It is almost impossible for veteran authors and writers to dig into the walls of other publishing houses, so they can only start from the path of new authors.

But it is a pity that it is already very difficult to recruit new people. Sometimes the editor-in-chief or even the editor-in-chief of the Undead Chuan Library personally comes forward to recruit people, and they may not be able to recruit new authors.

The reason is also very simple. Newcomers who have just come into contact with this industry will inevitably be arrogant. In addition, Dengeki Library has recruited newcomers aggressively in recent years, and there have been obvious rewards, and other publishing houses have followed suit.

Although I can't eat meat, I can at least drink a mouthful of soup, but for Fusuichuan Bunko, I might not even be able to drink soup.

At this point, Ishimoto Kenichi smiled bitterly, "If Editor-in-Chief Tomioka doesn't leave..."

"Enough, not to mention the traitor!"

Before Ishimoto Kenichi finished speaking, Aihara Kotaro immediately became excited, and quickly interrupted the other party's words, with a look of irritation, and the rest of the members including Machida Sonko were silent.

Wang Hao immediately moved in his heart. He naturally knew who Kenichiro Ishimoto said that Tomioka was from. He also knew the reason, because the information given to him by Tokushima Maeko even included a list of employees and some undead river libraries. The big event that happened.

Seisuke Tomioka, the former editor-in-chief of Fusaikawa Library, due to a dispute with Taku Watanabe, angrily took three editors and seven old authors of Fusaikawa Library to change jobs.

Seeing such a simple passage, Wang Hao was already able to guess what happened, and he could also think of the abnormality of the Undying Chuan Library during this period, which definitely has a huge relationship with this matter.

Because Seisuke Tomioka took the editor and old author who left with him, it may not have any influence on a large publishing house, but it has become a fatal blow to small and medium-sized publishing houses such as Fushikawa Bunko!

Chapter 222 I am against!

Tomioka Seisuke left this month, and he has a total of eleven people. Wang Hao is clear about this point. In other words, the current Undead Chuan Library does not actually have more than 50 employees. There are only 39 employees, and only a few or three of them can be regarded as elites.

The reason why he talked about more than 50 people in the first negotiation with Watanabe Takuma was because he wanted to settle the other party's heart and make the other party think that he didn't know about it.

Because this matter belongs to the core of the core, basically only insiders know about it.

Judging from the results, Watanabe Takuya did not tell about this incident. I am afraid that he did not know this incident, so he chose to conceal it on purpose.

Because Watanabe Taku was afraid that after he knew about it, he would continue to lower the price or be unwilling to make another acquisition, neither of which would do him any good.

These psychological activities were all within Wang Hao's calculations, and he didn't break it either. He chose to play stupidly with the other party.

As everyone knows, the mantis catches the cicada and the oriole is behind.

Sure enough, the two successfully signed the contract.

Wang Hao had already prepared 400 million yen for the psychological price, but he successfully signed it at 220 million yen. He also thought about it, if there is a problem in any link, step back 250 million yen and continue talking with the other party.

This is also the corner of his mouth trembling after successfully signing the contract with Watanabe Taku.

The reason why Wang Hao didn’t point out this was to make the other party think that it was profitable. After all, rabbits would bite people when they were anxious, and they would be able to accept this publishing house at a lower price by acting stupidly. Why not?

He had an indifferent attitude towards Seisuke Tomioka's departure, because sooner or later he had to reform the publishing house.

However, in the eyes of other employees, the impact of Seisuke Tomioka’s departure was too great. The seven old authors are almost the mainstays of the Undying Chuan Bunko, and the editor-in-chief took the lead in leaving. Hundreds of harm but no benefit.

In the current Fushikawa Bunko, even the editor-in-chief has not been re-elected since Seisuke Tomioka left.

"Hey, if the current Undead Chuan Library wants to get out of the predicament, even if it can't find a writer, at least it has to find a super popular author second only to a writer, but it's hard for us to find newcomers now..."

Machida Yuanko rubbed her temples with a headache. With the current situation of Fushikawa Bunko, it is very difficult to continue operating in the industry today.

Not to mention finding a great writer, even the next-level super popular author is undoubtedly a idiot.


After seeing what he wanted, Wang Hao gave a light cough, which immediately attracted everyone's attention. He spread his hands helplessly, and said innocently, "Did everyone forget my existence? Now I am the president of the Undead Chuan Publishing House, but I think that another identity is still useful for the current situation..."

"Yeah! Why did we almost forget that the president is the master teacher?!"

As soon as he said this, Kotaro Aihara's eyes lit up, and his face immediately took on a look of ecstasy. Fushikawa Publishing does not need to find other super-popular authors at all, because one of the most popular super-popular authors at present is the "God Lord" Own president!

The writing style of "Five Centimeters Per Second" has almost reached its perfection. Reading every ordinary and simple sentence carefully will always make people feel deeply moved.

It is precisely because of this kind of writing that has almost reached the realm, that the second five will quickly become popular, and what is even more incredible is the age of the god master teacher, only 16 years old!

You must know that it is often the older generation of authors that have this kind of strength, and several of the authors of that generation are already known as masters.

But the divine master is only sixteen years old. What is the concept of this kind of writing style at sixteen years old?

There is no doubt that most people in the society now believe that the god will be one of the next candidates to enter the ranks of leading writers.

Some people speculate that it is possible that within a few years, the master's writing may make breakthroughs again, and then the Undying Chuan Library will have a top-level writer!

"That's right, if the director of the gods delivers "Five Centimeters Per Second" to Undead Chuan Publishing House for publication, it will be able to temporarily solve the urgent need!"

Ishimoto Kenichiliang nodded in agreement, looking at Wang Hao with eyes full of expectation.

Upon hearing this, the breathing of other people couldn't help but quickly, and they all looked at Wang Hao.

"Five Centimeters Per Second", a novel about depression, has not been published even a month since it was published, but it has caused a wave of neon craze. Although I dare not say that everyone knows it, but now with time A little bit of fermentation, basically eight out of ten people in Neon native know about Second Five.

Even if some of them have not read it, they definitely have heard of Second Five from his population, because this novel is simply a clear stream in the industry, and there is no way to find a way, but it makes people intoxicated and unable to extricate themselves. A classic!

It is almost impossible to find such a novel in the current light novel world full of routines, so the appearance of Second Five will cause such a big sensation.

Of course, in addition to the importance of the author's writing style, Mianwu can achieve such results, and the current environment can also be said to be a very important point.

If it weren't for the current environment full of routines, it would never be possible for Second Five to shine and heat in such a short time, at least half a year or more.

It can only be said that this is the worst era, and also the best era. Fortunately, Second Five was born in this era, Wang Hao thought.

He shook his head gently, and did not answer everyone's questions. Instead, he asked with a faint smile, "Then you think Second Five is suitable for publishing in our publishing house?"

"Of course, if "Five Centimeters Per Second" is published by our publisher, it will definitely solve the current crisis!"

Toyama Enrika nodded feverishly, her eyes were still staring, and she also thought that Second Five was published by Fushikawa Library, and it was easy to solve the current crisis.

But when Wang Hao heard this, he only smiled, did not say anything, looked around the crowd, and continued to remain silent.

His move could not help making other members a little puzzled, but no matter what, the staff present believed that Wang Hao would not oppose this kind of profit and harm, because this publishing house has belonged to the other party since today. .

"I object!"

The clear and loud female voice rang abruptly from the side, immediately making the faces of everyone present amazed, and one after another turned their attention to the person who spoke, it was the editor-in-chief of Undead Chuan Publishing House-Machida Yuanzi!

What do you think of Chapter 223?

"Oh? Why do you oppose such a thing that is profitable and harmless? Can Editor Machida tell everyone the reason for your opposition?"

Wang Hao looked at the female staff member who raised the objection and showed a faint smile, and at the same time a hint of interest flashed deep in his eyes, with a little expectation on her face.

"First of all, the work of the president of the gods is indeed regarded as a classic, but now it is handed over to the Undead River Library to publish and solve the current dilemma. It can only be said to be naive to carry this idea, because this is not true at all!"

"Isn't it possible? Editor-in-chief Machida has a problem with this statement. Didn't you say that you still need to be a top writer or an over-popular author to help Fushikawa Bunko out of the predicament?"