He now has a feeling of creating this society, is he wrong?

Although the members in it have potential, but there are too many factors of instability, the poisonous tongue Kasumigaoka Shiba, the black belly of the Goshoin apricot, the natural black and the natural coexistence of Shiina true white, and the harmless serious dead house. An Yilun, Sawamura Hideli, who is like a blond and defeated dog, Yuzuki Ako, who may be blackened at any time, and a lot of problem children...

And now there is another Yamada fairy who plays soy sauce. He now has the illusion that the other party might join the'Modern Dimensional Research Society' someday.

Perhaps where to hold the most distinctive club competition, if your team does not win the championship, there will definitely be shady operations, Wang Hao thought.

Everyone has no opinion on this, anyway, they don't need to worry about this problem, and if one more person opens the hack, there is nothing wrong with it, but it adds to the fun of the game.

Hey, Wang Hao sighed in his heart, if only the members of the society worked hard like Qingshan Qihai.

However, he can only think about it in his heart. If he wants other members to change, he can only slowly change the current environment.

It's no use thinking about this now. Wang Hao looked sideways at the sky outside the window, "It's not too early now. It's almost time to end the club room. I don't have to say anything like paying attention to safety, right?"

"Are you still a kid?"

"That said, then I'll go back to the room first."

Yu Shengyuan Xing asked casually, Wang Hao shook his head faintly, and for the time being, let’s go back to the room to finish today’s work. Maybe it’s because I really worry about it too much, but if I let this situation go, I’m sure. It is to eat jujube pills.

After leaving the club room, Wang Hao returned to the computer chair in his room and opened station b at one point. The layout of the entire website was completely renewed. Instead of the large and large blank templates like before, all areas were organized in an orderly manner. , It gives people a very simple and comfortable impression at first glance.

This inadvertently made Wang Hao's mouth a bitter smile. It seems that Yushoin and others did not patronize the game today. Everyone in the "Modern Dimensional Research Institute" is working hard together!

Chapter 212: The Fate Day in April [Please ask for a monthly pass, I wish you all a happy National Day!

Wang Hao carefully browsed the next station b. The overall senses are very comfortable. The previous page looked pale on station b. Compared with the present, the taste is indeed much higher.

Of course, he would definitely not agree with Xiazhiqiu Shiyu's previous statement. At that time, it was mainly because he was too busy, so he forgot to build station b. It was definitely not the reason for his own taste!

Well, at that time, the browsing experience provided by station b was really poor, and this point cannot be refuted...

After browsing the entire station b, Wang Hao’s face was very satisfied. The current station b is divided into very personal characteristics. Although it is still very simple for the time being, it can be recognized by people who enter the b station at a glance. This is a two-dimensional personal website, each area is divided into very distinctive and interesting.

It’s not easy to do this at this stage. If you want to get a piece of the cake in the current fiercely competitive and rapidly developing network, then you can’t make drastic reforms, because if you rush to make such a move, you will What's left in front of you will only become a little cake crumbs.

So at this time, Wang Hao chose to develop station b into a personal website. As a personal webmaster, he took a pragmatic attitude and kept advancing. Combining the advantages of his previous life, he positioned station b in the two-dimensional field.

In addition, we must carry out "intensive cultivation" in the field of the two-dimensional, unremittingly optimize, and gradually come into contact with ACGN and other fields.

There are many such websites now, but Wang Hao’s confidence comes from the bullet screen. After station b slowly lays a solid foundation, the bullet screen will provide the most competitive core for station b by then!

In this world, the barrage website has not yet been born. After having a solid foundation, station b will become the world's first barrage website and Nirvana will be reborn!!

At this point, Wang Hao smiled knowingly, clicked on his author's backstage, and successfully uploaded another chapter of Demon Forbidden, and then retired from station b, and began to make the Eastern Demon Seal again.


It was just after ten o'clock in the evening that Wang Hao stopped, and at the same time he received a document from the law firm and an additional message in his mailbox.

He opened it and spent ten minutes looking through the contracts one by one. After confirming that they were correct, he asked the other party to print them out.

I also read another message sent over. The content is about to see you at the law firm at nine o'clock tomorrow morning. The lawyer's name is Yuko Miyagawa. He already knows the gender of the other party by looking at the name, and it is also no problem.

After Wang Hao had set up a general plan for tomorrow, he started to open the document and began to read the words, and then turned off the lights until twelve o'clock and fell asleep.


Here is a spacious and bright music hall, the internal structure is circular, in a state of natural ventilation, no interference from the air conditioner can be heard.

The concert hall of Nuo University was full of audiences, but no other noise was heard. The scene seemed quiet, and everyone's eyes were on the bright stage.

The same is true for the little boys and girls sitting in the forefront of the audience, staring at the dazzling stage, and the sound of sweet music drifting from there to the entire venue.

The girl who was playing on stage was a girl about twelve years old. She played Chopin's nocturne, and the melodious and delicate piano sound made people intoxicated.

Wang Hao was still standing beside him quietly like last time, but this time it was a little bit different, because he felt that he was floating, his feet were three feet off the ground strangely, as if he could continue to float higher.

But this weird state did not make him a bit surprised, and his face did not show the slightest strange color, even if the situation is very abnormal now, but he has seen monsters and ghosts, and he has traveled from another world. .

Therefore, when he encountered this situation, his expression did not panic, but he sighed a little. What is a dream like a dream?

Rather, it was precisely because of this situation that Wang Hao began to calmly analyze it, presuming that it should be a follow-up to the last dream.

It is not appropriate to describe it with dreams. Now he is more like browsing other people's memories, watching all this quietly as a bystander.

What is the meaning of these?

He didn't know, so all he had in his mind was this question, but he still couldn't figure it out.

But Wang Hao had a feeling in the dark. If you continue to pursue it like this, you will definitely get the answer you want, maybe in the next moment, because all of this itself is very strange.

Although the little girl didn't know him, that little boy was exactly what Wang Hao looked like when he was a child, or in other words, his predecessor was when he was a child!

There was a burst of applause, which pulled Wang Hao back from the state of thinking, and the girl on the stage also got up and bowed to the audience in salute to express gratitude, and then slowly walked off the stage.

After a while, a small figure slowly walked up and stepped onto the stage. When the spotlight converged on the person, everyone began to be surprised.

Vaguely, Wang Hao seemed to have heard several people whispering the word'youma'. There were adults, children, and students in middle and high school. Obviously they knew the boy on stage. Identity.

Their eyes are also different, with appreciation, admiration, and burning war.

The little boy on the stage is about four or five years old, with a pair of heavy black-rimmed glasses on his cute face. He still looks a little cowardly. After saluting the crowd with a little nervousness, he sits a little nervously. Up the small chair in front of the piano.

Probably because of nervousness, the little boy named Arima had a little accident when he was sitting on the chair and almost fell off the chair. This move made many people laugh, including That little girl, and the little boy who is suspected of being her predecessor, should probably be called Xiao Wang Hao more appropriately.

"That person is really interesting, Brother Hao, do you know his name?"

The little girl smiled softly, and whispered to the little boy next to her.

"Xiao Kaoru, don't you know him? The man on the stage is called Mr. Arima. He is about the same age as you. That guy is undoubtedly a genius in music, and his piano sound is very good."

Xiao Wang Hao said with a light smile, he seemed to be familiar with the person on the stage a long time ago, and this is also one of the opponents he is most looking forward to on the piano.

"Are there Ma Gongsheng?"

Kaoru Gongyuan murmured the name again, and a gleam of light flashed in the depths of his eyes, because the little boy who was standing on the stage named Gongsheng Arima, who was the same age as her, stood on the stage and naturally let the palace Yuan Kaoru was full of expectations for his next performance.

Chapter 213 All causes and effects are added!

The originally solemn and sacred concert venue has a somewhat brisk atmosphere as a result. Mr. Arima on the stage is a little embarrassed. After adjusting the bench, he sits on it, and the whole venue maintains a serious atmosphere. , Looked at him one by one.

Everyone's eyes focused on Mr. Arima, but the moment Mr. Arima's fingers touched the piano, there was no tension in his heart.

Today he wants to play a piece of music as a gift for his mother. He must play his own style.

With this thought in mind, Mr. Ma gradually calmed down. His immature fingers lightly touched the black and white keys, and the warm sound of the piano immediately filled the venue.