 211 I am responsible for selling cute and shouting 666!

"Krypton gold can't become stronger either. This game gives me a very poor experience."

Yushoin Apricot turned her head and said lightly, everyone chose to ignore this sentence, and Akane Segawa rolled her eyes directly and hummed, "It is a game that is useless with krypton gold to experience the player’s skills. I think the game experience is great!"

Speaking of this, Akane Segawa straightened her waist even more with a proud look. Seeing this, Yu Shengin nodded with a smile, and said, "Well, this FPS type game is indeed the case. The player’s skills, but I remember you seemed to die before me?"

"That's just an accident! It's not that Yazi exposed my position ahead of time, and finally caused me to hide in the grass and lie down and get shot, otherwise at least I will get the top three!"

After hearing Goshoin's words, Akane Segawa blushed with excitement and hurriedly expressed her protest.

She felt that she was really wronged. When the limelight was in full swing, she was preparing to take a triple kill, but she did not expect that she would be shot when lying in the grass...

"Huh? Blame me?!"

Yuzhi Yazi let out a sigh, the surprised expression on his face did not hide at all, as if he was still a little conscious of it, crossed her small hands, and said in a tangled voice: "I just want to turn over and transfer the position. There are three people..."

"If you lose, you lose. You don't need to find any reason."

Yushoin's apricot curled his lips in disdain. Just as Akane Segawa wanted to continue to say something, Wang Hao sighed and stood up again, "It is normal for games to be unexpected, so you should also decide quickly. I have something to do in the afternoon, maybe it won’t work, but Saturday and Sunday are fine."

"Hey~, then you can do it first! After all, business matters."

Akane Segawa immediately looked at Wang Hao with a smile on her face, and said in a kind tone, which immediately made him a little confused, but she nodded to indicate understanding.

Seeing this, Akane Segawa's face smiled deeper, and the arc outlined by the corner of her mouth couldn't help but tremble. Although there was an accident today, she found that her technique can definitely sling other people present.

Although he hasn't seen Wang Hao's operation yet, Akane Segawa is sure that the other party's skills are not as good as her own, and she can still practice in these few days.

Thinking of this, Akane Segawa couldn't help turning her head a little, afraid that her careful thoughts would be discovered by everyone.

But she wanted to experience the feeling of harvesting gangsters a long time ago, especially Wang Hao, in the legendary era, she was harvested as a gangster.

"You are going to form a group to open the dark this week, can you take me with you? I play Sniper Rogue 6, and I can also help you secretly."

Yamada Fairy's eyes lit up, and he couldn't help trembling all at once, his expression was as if he saw a bright flame in the dark.

"Didn't you tell me that you want to work?"

"That kind of thing can be done at any time. In short, remember to take me with you. Anyway, there are still a few computers left here. It is a waste not to use it, and I will sell cute and be responsible for calling 666!"


The corner of Wang Hao's mouth twitched, and he found that the other party didn't know where to make complaints, or was unable to make complaints.

However, the fairy Yamada didn't seem to be conscious of it, and looked over looking expectantly, and finally blushed with some honey and blinked a little shyly.

"I don't know if your fans will turn from fan to black in an instant when they see this useless look of you..."

The attitude of Yamada Fairy’s game is greater than work. Wang Hao couldn’t help being speechless for a while. His predecessor was also a fan of the other party. At first, he thought that Yamada Fairy was delayed because of other busy things.

Hehe..., he suddenly feels that he is also a little bit urge to turn black, but Wang Hao feels that he still needs to urge him, think about it, and said: "If you can ensure that you work hard and don't drag the draft, then you will open black in the future. It’s not impossible to bring you."

Hearing this, the fairy Yamada sighed softly, patted his chest slightly, and promised: "What... there is no problem at all! I will come here often when you are doing club activities in the afternoon, and you can also let everyone supervise it. "

"I think you came here to open the dark, right?"

"I don't understand what you are talking about..."

The Yamada fairy turned away naturally. Wang Hao didn't say anything when he saw it. In short, the other party was getting along with the other members of the society very well.