"That's it, this really made me insightful..."

Wang Hao smiled reluctantly and didn't ask more questions, but maybe it might really be like what the other party said. After all, girls seemed to care about their age, and he couldn't help thinking of an old woman who claimed to be 17 forever.

Just thinking about this, he just flicked and stopped in the vacant parking space next to him.

Undead Chuan Library, successfully arrived!

"Lawyer Miyagawa, I will trouble you later."

"It's okay, this was originally my job."

After the two got off the car, Wang Hao looked at Yumiko Miyagawa and said softly, with a faint smile on his face.

He looked at the building in front of him, his indifferent face made people unable to see the true thoughts hidden in his heart, and he moved forward slowly.

Yumiko Miyagawa said slowly, followed by Wang Hao with a serious look, and walked slowly into the lobby on the first floor.

Compared to being in the car just now, it's completely like a different person.


"Master of God, please come here with me."

As soon as Wang Hao walked through the door, Okamoto's eyes lit up, and he walked over from the side, bending slightly to say respectfully.

Yuko Miyagawa, who was standing next to Wang Hao, had a look of surprise on her face indifferently, and soon disappeared. She just glanced at Wang Hao deeply, and at the same time understood that the other party had just said that she kept her identity secret. s reason.

Several employees passing by nearby couldn't help but stop, and looked over with a hint of surprise, as if they remembered some rumors.

"Then bother Ms. Okamoto to lead the way today. If you don't mind, please continue walking up the stairs."

"To understanding."

Wang Hao nodded and said, today he still wants to walk instead of taking the elevator. He just wants to observe the overall situation of the editorial department on the second floor again. Hisami Okamoto responded with a professional smile, and the three stepped up step by step. The stairs quickly came to the second floor.

The same as the eyes of passing employees downstairs in the past few years, the members of the editorial department on the second floor of the Undead River Library cast their eyes on the moment they saw Wang Hao coming up.

The expressions on their faces are different, with expressions of nervousness, worry, anxiety, etc., and the gaze contained in them is also different.

Wang Hao was indifferent to these gazes, gave a cursory glance, turned and walked directly up the stairs leading to the third floor.

Compared with yesterday’s lifeless performance, the editorial department of the Unsaid Chuan Bunko Editors' Office is still a little sluggish, but the overall performance is much better.

This made Wang Hao's heart regained his judgment. Maybe they heard some rumors, or Watanabe Taku told them the relevant information.

In any case, today's observations have stabilized his judgment. If the editorial department here is still the same as yesterday's lifeless appearance, he might reconsider.

After thinking about it, Okamoto Sumie had taken him and Yumiko Miyagawa up to the third floor, and stopped at the door next to the conference room. Wang Hao then recovered and changed his look.

Looking at the other person's appearance, although Okamoto Sumie had a smile on her face, her heart began to become complicated.

Yesterday President Watanabe suddenly asked the company executives to call the company executives, and held a temporary meeting. Although she was not qualified to participate, most of the faces of one of the members who came out were very complicated.

And the time all this happened was the impact of the young man in front of him after he left the Undead Library.

In addition to the circulated news, and his own speculation, Okamoto Sumie can probably guess a little, the other party seems to be interested in buying Fushikawa Bunko!

This news has spread throughout the company since the meeting yesterday. Everyone knows that a young man will come today, someone who is very likely to become the new president!!

Although Sumie Okamoto has not worked here for many years, she has been working in Fushikawa Bunko since graduating from school, and she naturally has a deep relationship.

So Okamoto Sumie hopes that no matter who bought this publishing house, as long as it can continue to operate well.

Therefore, her current expression was a little bit hesitant, but in the end she still did not say what she wanted to say, just put on a professional smile, "This is the president's office, and President Watanabe is already waiting for the god teacher in it. Up."


Chapter 215 The New President Sir (Part 1)

"Thank you, I have troubled Miss Okamoto again."

Turning to his side, Wang Hao said softly, politely thanking him.

Sumie Okamoto bowed deeply, and after doing the etiquette for her position, she stepped back slowly, and she could not decide on some things.

The only thing she can do now is to do her own job well and pray secretly in her heart. If the young man in front of her successfully acquires this publishing house and can lead the undead river library through the predicament that appears, it is the most Ok.

"Boom boom boom——"

Wang Hao stood at the door and knocked on the door. After a while, there was an "please come in" immediately. He gently opened the door and walked into the president's office with Yumiko Miyagawa.

The door is made of dark red solid wood. After opening the door, Wang Hao walked in and glanced at it roughly. The area of ​​this office is fairly spacious, and it is obviously more luxurious than other employees' studios.

Leather sofas are placed on both sides, and the bookshelves are also filled with many famous books. Like the bosses of other companies, a pair of vigorous and powerful calligraphy pictures are hung on the conspicuous wall to match the simple and yet stylish decorations around. Product, the whole reveals an atmosphere.

Behind the desk in the middle is a huge floor-to-ceiling window. Although the president's office of Fushikawa Bunko is on the third floor, unlike other offices built on dozens of floors in Tokyo, it can overlook the whole through floor-to-ceiling windows. Tokyo.

Looking down at the French windows here, you can see a touch of green outside the window. In this season, cherry blossoms float on the cherry tree and dance with the wind, and you can look up at the broad blue sky when you lift your head slightly. Will feel a touch of peace at this time.

And Taku Watanabe, who was sitting in the middle boss chair, slowly got up and walked over to Wang Hao with a smile. The careful Wang Hao found a box next to him. Taku Watanabe seemed to have nothing to hide. , Chuckled and said: "I have packed all my things in this company since yesterday, and I will be able to leave at any time after you come to sign the contract, Mr. Wang."

There was a trace of depression in his tone. Although the Undead Chuan Bunku hadn't closed down yet, he had already left here first.

After working in this place and this office for so long, today I will suddenly hand over someone and leave with the silver-gray suitcase. Watanabe Taku will inevitably feel a little sad at this time.

Wang Hao saw this look of Watanabe Taku, and remembered the state when he first met yesterday. He couldn't help feeling a little bit. He paused and said slowly: "President Watanabe, don't worry, I believe Fushikawa Bunko is here. , The same situation will not happen!"

The tone was full of confidence, and he believed that he would never repeat the same mistakes.

"Haha! Worthy of being a god master teacher, I have such a bold spirit at a young age, it seems that I am really old..."

Watanabe Taku smiled boldly, shook his head slightly lonely, and stopped thinking about it. Now that it is, no matter how you think it is useless.

The two sat on the leather sofa next to each other. Wang Hao cast his sights at Yumiko Miyagawa and slowly extended his right hand.

When Yuko Miyagawa, who was standing next to him, saw this, he immediately took out a stack of documents from the bag he carried with him. Wang Hao took out a copy of it and placed it on the desk in front of Watanabe Taku. "This is about transfer. President Watanabe, please take a look at whether there are any problems or agreements that you don’t understand."

Watanabe Taku nodded to understand that he didn't feel anything wrong with Wang Hao's straightforward statement.

What the two people are discussing today has already been known yesterday. As long as the current contract is okay, Watanabe Taku will sign it.

So there is no need to gossip, and continue to be polite. It is good to be cautious when negotiating contracts, but at least on the surface it should make people feel bold and generous.

Watanabe Taku naturally appreciates Wang Hao's attitude of no ink, at least he doesn't delay.

Taku Watanabe picked up the document on the desktop and looked at it. He had experience in signing contracts many times, so he quickly scanned the previous content and started looking for the core treaty with his eyes.

Party A: Undead Chuan Publishing House