Wang Hao followed his hand to Miyagawa Yuko next to him, introduced to Watanabe Taku with a faint smile, and both sides also nodded slightly.

After speaking, he took the remaining contract in Miyagawa's hand and the one that Watanabe Taku placed on the table, picked up the black signature pen prepared in advance, and quickly found Party B's signature column.

With three contracts, each with his own name signed, Wang Hao smiled and turned it to Watanabe Taku and a black signature pen lying quietly next to him.

"Time flies really fast, I didn't expect that I would retire so soon..."

Watanabe Taku sighed slightly, picked up his pen with a complicated expression, and slowly wrote his name in just three characters.

I write a stroke very slowly. I have written a name that I don’t know many times. At this moment, I feel a little strange, and I can’t even grasp the pen correctly. I signed this contract. Never belong to me anymore.

Long-term pain is worse than short-term pain!

Taku Watanabe gritted his teeth fiercely, suddenly picked up his pen and signed his name at Party A's signature place, then picked up another copy and started signing. After three contracts took less than two minutes, he cut the mess with a sharp knife and officially unloaded it. I'm the president of my own!!

everything is over.

After signing the contract, Watanabe Taku tiredly leaned back on the sofa, as if he was out of strength, and after a while he slowly recovered. He looked at the opposite Wang Hao and said with a smile, "President Wang laughed. Suddenly I was relieved of the burden on my body. I was really uncomfortable, but I felt relieved."

At the end of the day, Watanabe Taku felt relieved from the bottom of his heart, although when he was the president of Fushikawa Publishing House, his workload was less than ten hours a month to process documents. After all, most departments have corresponding Personnel, he only needs to supervise.

But even so, the planning and general direction of the entire publishing house all fell on him. This is why he is very sad and feels heavy burdens on him all the time.

Chapter 220 God Lord...President?

Seeing all the strange glances from everyone, Wang Hao suddenly felt a little depressed, because he was indeed a flaw at his age.

He wasn't incapable of feeling this kind of feeling, but even if it was so, Wang Hao himself couldn't admit it.

"President, are you really the god master teacher?"

A young girl about twenty years old raised her hand cowardly, and asked with a hint of curiosity in her eyes, giving people a very quiet feeling.

"What? Doesn't it look like it?"

Wang Hao touched his face with some embarrassment, Yuanshan Erika nodded subconsciously, and then shook his head flushed red. He was a little bit dumbfounded when he saw this. The depression in his heart disappeared leisurely, and he smiled slightly and joked: "I'm sorry , I am the author of "Five Centimeters Per Second", I am really sorry if I let everyone down."

"No! I've always been a fan of God Master Teacher. From the time that 5cm Per Second was first serialized at Station B, I hoped to like Second Five, Master Master, please be sure to sign for me!"

Toyama Erika immediately became enthusiastic, and even the tone of voice when she spoke was also excited, no longer the quiet look just now, and quickly turned over the backpack she was carrying.

After taking out a black signature pen and a brand new notebook, Yuanshan Erixiang blinked at Wang Hao, fearing that the other party would refuse.

When this situation came, he was a little surprised. After a while, he returned to normal. Wang Hao smiled and shook his head. He took the pen and book from the other party, turned a blank page, and signed it. He gave the word "God Lord" and gave it back to the other party.

Toyama Erika returned to his seat with the notebook in his arms with a contented face, and several staff members also cast envious eyes.

Machida Yuanzi, who was sitting next to Toyama Erika, had a rather complicated expression. Originally, she thought that the god master teacher contacted herself to sign a contract with Fushikawa Bunko, but unexpectedly ushered in this situation and the other party suddenly became her immediate boss.

"God Lord...President..." As a result, Machida Yuanzi didn't know which one should be used to refer to each other as the Lord Master Teacher or President Wang. The name was a bit sick for a while, and he was obviously not used to it.

"President of God? This is a good name. If you don't mind, you can call me as the president~"

Wang Hao didn't pay much attention to Machida Yuanzi's name. After listening to the other party's words, he made a little joke and eased the atmosphere, so that Machida Yuanzi was not going to worry about it.

Deep down, I took a high look at the young man in front of me. The new president, Lord, does not look as simple as it seems.

Seeing that other people were eager to try, Wang Hao quickly coughed and said solemnly: "I also introduced just now. From today I will be the president of this publishing house, so I can rest assured. To tell everyone present, the Undead Chuan Publishing House will usher in a new situation, and everyone will also get a brand new opportunity!"

No one spoke, the scene remained silent, and everyone's expressions became complicated again. Wang Hao didn't feel that it was wrong when he saw this. He had to step by step and step by step. Just reasoning would not help at all. .

The reason is nothing more than that he is too young. Wang Hao himself is also very clear. What he says will inevitably make others feel that he is young and frivolous, and the goals he set are in the eyes of others, but they are just a momentary outline. The blueprint that came out is nothing more.

"First of all, you can raise any questions you have. There is no need to conceal the current situation of the publishing house. What do you think caused the current state of the Undead Chuan Publishing House?"

This time, Wang Hao didn't talk about the big truth. Only by slowly sticking the problem into reality and then bringing it into his own words can people understand.

"President, can you really say it straight?"

Machida Yuanzi slowly raised his hand and said with a smile, but the pupils stared at Wang Hao closely, but there was a trace of seriousness in his seemingly casual words.

"Of course, as long as it is about the flaws of the Undead Chuan Publishing House, you can say anything. When it comes to the point, I may also give you processing funds!"

"I heard the promise made by the president, so I'll speak bluntly."

Seeing Wang Hao’s non-hypocritical attitude, Machida Yuanzi immediately turned his heart, and the smile on her face receded. He pondered for a moment, and slowly said: "As the editor-in-chief of Undead Chuan Publishing House, although I may not understand It's too comprehensive, but it also has its own point of view. The current Undead Chuan Publishing House is basically an empty shelf of virtual charts.

As soon as I said it, Machida Yuanzi's seemingly calm appearance, in fact, has already begun to tense in his heart, and he did not continue speaking with a sense of anxiety.

She even started to regret a little bit, because when she said this, she slapped the new president in the face, as if she was saying that only people with no vision would buy this publishing house.

"That's right. If you have any problems, you should bring them up and make corrections together. What does the editor-in-chief Machida think caused this situation?"

Wang Hao asked softly, the smile on the corner of her mouth gave people a feeling of being bathed in spring breeze, without the irritation that Machida Yuanzi imagined, which immediately made her completely relieved.

It seems that the other party is not pretending to be hypocritical, but sincerely wanting to improve this publishing house!

It is not just Machida Yuanzi who has this idea alone. After seeing the attitude of the new president, other employees present at this time also truly agree with the other party in their hearts. This can not help but remind others of the predecessor of Fushikawa Publishing House. Taku Watanabe.

The development of the original Fushikawa Publishing House is still quite good, but it is because Watanabe Taku has become more and more arbitrary in recent years, not listening to the opinions of others, that led to the current situation.

Therefore, they have mixed feelings about Watanabe Taku's departure, because the new president who came this time is a younger person, and this kind of thing is very likely to happen if young and vigorous and will not listen to persuasion, after all, this age group is very easy to get angry.

This result is the last thing they want to see. If this happens, they can't stop it, because the hierarchical system of neon society is very strict, and the core rights of this publishing house are completely controlled by the president.

This situation is not a strange thing, but neon is very common.

It seems that in many colleges, although the principal seems to be the most powerful person on the surface, it is not the case. Those who can really influence the entire college are basically the major shareholders of the college board.

Of course, in many private colleges, the president is often the chairman of the board of directors of the college.

Chapter 219 is under Wang Hao, please advise

"Happy cooperation, then if I congratulate Mr. Watanabe, it is okay to transfer the money to the account designated by Mr. Watanabe?"

Wang Hao said with a gentle expression, stood up from the sofa with a faint smile on the corner of his mouth, stretched out his right hand and shook hands with Watanabe Taku, and quickly released it.

The two of them took a copy of the contract, and the rest was handed over to Miyagawa Yuko, a lawyer, who would take it back and store it in the law firm for safekeeping. In the future, the two parties will have disputes. Time will play a vital role.

This will not only appear to be fair, but also reduce unnecessary troubles, and some of the remaining processes do require a lawyer.

He also fulfilled his promise. Under the witness of Miyagawa Yuko, 220 million yen was transferred to the account provided by Watanabe Taku. After about three minutes, the money was successfully transferred.

"In this suitcase are my personal belongings. Today I am ready to leave at any time, but can President Wang come with me to the meeting room next door?"

Watanabe Taku walked to the side and picked up his suitcase. He couldn't help but asked again. He left without saying goodbye. It would be a little regretful to think of it in the future.

Before leaving, he still had something to say, and he had arranged it yesterday.