"It's twelve million yen..."

Watanabe Taku said helplessly. He didn't expect that the other party would even count this. It was indeed about to reach the end of the month, the new month was about to usher in, and then the salary would be settled again.

The reputation of Fushichuan Publishing House is still very good, and it has never owed its employees' wages, and pays wages on time at the end of each month.

It was true that as long as the other party took over, he would have to pay 12 million yen in wages. Originally, Watanabe Taku planned to pay employees' wages at this time, but Wang Hao's appearance made him dispel this idea.

Watanabe Takuhara wanted to take this opportunity to make more money. He didn't expect to be found out by the other party. This made him a little embarrassed. However, in the face of his own interests, he was really unwilling to pay. Such a crop, but in addition to this point, even if it is reduced by 12 million yen, the amount you paid, Mr. Wang, does not meet the current scale of this publishing house."

Seeing Wang Hao’s refutation, Watanabe’s confidence regained, with a smile accumulating on his face, and he slowly and enthusiastically said like a salesman: “You know, there is still Undeagawa Publishing House in Tokyo. The three bookstores, and even two of them, are in the prosperous stage. They are basically in prime locations. It can be said that they are hard to come by. Moreover, coupled with the reputation of Fushikawa Bunko accumulated over the years, it is far more than 220 million yen! "

Speaking of the last, Watanabe Taku's tone was full of confidence.

"Mr. Watanabe finished?"

Wang Hao narrowed his eyes slightly, and did not speak in a hurry this time. After listening to Watanabe Taku quietly, he asked indifferently.

Sitting on the opposite side, Taku Watanabe frowned slightly, and became more and more confused about the young man opposite. After thinking for a while, he said, "I probably only want to say this. What do you want to say, Mr. Wang?"

"Hehe, then I'm not polite to speak up."

Wang Hao sneered, leaned his back lightly on the sofa, paused, and said slowly: "I'll tell the truth to Mr. Watanabe, what does the Fushikawa Publishing House look like? Don't you have any points in your heart?

I can also say unceremoniously that almost all of the 220 million yen was used to pay for the three bookstores. The current Fushichuan Publishing House basically relies on the three bookstores for most of the funding sources?"

Repeated questioning twice, even Watanabe Taku's forehead could not help but a thin cold sweat, and for a while, I did not know how to refute, and was shocked in my heart. I did not expect the other party to know the status quo of the Undead Chuan Publishing House. Basically all classified information!

Wang Hao's momentum did not diminish at all, and he stopped tapping his fingers on the table, looking directly at Watanabe Taku with his eyes, and said every word:

"Mr. Watanabe should know that in addition to the Fushikawa Publishing House, there are still many publishing houses in Tokyo. Which one of the publishing houses you mentioned does not have? No!

Even today, after I walked out from here, I was able to find a publishing house that was better than the Fushikawa Bunko, and the price would not be higher than 220 million yen, even if it was lower.

For these things you mentioned, I can buy a publishing house at a lower price, and then I can get everything directly, but I still choose to appear here because of the reputation that Fusingchuan Library has accumulated over the years!"

Having said this, Wang Hao paused, and Watanabe Taku was silent and did not speak, because the other party's words were reasonable.

Reputation is optional. It doesn’t matter if you grow smaller, but you can only make a small amount of money. But if you want to develop into a large company, then reputation is indispensable.

Knowing is with affection, and moving is with reason.

Seeing that the other party had begun to loosen up a bit, Wang Hao did not hold the air at this time, and relaxed his tone of speech. "Moreover, 220 million yen is an astronomical figure for ordinary people. Mr. Watanabe can use it with his family. People can spend a stable life, and they can set aside a part of it to open a small shop, and they can also spend a lot of money in case of emergency."

At this point, Wang Hao slowly stood up from his seat and glanced in the distance with a seemingly inattentive look. Watanabe Taku's heart tightened when he saw this, only the indifferent voice came to his ears again.

"Opportunity never waits for someone. If you miss it, you really miss it. Therefore, you can't be too greedy. If you miss this opportunity, I don't know if anyone is willing to buy Undead Chuan Publishing House, but I definitely don't Will appear in this place for the second time.

If I leave here, and no one is willing to come over to buy Fushikawa Publishing House, then what is waiting for President Watanabe is a step-by-step loss, and finally until the debt, it will be too late to regret.

I want to be bankrupt and indebted in this society. Mr. Watanabe knows how serious the consequences are, right?After all, Neon is legal for certain things. Mr. Watanabe doesn't want his happy family to become fragmented because of his temporary greed, right?

Mr. Watanabe is not just one person. You have to think more about your daughter and virtuous wife who just entered junior high school, and for the whole family, don't know how to cherish it if you lose it."

Wang Hao carried his hands on his back and looked up at the sky outside the French windows. The warm sunlight was shining on him, and he did not notice that his words were blowing through Watanabe Taku's heart like a cold wind.

Words punish the heart, every sentence is reasonable!

It could be said that the other party was threatening him naked, but Watanabe Taku couldn't find a reason to refute him, his face was blue and white, and his expression was extremely complicated.

Chapter 218 End and Begin

Watanabe Taku did not dare to gamble, nor did he dare to gamble.

As Wang Hao said, he now has a family with a virtuous wife and a well-behaved daughter. In the eyes of outsiders, there is no doubt that it is a happy family of three, and he himself thinks the same.

For the pressure accumulated in the workplace, when you go home and say a simple "I'm back", the wife will respond with a gentle smile, and Watanabe Taku will feel that his pressure has disappeared without a trace.

Although Watanabe Taku believes that his ambition has not been lost, he is not as bold as he was when he first entered the society. If he has more, he is naturally afraid of losing everything.

Although the other party is very young, he has grasped his mentality in the same way. Although the two sides have different positions, it does not prevent Watanabe Taku from admiring Wang Hao at this time. He can be said to be convinced.

When negotiating step by step, they kept talking, one after another, perfectly grasping their own psychological activities, constantly tempting between threats and interests, but making people speechless.

For some reason, he suddenly thought of a saying from the celestial dynasty that talented people came out from generation to generation, each leading the way for hundreds of years.

"It was you who won, Teacher God Lord... No, I should call President Wang."

Thinking of this, Watanabe Taku smiled bitterly, his tone of voice couldn't conceal the loneliness of depression, and the whole person seemed to be more than ten years old suddenly.

"I don't dare to be it. I have to wait until the signing of the contract comes into effect after reading it."

The corner of Wang Hao's mouth twitched slightly, and the boulder in his heart also quietly disappeared, and he secretly relaxed.

This is his first negotiation. It can be said that he is also very nervous in his heart. It is absolutely false if he is not nervous, but Wang Hao did not show a trace of panic on the outside.

This is also thanks to the fact that he asked Dudao Maizi to investigate the details of the Undead Chuan Publishing House before coming, and finally combined his own analysis, it can be said that he has done enough homework to achieve this step and occupy the commanding heights of the negotiation.

Otherwise, even if he has an absolute advantage, he will suffer a lot this time, and wanting 250 million yen to acquire Undead Chuan Publishing House has become a joke.

In Wang Hao's mind, he has prepared 400 million yen for the price of this publishing house, and 220 million yen is just the beginning of the wild asking price from both sides.

But now it seems that I finally succeeded in making the other party succumb at the price of 220 million yen. To be able to do this, even Wang Hao, who has a calm personality in the daytime, can't help but feel a slight tremor at the corner of his mouth. But no one noticed this scene.

Standing on the other side, Yumiko Miyagawa looked at Wang Hao's eyes with a trace of surprise flashing deep in her eyes, refreshing her understanding of Wang Hao.

Now the genius cartoonist and super-popular writer "God Lord" who is now rumored to the outside world, did not expect to have such a talent in business, and I am afraid that if this news is released, it will shock everyone.

It is a pity that Yumiko Miyagawa would not publicize this, because she had already made an agreement with the other party before coming, and she was also a lawyer herself, so she was naturally clear about certain rules.

Yumiko Miyagawa thought she had been in contact with a lot of worlds, but it was the first time she met someone like Wang Hao. Although she had met many talented people, there was something missing after all.

Of course, Yumiko Miyagawa must refer to people of the same age as Wang Hao. If she were to describe Wang Hao, she could only think of the word'monster' at this time.

The'monsters' are beyond ordinary people!Rather than belonging to that kind of unilateral genius, Yuko Miyakawa can only think of this term to describe Wang Hao, because who knows how much the other party is hiding?

Everything that is revealed now may be just the tip of the iceberg, so it is most appropriate to describe it as a "monster"...

Watanabe Taku didn't care what Wang Hao and Yumiko Miyagawa thought in their hearts. For him, the contract in his hand was the most important at the moment, so he should be treated with care.

If you didn't read the treaty in the contract clearly, and only found out after you signed it, that was the real pill.

Wang Hao also walked back from the side at this time, sitting quietly waiting for Watanabe Taku to read the contract, and was not impatient.


Ten minutes later, Watanabe Takuza put down the contract in his hand, forcibly suppressed the feelings that were surging in his heart, took a deep breath, put the contract in his hand to the table, and pulled out a reluctant smile, saying: "Mr. Wang is really prepared. Then, I have read this contract carefully and there is no problem..."

"Since there is no problem, please ask Mr. Watanabe to sign this. This is Ms. Miyagawa Yuko, who is a lawyer. I also specially prepared a triplicate contract. The extra will be given to Miyagawa's lawyer. Safekeeping by law firms to ensure fairness."