Then the next moment when Wang Hao raised his head, he immediately came into contact with a pair of light red pupils, his facial features were very delicate and pretty, and the ends of his gray hair were dyed burgundy, which makes it clear at a glance. This is truly mature. Great beauty.

But when the two looked at each other for three seconds, their faces changed from shock to surprise, and they exclaimed at the same time.

"It's you!" ×2

Suddenly, the guests at other tables around couldn’t help but turn their eyes. Wang Hao and Yukoshita Yono were also a little embarrassed for a moment, nodded embarrassingly to other guests, and resolved the embarrassing atmosphere on the spot. After all, this is a public place. .

Seeing Xuexiayangna sitting on the opposite side with ease, Wang Hao felt full of malice while feeling complicated. Could the god of fate like pranks so much?

No wonder he felt a little familiar when he heard the other party's voice when calling, until he saw that Xuexiayang was a real person, and Wang Hao suddenly came over. Isn't this the Ferrari owner who was racing with him on the highway last time?

Although he took off his sunglasses now, he still recognized the other person!

"I didn't expect to meet you last time, it was really accidental..."

Wang Hao smiled bitterly, and soon he was relieved. After all, there was more dog blood and he didn't press his body, and he had the experience of Mian Ji (Ji) last time. If it were such an ordinary meeting this time, he might not know how to speak.

"Tsk tsk, Haojun is really a low-hearted guy when he grows up. He hasn't been to see his sister for so long, and now I know if something happens to meet, my sister's heart hurts~"

Xuexia Yangna said with a slightly sad expression, and he reached out and wiped the unnecessary tears at the corner of his eyes, as if something was happening.

Please at least shed one real tear from acting, OK?You will make me embarrassed and don't know how to complain!

Regarding Xuexiayangna's deliberate way of speaking, Wang Hao felt complicated for a while, and said with a reluctant smile: "The reason why I am not here, Yangna, you should also be very clear...

And I don’t want to discuss that with you today. It’s okay if you want black tea?"

"It seems that you still remember that I like black tea, which really pleases my sister."

Xuexiayangna chuckled, and what he said caused Wang Hao to roll his eyes helplessly. Is this considered a crooked face?

He did not answer the words of Yangnai under the snow, but snapped his fingers smartly, and a smiling waiter walked over. Wang Hao smiled at the waiter and said, "Darjeeling black tea and a cup of Mandheling coffee ."

"Okay, please wait a moment, sir."

The waiter bowed with a smile on his face and walked slowly.


"Let's talk about it, what are you looking for with me? If you want my sister, I can consider moving to your place to live~"

Xuexiayangna supported his profile with his left hand, took a sip of black tea with his right hand, and then slowly put it down and looked at him.

"Isn't it like I am looking for you to tell me about the past?"

Wang Hao touched his nose a little awkwardly, and said in a low voice. After seeing the other person's smirking eyes, he spread his hands helplessly, "Well, I do have something to discuss with Sister Yang Nai, you His vision is still the same as before."

"Let's talk about it, what's the matter? If it's really lonely, sister, I can also consider going to accompany you~"

"So, this joke is not funny at all..."

"Do I look like a joke?"

"This question, I think you can ask yourself if your conscience is hurting now."

"Tsk, I didn't expect Haojun to really grow up."


The corners of Wang Hao's mouth twitched slightly, ignoring the special meaning of Xuexiayangna's words, and on the surface tried to be as calm as possible.

It's just that the hand holding the coffee trembled a little, and the bitterness in the mouth let him know that the cup of Mandheling coffee in his hand was a bit similar to himself.

The taste is rich and solid. No matter how much sugar is added, the deep bitterness of Mandheling coffee cannot be concealed, but it is also the most unique bitterness that creates its most unique sweetness, as if he is now in the most special life. The bitter stage.

After a while, he put down the coffee in his hand, looked up at Xuexia Yangnai, and slowly said, "I want to ask Yangnai if she is interested in working in my company?"

"Oh? What kind of company is it? Let's talk about it first."

Seeing Wang Hao's serious look, Yukoshita also put away his thoughts of teasing the other party. Although he looked slightly interested and indifferent, he couldn't help but be surprised when he heard Wang Hao's words in his heart. .

From a young age, Xuexiayangna has often been praised by the elders around him, but when he mentioned another person, the ground suddenly looked dimmed.

That person was not someone else, it was Wang Hao, who looked laid-back, but gave people a very serious feeling opposite her.

It can be said that Xuexiayang has found that since he met Wang Hao, he has found that the other party seems to be like a perfect work of art, without a trace of flaw.

Otherwise, the surprising talent will also make other peers feel desperate. My elders and the people around them often say that the Wang family has a'monster' talent.

Even Yukoshita Yono, who is like the'perfect superman', will feel a deep sense of powerlessness when meeting Wang Hao in some ways.

But while Xuexiayangna felt powerless, she gradually put away her comparability and shifted her goal to molesting each other, which is still one of her preferences until now.

In her own evaluation of Wang Hao, she can only think of the word'monster'. If you don't call it, it's a blockbuster!

I haven't seen each other in just a few years. If I count as an age, the other party should be only sixteen years old this year, and he has quietly owned his own company and started to officially set foot in society.

Xuexiayangna would not think that the other party was joking with him, because this kind of thing was completely meaningless.

According to Xuexiayangnai's understanding of Wang Hao, he is a person who never does meaningless things. Although the two sides have not seen each other for several years, his personality should not change much.

Perhaps this is one of the things they both have in common. They never learn about things that they are not interested in or do something meaningless.

At the same time, she became interested in this matter, and the other party started to take a step forward again, and she couldn't just stand still.

Chapter 227 You didn't ask me either!

"Well, it's not a great company. It's called Fusingchuan Publishing House. It's just a small and medium-sized publishing house on the verge of extinction.

Wang Hao said directly and frankly, without a trace of restraint on his face, staring directly at Xuexiayang's light red pupils, and said sincerely one sentence at a time: "I am now the president there, Yang Nai Sister, would you like to come to my small publishing house as the vice president?"

Xuexiayangna did not rush to ask or answer questions this time, and Wang Hao did not urge the other party either, and the small space in this corner suddenly became silent again.

He knew that his words were too abrupt, and he needed to give the other party a little time to consume and think. If Xuexia Yangna agreed to him directly and boldly, then things would be strange.

Life is faced with a variety of multiple choice questions all the time. For example, there are three branch roads ahead, and choosing any one of them will lead to a different direction.

Xuexia Yangna also calmed down at this time, and began to ponder this very simple multiple-choice question.

One is to accept the other party's invitation and become the vice president of Fusing Chuan Bunko; the second is to decline the invitation, have a leisurely afternoon tea with the other party, and then leave as if nothing happened.

Only use two of them to choose one answer. The choice is very simple. Xuexia Yangna thought for a while, looked at Wang Hao with some flickering eyes, and asked softly: "It is like this now, so its future What is it like?"

"Do you really want to hear?"

Wang Hao asked back and saw that Xuexia Yangna rolled his eyes, and then he sighed deeply. He knew the time to show his sincerity now, calmed his mind, and said: "Although the Undead Chuan Publishing House is now It's just a small and medium-sized publishing house, and it can be regarded as walking on the edge of debt. I will tell you all these shortcomings first. There are still some content that can only be said until you agree. But sister Yang Nai, do you know "Five Centimeters Per Second"?"

"Of course I know, I have read Second Five for several times. This is the same as... Do you mean that the god master teacher is in Undead Chuan Bunku?!"