Party B: Tenshen Group

Naturally, Party A is the Unseikawa Publishing House represented by Taku Watanabe. When he saw the name of Party B’s company, he couldn't help but raised his head again and looked at the opposite young man.

Tenjin Group?What a big tone!

The name of this group alone will make many people look at it, but if it can’t, just like the name, it will become a laughing stock in the eyes of others. The boss of this company will naturally be regarded as a role of superiority and inferiority by others.

Wang Hao has also considered this name. He will serve as the head of the company in the future, and the Tianshen Group sounds very suitable.

Of course, the company of the Tenshin Group was registered in advance by Dudao Maizi, but it was only a shell company for the time being.

But in the future, he will continue to develop the scale of the Tenshen Group, making this shell company the parent company of all his future industries, contacting ACGN and other fields, and eventually becoming a giant-level existence.

Tianshen Group, since he dared to use this name, he would not be ashamed of this title!

The two-dimensional empire that Wang Hao wants to create, in the future, there must be the shadow of the Celestial Group behind it, and the two are fundamentally inseparable.

It can be said that after the Tianshen Group has truly established its foothold, the two-dimensional empire that belongs to him has also bloomed with incomparably dazzling light and truly descended in this world.

This is an idea that will be immediately regarded as a lunatic by other people in the society when you say it. But genius and lunatic are often only a difference in thought. Wang Hao feels that he is neither a genius nor a lunatic, so he can only constantly develop one with his own hands. Roads.

Even if he encounters a lot of setbacks in the middle, he still won't give up, because his original intention is still there, his ideals will never be shattered, and Wang Hao will not tell others about this, but will only put it deep in his heart and show it with actions.

Watanabe Taku shook his head. He didn't know Wang Hao's inner thoughts at all. He was just lamenting the other party's youth and vigor, so he stopped struggling with the name.

For him, these things have nothing to do with him. What he wants to pay attention to now is what kind of treaties are in the contract and what matters are related to his own interests.

Because after leaving the Undead Library, these are the things that concern him the most, especially now that he is still a businessman, and he should put his interests first.

But secondly, Watanabe Taku still has some feelings for Fusuikawa Bunko in his heart, so he couldn't help but slow down his browsing contract a bit.

Chapter 216 The New President Sir (Middle)

"It seems that I am over-concerned. I hope that Mr. Wang can lead them in the future to make the development of Undead Chuan Library better and better..."

With the experience of signing contracts for many times, he quickly saw the article about employee placement, which was accepted by Party B. This made Watanabe Takumi's face relaxed, and the most worrying point was relieved, and said with a slight sigh. .

As the president of Undeagawa Bunko, Taku Watanabe naturally knows the current situation of the publishing house's employees, especially after the meeting yesterday, the company's executives all knew the news of his imminent resignation and that someone would buy him.

This also means that the other party is likely to directly replace all employees, and they will also lose their jobs. How can it not be annoying?

Although this possibility is very small, almost less than 0.1% probability, it still chills the employees of Fudiechuan Publishing House.

However, despite this, the other employees of Fusingchuan Library did not think about resigning. The reason why several old employees have switched jobs before was because other publishing houses threw an olive branch to them, otherwise they would not leave Fusingchuan Library.

Because of neon now, it is really not easy to find a stable job...

Watanabe Taku also doesn't want the employees here to leave like this, because most of the employees of Fushikawa Bunko have an overall average age in their thirties, and most of their families have stabilized, so a stable job is extremely important.

He has a deep understanding of this, because Watanabe Taku himself now has a stable family, his daughter has started to go to school, and his wife is very virtuous and busy at home, so all the family expenses naturally fall on him.

And Watanabe Taku also felt that although he was not old, he was no longer young, so he could not gamble for his family.

Fusichuan Library has been in a state of loss in recent years. Although it has no debts, I am afraid that it will not be far off if this continues. At that time, even if it wants to make a move, it will be too late.

This is also the reason why he was at the golden age of his career, but because of various pressures, his hair began to appear slightly gray.

However, to Watanabe Taku's luck, the young man suddenly appeared in front of him and proposed the acquisition of Fushikawa Bunko.

Finally, Taku Watanabe made up his mind. If he doesn't make a move at this time, maybe he will be waiting for him with heavy debts. As a businessman, he can't be indecisive, because opportunities won't stand there waiting for you in vain.

"This is right, because I don't want to buy a shell company."

Wang Hao smiled and shook his head. Today, he chose to walk up to the third floor again. A large part of the reason was that he wanted to observe the situation of the editorial department. He was not as lifeless as yesterday, which made him very satisfied.

And just like Watanabe Taku and others guessed, what Wang Hao wants to acquire is a complete publishing house, not just a mere empty shell, so naturally there must be no fewer employees.

He also knows this, but if we observe the situation of the editorial department today and remain as lifeless as yesterday, Wang Hao will not say anything, and will not make any move to expel employees for the time being, but sooner or later, he will slowly inject fresh blood. .

But now this situation is barely qualified, and considering other factors, Wang Hao also dismissed his previous thoughts, but if he encounters someone who violates the rules, he will still expel him, because the Undead Chuan Publishing House under his leadership, Will not raise idlers!

Watanabe Taku nodded. He also understands the truth. No matter which company, he doesn't want his employees to idle around. Unless they have made great achievements, they will give special consideration.

But the other party had just taken over the publishing house, so naturally, there is no need to mention meritorious service. It can be said that the merits and demerits in front of Wang Hao are counted from scratch, and since ancient times, there has been a saying that new officials took office.

Watanabe Taku can only hope that other employees can be more diligent, and there is only so much he can do. If the employees are kicked out because of their own violations, no one can say anything, and can only blame himself.

After seeing the next company transfer terms, Watanabe Taku's smile cooled down again, and gradually frowned, put the contract on the table again, pointed at the upper contract, and said: "The funds here Is the number wrong? It's not in line with the current price of Fusichuan Library at all!"

"I think this price is completely appropriate, not at all. Mr. Watanabe should be very clear about this, right?"

Wang Hao sneered, his right hand picked up the contract on the desktop, his left finger tapped the 220 million yen figure lightly, and said calmly.

"Although the Undead Chuan Publishing House has been in a state of loss, it has never been in debt until now!"

Even though the other party's words were reasonable, Watanabe Taku couldn't help speaking out when it was of his own interest.

The amount of this transfer is related to his next life. Watanabe Taku is in the golden age of his career. He doesn't want to continue to gamble on Fushikawa Bunko, but he can use his years of experience in shopping malls to find a stable In some industries, a comeback is not impossible.

220 million yen may be an astronomical figure for others, but for Watanabe Taku, it is natural that it does not fit the scale of this publishing house.

Hearing that, Wang Hao did not show a slight color on his face, instead he was smiling but not smiling, and said lightly: "If this publishing house is in debt, I don't think I will appear here, and Watanabe. Sir, you negotiate a contract."

A large part of the reason why he did not die is that the reputation of this publishing house has always been very good, and its reputation is good, and although it has lost money in recent years, it has never been in debt.

This is particularly important. What Wang Hao needs is honesty. Although the size of the Undead Chuan Library is not very large, it is not bad in terms of credit.

Watanabe Taku's brows frowned again. It can be said that the confrontation between the two has only officially begun, and this price is the starting point and the end of the battle. The next step depends on the negotiation skills of the two sides.

Thinking of this, Watanabe Taku regained his confidence, and with a proud tone, like a salesman, slowly introduced: "Nevertheless, our publishing house also has three bookstores in Tokyo, and even two are still in the bustling area. Although the library is now gradually losing money, it has been accumulated over the years.

We also have corresponding publishing channels and cooperative companies have established a good relationship. There is no problem with the management of the publishing house. Compared with other publishing houses..."

"Well, needless to say!"

Before Watanabe Taku could finish speaking, a burst of shouts rang from the side.

Chapter 217 The New President Sir (Part 2)

Hearing the words, Watanabe Taku's expression became stagnant, and he turned his head to look at the speaker. Although Wang Hao was still smiling, his smile did not make people feel warm.

His complexion changed so quickly that Watanabe Taku couldn't help feeling a little surprised. Now Wang Hao and what he saw at first were completely different.

Shopping malls are like battlefields. After being on the battlefield, being gentle to the enemy is cruel to yourself.

He had a definition in his mind for this point, and Wang Hao thought he was not a gentle and bad person, nor was he the kind of taking advantage of him. Now both parties are asking for prices!

At this point, Wang Hao sneered again, put the contract in his hand on the table at will, and slowly tapped his fingers on the face rhythmically, and continued: "There are currently more than 50 employees in the Undead Chuan Publishing House. Regardless of the rent of this office building, first of all, one month is about to pass. If I accept this publishing house before next month, then I will pay the salaries of more than fifty employees, Mr. Watanabe. You should know how much money you need?"