Speaking of the end, Xuexiayangnai Yanran's face finally showed a hint of surprise. Wang Hao was a little proud when he saw it, and the corner of his mouth was slightly hooked, and he casually said, "Oh, yes, although I am not dead now. The president of Wenku, but he is also the author of Second Five..."

This seemingly random sentence immediately enriched the expression of Xuexia Yangna, but this time he did not exclaim, but rather gritted his teeth and said: "You are... the teacher of the god? What about such an important thing? Don’t tell me in advance?!"

"You didn't ask me either..."

Wang Hao blinked innocently, with a faint smile on his face, and said frankly with a natural expression.

Looking at this awkward smile, Xuexiayang felt like she was hitting the cotton with a hard punch. At the same time, the thoughts in her heart became more complicated, but after a while she was forced by herself. Pressed down.

"I agree. Tell me about your next plan. I don't believe you just want to simply develop a publishing house."

After a moment of silence, Xuexiayangnai slowly replied, giving the answer Wang Hao wanted, which made him smile and completely relieved.

"Of course it's not just as simple as the publishing house. Since Yang Nao knows "Five Centimeters Per Second", you must know Station B. What I need to do next is to connect the two."

"Related... Do you want to be a mobile novel client?!"

Xuexia Yangnai frowned, with a hint of suspicion in his tone, Wang Hao smiled and nodded, and said with a slight appreciation: "Yes! As expected, Yangnai, I understand so soon.

In the near future, I plan to make a mobile client for station b. At the same time, it is another new work that I am preparing to promote the popularity of the client!

And this client is not only a mobile novel software, but it can also make Fudiechuan Wenku out of the crisis.

With the development of station b, the elements of this mobile app will also become more. For example, not only can you read novels, but you can also see manga, anime, and paintings created by others, etc. thing……"

"What else? Let's not talk about whether your new works can increase the popularity. If it is only a publisher or a client, it will not be so troublesome to find a deputy director."

Xuexiayangna was not shocked by what Wang Hao said, she believed that the other party's next words were the point.

"It's just the vice president of the publishing house, of course she is a little talented for Sister Yang Nai."

Wang Hao smiled bitterly. If you simply find a vice president, you can find elite talents to replace him. He only needs to be responsible for guiding the general direction and financial life, and then use the remaining time to develop others. thing.

It is a little troublesome to dig an elite talent, but Wang Hao is confident that he can find it within a day, but it is difficult to find the kind of talent that belongs to the elite and is considered an elite...

And now he also wants to cultivate his own team, so the requirements for talents should not be a little sloppy. Want to create a huge two-dimensional empire, it is not as simple as the words.

It can be said that the most solid team of oneself is indispensable. It can be said that the Undead Chuan Library is a springboard. This position is also held by a person that Wang Hao values ​​very much, or he has been trained as a cronie if he can sit there.

I am sure that I will not only serve as the vice president of the publishing house in the future, and Wang Hao can also take this opportunity to learn from the other party's experience and grow slowly step by step.

It was Wang Hao's original plan to wait until the entire Tenjin Group began to enrich, and then promote it from the Undead River Library. The reason why he came to invite Yukino Yukoshita, he also thought about a lot, and finally made up his mind.

First of all, the first point is that the other party undoubtedly has outstanding talents in this area. He has achieved excellent results in all aspects of work in the Xuexia family. The most important thing is the strong social and management skills, even sports and Housework is also omnipotent, just like an ideal all-round talent!

However, talents will eventually need to be exercised. Small and medium-sized publishing houses such as Fu Shi Chuan Library are just suitable for training Xuexia Yangna, so that it can have more practical experience and stimulate the other's potential.

It can be said that Wang Hao has planned to train Yukoshita Yono as a confidant, just like the'Modern Dimensional Research Society' he has created now, and will be his strongest team in the future.

If it’s just a person who digs a corner and digs, the opposite party will give a higher benefit, and maybe they will also switch jobs at a critical moment, etc...

Chapter 228 The Bird's Ambition

Therefore, although digging other people's corners is a very fast path, most of the people who dig in are not really trusted by the company's boss, and some vital departments, such as those in charge of real power, are all held by cronies.

Wang Hao sighed deeply. Now the empty glove white wolf can't do it. Moreover, Xuexiayangna himself is the kind of person who dismisses things other than his own interests. Now that he has raised questions, it is this matter that has raised his interest.

He pondered for a moment, and after finishing his thoughts, he slowly said:

"Fujian Library is just one link I want to develop in the future, and I will also involve all aspects of acgn, and integrate these into the Tenshen Group as a subsidiary, and finally create a huge two-dimensional empire!

Of course, the Tianshen Group is now just a shell company, just like the moon in the mirror. Will Sister Yang Nai come and help me?"

After the words fell, Wang Hao was full of patience like a hunter quietly waiting for his prey, his eyes sincerely looked at Xuexia Yangna.

To build a huge two-dimensional empire, this is his goal since he was reborn, and he didn't say it to others at ordinary times. Today is the first time he told others.

Perhaps to outsiders, everything he said was very arrogant, but Wang Hao believed that he would eventually reach the end of his dream, but he also knew that he would not succeed on his own, because he moved forward. The road needs everyone to develop together.

"As an older sister, how can you not agree to the sincere request of your younger brother Jun?"

Xuexia Yangna watched Wang Hao teasingly and said, the tightly locked smoke noodles were also fully unfolded, and once again drank a sip of Darjeeling black tea gracefully, and stretched slightly.

Every action was filled with a different kind of mature charm. For this big sister who was as perfect as a demon superman, Wang Hao didn't dare to provoke her upper body, so he coughed gently, and did not look at any indecent assault, "cough cough... …Sister Yang Nai is really helpful to me, thank you.

In addition, at around nine o'clock tomorrow morning, I hope Sister Yang Nai can go to the Fusingchuan Library for a meeting, and I will send you the coordinates of the Fusingchuan Library later."

"You don't need to post the coordinates. I know where that place is. I'll be waiting for you at the entrance of Fusingchuan Library at nine o'clock tomorrow morning."

Xuexiayangna stretched out her fingers to lightly curl the tips of her hair. She had planned to go out for an internship in the near future. To be more specific, she wanted to find a small and medium-sized company to practice her hands and gain experience.

She now vaguely remembered that she had quietly visited Fusingchuan Library last time, but unfortunately the working environment there was really bad, and Xuexiayangna dispelled her thoughts from the bottom of her heart.

The reason is also very simple, she is really not interested in the working atmosphere there, but she did not expect to change her choice so soon, because there is an extra character that makes her feel interesting.

Moreover, Xuexiayang is also very interested in what Wang Hao said. To create a huge two-dimensional empire, then the scale of this Celestial Group must overwhelm other companies in the same field.

To create a group that belongs to the Big Mac level in all respects. If you say this from a sixteen-year-old young man, you will undoubtedly be considered young and frivolous, knowing the sky and the earth.

However, it can be seen that Wang Hao's ambition is not generally big, and he is also full of confidence in himself. Xuexia Yangna does not mind accompany the other party to go crazy, perhaps he may be regarded as two lunatics by others.

Is it the joy of the fish?The finches know their ambition...

Xuexiayang believes that Wang Hao is definitely not an irrational lunatic, but on the surface that seems gentle and humble, he has a crazy ambition.

This is what Xuexiayangnai heard from his grandfather's evaluation.

She believes that sooner or later, this'monster' will face everything, and the other party should have realized this point. This is really exciting and things start to become interesting.

At this point, Xuexiayangnai's mouth gently slid a small arc...


The breeze is getting cooler, no longer the mild noon, but it is equally comfortable.

From the time Heiye Cafe left to the present, time has passed to more than six o'clock in the afternoon, Wang Hao has returned to the Qiushui Villa by this time, and the club activities have long since ended.

Not going to Shengqi Academy for such a whole day made him a little bit lamented, because this was something he didn't dare to imagine, let alone the many things that happened in this day.

However, none of these disrupted his plan, and after finding Yukoshita Yono as the vice president, Wang Hao could continue to go on at the same pace as before, with no problem in terms of time.

He sat in the chair for a moment and thought for a while, and he also had a plan for the speech for tomorrow's meeting.

In addition, Wang Hao seems to remember that Shiyu Xiazhiqiu is also an author under the banner of Undead Chuan Library. His expression is a bit weird when he thinks of this. In this case, he has become the opponent's immediate boss?

He has accumulated a lot of resentment for this tablemate who often swears his own tongue, but he can't catch the other party's pigtails. But after the other party knows that he is the new president of Undying Chuan Bunku, I am afraid that the expression on his face will be certain. It will become richer, and will change to another respectful look.

Thinking of this, his mood improved again, and Wang Hao was also considering whether to bring the Yamada Fairy over.