Very ordinary music, very warm tones, very beautiful melody, and the little boy on the stage is playing his own little happiness.

When the melodious sound of the piano floated to every corner, the faces of everyone in the venue were different, and Xiao Wang Hao closed his eyes, as if he was missing something, a faint smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

When many adults heard the sound of the piano, they seemed to be reminded of memories, and their faces were filled with happiness.

Wang Hao, who was floating beside him, couldn't help but feel a little moved when he heard the innocent piano sound. The little boy named Arima Gongsheng on the stage is undoubtedly a person with real talent!


And Kaoru Miyazono, who was sitting in the audience, suddenly let go of Arima when he saw this state.

The person on the stage was facing a piano that was not known how many times bigger than him. When he played a note, the world suddenly changed.

In the eyes of Miyayuan Kaoru, the little boy on the stage became the object of her longing.

You Ma Gongsheng is different from that of the girl before. His timbre seems to make the whole world look like a new one, like the colorful palette of 24 colors, the melody dances, and the notes float happily like tadpoles. In the entire venue.

Just like opening the door to a new world, the spring of April ushered in the first different colors.


A ray of light began to spread to the entire sky, and the breeze came in through the gap in the window, gently stroking Wang Hao's face, causing him to slowly open his eyes while he was sleeping, and got up and sat on the bed.

At dawn, the dream woke up.

Wang Hao lowered his head slightly, his eyes flickering, he didn't know what he was thinking, the expression on his face was incomprehensible.

After a while, it finally turned into a sigh and slowly dissipated.

Wang Hao was no longer willing to believe that this was a dream. He should have gradually remembered the memory of his predecessor. Combining the two memories, he gradually began to have some clues.

Maybe it will appear for the third time next time, or it may never appear again, but now deep in his mind, it seems that there is something dusty memory about to wake up.

If you can still dream of the previous memory fragments, then all the mysteries will be solved. Wang Hao speculates that he may know the answer within a few days, and may never remember it in the next moment.

However, he could feel an infinite cause and effect, which had been continuously connected with him, and the cause of the effects was the predecessor.

In the previous life, he would not believe it when he heard theories of cause and effect, but after he personally traveled to this world and experienced certain things, he felt that everything that was once distant seemed to gradually happen around him.

Wang Hao also felt that there should be a break. He believed that the reason why he was able to dream of some memory fragments in the past two days must have nothing to do with the will of his predecessor.

Especially in these days, another personality "God Mode" that once appeared in him has not been triggered once since that day.

Wang Hao has also thought about this issue. As he gradually accepted all of his predecessor, the ideas between the two gradually began to resonate.

For example, the idea of ​​creating a two-dimensional empire and revitalizing the royal family has begun to coincide, and it can be said that ambition has gradually grown.

The disappearance of the "God Mode" is the best proof!

Because when the'God Mode' appeared, Wang Hao felt like the world in these two dreams. He stood aside like an observer, watching all this quietly, unable to make anything. influences.

But as I gradually began to adapt, the "God Mode" also slowly disappeared, or it started to assimilate with myself.

Wang Hao believes that as time goes by, when the memory fragments he dreams of keep increasing, after he resonates with him, the same will not reappear.

In other words, at that time, I was truly crossing into this world, instead of being entangled in cause and effect like now, bringing a butterfly effect.

Now there is a sense of disobedience in the dark, and if you want to cut off the cause and effect to truly integrate into this world, then you must take the predecessor's cause and effect.

Even if there is no causal entanglement in this point, Wang Hao will solve the regrets of his predecessor. Maybe he is not like some saints who can directly report grievances.

But he has always insisted on the bottom line that he must be rewarded if he is kind, and his character is neither good nor bad. Although he thinks he is a good person, he often gives a tooth for a tooth and an eye for an eye.

Since he has passed through and accepted the other party's favor, Wang Hao will naturally not evade aside, but will accept all of this frankly, no matter the trouble, good or bad, let all these causes and effects be added!

At this point in his mind, Wang Hao suddenly felt lightened all over his body, and his thoughts were well understood, and the platform was clear.

They come, the security.

The concept of the predecessor coincides with him, and Wang Hao will naturally develop it slowly. What he needs to do now is the causal period before the present.

The memory of two consecutive times, and it is still a fragment that continues, Wang Hao naturally does not think this is a coincidence, it should be something that makes his predecessor unforgettable, so that this will emerge in his dream.

The clue was in these two dreams. He felt that the next memory fragment was the most important point. Now the only place to start is to find the names of Kaoru Miyazono and Gongsheng Arima.

In addition, Wang Hao didn't know the details.

But Wang Hao feels that he seems to be developing in other directions?

"Hey, the future is really difficult..."

Wang Hao gently shook his head and smiled bitterly, and let out a long sigh, it is not easy to change the status quo.

He temporarily abandoned all thoughts, got up from the bed, stretched slowly, picked up the clothes next to him and put on them.

It is good to plan ahead, but everything must be done step by step.

Chapter 214 The young people who come back again [Happy National Day holiday, by the way, call a monthly pass~]

At nine o'clock in the morning, after Wang Hao sent Zhenbai and Qingshan Seven Seas to study, he appeared on time at the law firm that he asked for yesterday. When Maybach opened to the door, there was already a man who looked twenty-three or four and was wearing an OL outfit. Women are waiting at the door.

Yuko Miyagawa habitually raised her wrist and watched the hour hand on the watch pointing impartially at nine o'clock. When she raised her head slightly, a black Maybach had stopped by her side.

The right door slowly opened, and a handsome man about sixteen years old walked out of the car slowly, with a faint smile on his face, and said in a magnetic voice: "Is it lawyer Miyagawa?"

"Well, I'm Yumiko Miyagawa, and Mr. Wang is really on time. The time is within a second."

Upon hearing this, Yumiko Miyagawa immediately understood the identity of the visitor and said hello with a smile.

"No, I have made Lawyer Miyagawa wait for a long time. It is not too early now. It should not be too late. Please ask Lawyer Miyagawa to get in the car first."

Wang Hao replied politely. After Yumiko Miyagawa got in the car, he returned to the driving position and drove in the direction of Fushikawa Bunko.


It’s about ten minutes’ drive from the headquarters of Fushikawa Bunko. The atmosphere in the car is a bit quiet. Yuiko Miyagawa broke the silence first and asked in confusion, “Mr. Wang looks really young, I guess he’s still on it. High school, right?"

"Well, Ms. Miyagawa's guess is really accurate. I am in high school, but I hope Ms. Miyagawa can keep my identity information confidential. By the way, can I take the liberty to ask Ms. Miyagawa's age?

Wang Hao smiled and replied, these are no secrets, so it's okay to tell the other party, but if it leaks out, it will cause him a little trouble.

But since the other party asked, he felt it necessary to ask the question back.

"I don't have a problem with identity confidentiality, but hasn't Mr. Wang ever heard that asking girls about age is such a rude thing?"

After Yuko Miyagawa answered Wang Hao's question, she smiled and narrowed her eyes again, as if she was telling a very normal thing.

This caused Wang Hao to roll his eyes helplessly, refreshing his understanding of Yumiko Miyagawa. Isn't this society stressing gender equality?