"Of course, no problem."

Wang Hao naturally had no objections to Watanabe Taku's request, and readily agreed to him.

The three of them slowly left the president's office, and soon arrived at the next meeting room. Watanabe Taku walked forward and gently opened the door.

At this time, the meeting room was already full of people, and almost all editors and other management personnel were present except for the author of the Fushichuan Publishing House.

There are a total of about 20 people, and the rest of those who have not come are basically the authors signed by the Undead Chuan Publishing House, and this situation is also normal, because the signed authors basically do not appear in the headquarter.

Because Taku Watanabe gave an order yesterday that everyone will be waiting in the next room tomorrow. He has an important announcement. After Sumie Okamoto went downstairs, he summoned everyone in accordance with Taku Watanabe’s instructions. Stayed in the conference room on the third floor.

"President Watanabe--"

Most of the people present had already guessed about it, and after seeing Watanabe Taku and the three people coming in, they immediately stood up.

Some people have complex expressions, their faces are slightly gloomy, and some new employees have very excited expressions.

"No need to call me that. From today on I am no longer the president of this publishing house."

Watanabe Taku laughed bitterly, ignoring other people’s expressions, leading Wang Hao and others to the empty space right in front of them slowly, and continued with a bit of bitterness: "Fujian Chuan Publishing House has become what it is now, and has been at a loss. State, most of the responsibilities are caused by me. I dare not deny that the responsibility lies with me, and today I also removed the position of president of the Undead Chuan Publishing House and handed it over to the next king. Mr.

I would like to introduce you to the new president of the Undead Chuan Publishing House. Mr. Wang is currently known as a genius cartoonist by the industry, who created the super popular author "Five Centimeters Per Second", the master teacher.

Therefore, I hope that in the days to come, everyone can work diligently, walk through the predicament that appears under the leadership of Mr. Wang, and work together to make the Undead Chuan Publishing House a better place.

I'm so sorry to leave so suddenly!!!"

At the end, Watanabe Taku has a deep guilt on his face, and he bends deeply to everyone, his tone is extremely sincere.

"President Watanabe has worked hard--!"

After a while, the members of the Fujikawa Publishing House present all bowed to Watanabe Taku.

Indeed, as the other party said, it was because of Watanabe Taku’s misjudgment that Fushikawa Publishing had been in a state of loss, and even almost faced debts. It can be said that it has been on the edge of danger.

But it is undeniable that the other party did make a great contribution to the Undead Chuan Publishing House before, and now they are about to leave here, everyone has to put down their grievances and solemnly say goodbye.

"Since I have removed my position as president, it is not appropriate to stay here. I will leave first. President Wang will make arrangements for you..."

Watanabe Taku sighed heavily, and walked towards the door slowly. Everyone, including Wang Hao, looked at his lonely back, inevitably feeling emotional.

Especially Wang Hao had a deep feeling in his heart. He didn't want to fall into the situation of the other party one day. The merchants who wandered on a flat boat in the business sea must be careful all the time.

Wang Hao didn't want his flat boat to be submerged by the tsunami, so he had to plunder other large ships on the ocean until he successfully reached the other side of his dream.

When Watanabe Taku's back completely disappeared from everyone's sight, Miyagawa Yuko also took a step forward and said softly, "Since the contract has been signed, then I have to leave to deal with other things. "

"I will trouble Miss Miyagawa for the rest."

After regaining his senses, Wang Hao smiled slightly, waved to Miyagawa Yuko, and the other party nodded in order to understand, and then twisted his waist and left the meeting room.

For the lawyer’s money, he called Le Law Firm yesterday, and Miyagawa will naturally take care of the rest of the process, so he doesn’t need to bother.

"Since there are no outsiders present, let me introduce myself first."

Wang Hao walked to the center unhurriedly, and everyone couldn't help but put their curious eyes on him, especially curious about the new president's next speech.

Facing the curiosity cast by the crowd, Wang Hao didn't have a trace of nervousness. Instead, a faint smile appeared on his face. He glanced around at the crowd, nodded slightly, and continued: "The surname is Wang, and the single name is Hao. An out-and-out celestial person, who is also the president of this publishing house from today, please give me your advice."

As his words were slowly uttered, everyone present showed an expression of disbelief, and the expression of surprise was revealed on their faces without any concealment. Although the introduction of Watanabe Taku has been given before, but at this time from himself Speaking out in person, everyone couldn't help but take a breath.

young!Too young!!

This is the voice that entangles everyone's hearts, because the new president, who is obviously at the age of high school, has appeared here and became the president of Unseichuan Publishing House.

For them before today, this is totally unimaginable, because it is too unbelievable. Can you imagine the feeling of a high school student suddenly appearing and becoming your immediate boss?

Chapter 221 The Fragmented Publishing House

"The first point is that the current writers of our publishing house, although there is a new writer with good potential for the time being, it is obviously impossible to support the entire publishing house."

Machida Yuanzi said slowly, paused for a moment, and glanced sideways at the new president who was in the middle.

"Go on, I'm listening." Wang Hao nodded and faintly replied, arching his fingers together with a serious expression.

"At present, relying on the remaining authors of the Undead Chuan Publishing House can only temporarily support this small and medium-sized publishing house, but if it wants to grow larger, this is the most fatal flaw.

Although we can't compare with the giant level of Dengeki Library, if you want to make the Undead Chuan Publishing House appear in this predicament, then you must at least have a leading writer belonging to our publishing house!"

Her remarks immediately gained the approval of others present. The situation of Fu Shi Chuan Library is very bad now. Several old authors and old editors have switched jobs one after another, which is also one of the important reasons for the current bad situation.

For publishers, the quality of novels must be good, which means that there must be more authors at the core level, which is the most basic element for a firm foothold.

Fusaichuan Library was able to do this in the first place, but the core-level authors have switched jobs for various reasons. Only a group of newcomers are left. One of the newcomers has shown quite good potential, and has now been regarded by Fusaichuan Library. Focus on seed cultivation.

This newcomer who is valued by Fuseigawa Bunko is the writer Kasiko Shiko who is personally in charge of Machida Yuanko!

It is a pity that although teacher Xia Shizi has the potential to become a top-level writer, she is too young. Maybe she can achieve it in the future, but it will definitely not be now. After all, the distant water cannot save the near fire.

Originally, for small and medium-sized publishing houses such as the Undead Chuan Publishing House, there was no need to carry writers at all, because it was too extravagant, and it was completely unnecessary to operate well.

Because at present, there are very few leading writers in Neon's light novel industry, and at least they work in super-class publishing houses.

Even Dengeki Bunku, the leader of the three most popular light novels, has only three leading writers.

Of course, Dengeki Library has a very large number of core-level authors. With three leading authors and a steady stream of high-quality newcomers, the limelight will only grow.

Now the old author is basically stable and will not leave his publishing house easily. Unless it is a publishing house that is susceptible to wind and rain and may go bankrupt at any time, the old author will choose to leave.

Not to mention the writers who carry the tripod, the publishing houses treat them all as if they were big Buddhas, and they belong to the type that is impossible to dig.

"What the editor-in-chief Machida said is correct, but where do we go to find the writers? I haven't tried it before, but our small temple can't accommodate the great Buddha of the writers, or people can't look at us at all. The publishing house, and even newcomers have not come to contribute recently..."

Kotaro Aihara laughed at himself, and the eloquent Machida Sonko was speechless. The atmosphere at the scene became silent again.

No one tried to refute Kotaro Aihara's words, because Kotaro Aihara was only telling the truth, and there was no false element in it, which really reflected the situation.

Everyone knows this kind of thing in their hearts, but no one wants to point it out. Kotaro Aihara was unwilling to say it, because when Watanabe Taku was still serving as the president, he made relevant remarks, but he was ruthless. Severe criticism.

Perhaps this may be seen in Watanabe Taku’s eyes. What he said was completely a loud slap in front of everyone, because the reason why Undeagawa Bunko developed into this is entirely the president’s. 'Credit'.

But the new president was different. Although Machida Sonko’s words were unintentional, they also slapped the new president with a loud slap, but the other party was not angry at all, but was seriously discussing with everyone how to solve the problem. .

The new president of his own family can have such a humble attitude, can not help but let Kotaro Aihara see a glimmer of hope. He thinks he also has feelings for this publishing house, so he chose to speak his heart frankly.

"Yes, the current newcomers are basically the targets that major publishing houses are vying for. After all, fresh blood is the most important at present. It is difficult for a newcomer like Teacher Xia Shizi with great potential to live in Chuan Wenku. I found the second one, not to mention the leading writer..."

Seeing the two of them started, Wang Hao still didn't say anything, Ishimoto Kenichiliang also let go, shook his head worriedly, and said with a little emotion.