It is almost impossible for this situation to happen to him. On the contrary, Wang Hao sees all this thoroughly, and wants the members of Undead Chuan Bunku to regain motivation, then they must be shown hope.

Just like people walking away in the dark night, seeing the light in the distance will always desperately move closer to that place.

Wang Hao stretched out his fingers and tapped the table lightly, and slowly said, "It's the end of the month now. I think everyone has been a little anxious because they haven't seen the salary arrive in the account these days.

Don’t worry about this issue. I will pay everyone’s card before one o’clock in the afternoon. Even if it’s 11 people including those who left this month and the former editor-in-chief, I will settle their final bills."

"President, is it a bit wrong to do this? You don't have to pay this money at all..."

Aihara Kotaro frowned slightly, and he still couldn't let go of the fact that Seisuke Tomioka took other people to quit.

"It is true that as you said, Mr. Aihara, I don't have to pay this salary in vain. The combined salary of the eleven of them is at least one million yen."

Wang Hao smiled frankly, but it made everyone even more puzzled. In that case, why pay such a large sum of money for nothing?This is the question that surrounds other people's hearts.

Yesterday, several editors who had worked for the Fusaikawa Library for many years had a drink at night. Watanabe Taku was drunk and also personally said about Wang Hao’s acquisition of Fusaikawa Publishing House for 220 million yen, and they also sent it out from time to time. "Heroes come out of youth" and so on.

Early the next morning, through the intentional dissemination of others, everyone in the company soon learned of the news, and at the same time, they had a better understanding of their own president.

Such a person who can buy Undead Chuan Bunko for 220 million yen does not look like a person with a lot of stupid money no matter what, so there must be no meaning in it.

Wang Hao slowly stood up from the chair, looked down at the crowd condescendingly, and continued:

"I think there must be someone who has questions, and at the same time, I can tell you directly that the reason why the money was given also includes that the former Undead Library will no longer exist.

I believe it will get better and better. In the future, if someone is present, it will be almost impossible to come back, so please make no mistakes.

And I also found a very capable helper who is far more valuable than Seisuke Tomioka and other eleven people. She will also serve as the vice president of Fujikawa Bunko in the future, Yukoshita... !"

Speaking of the end, everyone present immediately looked at Yukoshita Yono next to Wang Hao. Unlike the curiosity when they first saw it, this time they were completely shocked!

Because what Wang Hao said was too shocking for everyone, even a bit like a dream, but it was a pity that everything around here seemed extremely realistic.

From today onwards, a newcomer will serve as the vice president of Undead Chuan Bunku. This aspect immediately caused dissatisfaction among everyone, but after hearing Wang Hao's confident words, all of them became silent.

They also knew that nothing would help if they continued to say anything, and at the same time they understood the protagonist of today's meeting, because Wang Hao brought Xuexiayangna to the meeting room for the meeting, which in itself showed strong support.

The core rights of this publishing house are entirely in the hands of the president. Even if someone raises an objection openly, as long as Wang Hao disagrees, nothing will be useful.

The leader of other people's family always gave a stick to the candy, and the president of his own family gave the candy first and then a stick, completely not playing cards according to the routine!

Chapter Two Hundred and Thirty Five

"I believe that many people here think that my approach is dictatorial. I don't deny that.

But I also believe that my decision was right. The departure of Seisuke Tomioka and others did a huge blow to Fusaikawa Bunko, but they were also considered to have contributed a lot to this publishing house, so their salary was me. It's not in arrears, but the two are irrelevant in the future, so everyone can get together and get separated."

Wang Hao paused when he said this, and Kotaro Aihara who had previously asked questions also gradually began to calm down.

Tomioka Seisuke and the others did their best when they were still in the Fushikawa Bunko, but in the end they were different from Watanabe's philosophy, and finally left with others in late April.

This is also the cause of disappointment and anger for Aihara Kotaro and others, because the other party's behavior at the time was undoubtedly drawing wages from the bottom of the pan, almost causing the entire publishing house to face debt.

They can leave at will, but the grassroots employees are different. Although the Undying Chuan Publishing House is not big, there are dozens of people. Once the publishing house closes, these people will face unemployment, including him. .

However, Kotaro Aihara and the others also know that Seisuke Tomioka and others will leave sooner or later. After all, the ways are different.

Wang Hao saw everyone’s expressions in sight. He flicked the sleeves of his shirt casually, and continued faintly: “I’m also very sorry for the departure of Seisuke Tomioka and others, but I have found another For those who create greater benefits for the Undying Chuan Library, I believe that the vice president of Xuexiaxia can lead everyone to glory.

Next, I won’t be at the headquarters often. Most of the things here will be handed over to Vice President Xuexia to deal with, and I will come over to deal with important matters occasionally."

As Wang Hao finished speaking, it was like a blockbuster hit, and the bombing formed a powerful shock wave in everyone's hearts, stirring up a thousand waves, making many people present complex expressions.

His own president clearly expressed to everyone the idea of ​​being a shopkeeper, which means that when he is away, it will be the new vice president Xuexia who holds the real power of this publishing house!

It seems that Wang Hao is determined to do this, which makes them feel a little bit at ease while being complicated.

To be able to make his own president so important, the new vice president is at least a person with real talents, and judging from the other's appearance, although he is young, he is still much more mature than Wang Hao. This is also more reassuring.

Wang Hao did not continue to speak, and glanced slightly in the direction of Xuexiayangna. Although he made a beginning, the real protagonist of today's meeting was not him, but Xuexiayang sitting next to him. Is.

He has now created a corresponding atmosphere for the other party, and then he needs to let Xuexiayangna play by himself.

Xuexiayangnai gave Wang Hao a helpless look. It was really Wang Hao who brought the topic out too early, which caught her off guard.

But fortunately, she had prepared in advance, and Wang Hao deliberately gave her the opportunity. Xuexia Yangna let out a sigh of relief before she arranged her thoughts, stood up from her position, and calmly faced everyone. Slowly said: "I am honored to be the deputy president of the Undead River Library, and I won't say much nonsense. Next, I want to talk to you about the development of Undee River Library."

"Um...Vice President Yukoshita, do you need me to introduce Fushikawa Bunko?"

Enyama Erika raised her small hand and said in a low voice with hesitation that she was also a newcomer who had just entered the Undead Chuan Library for two or three months.

I remember when she first came in, she didn't know much about this company, except that it was a publishing house that had existed for a long time.

Although the situation of Fushikawa Bunko was very dangerous, Toyama Erika also planned to leave until the publishing house closed.

She has been out of society for almost three months now, and she has submitted a lot of resumes, but she was rejected one by one. The money on her body was almost used up. Just as Toyama Eurika began to despair of life, she was ready to return to her hometown and work the night before. Chuan Wenku sent a message agreeing to admit her!

When I first entered the undead river library, Toyama Erika messed up a lot of things because of nervousness, but with the help and guidance of a enthusiastic senior like Machida Sonko, Toyama Erika spent almost a month, and finally became familiar with it.

"Thank you for your kindness, but I think I have enough knowledge about this publishing house, and I have also planned accordingly. This is exactly what I want to talk to you next."

Yukoshita Yonochi chuckled and gave up. Enaka Toyama didn't say anything when he saw it, but he felt a trace of reliability in the new vice president.

At least the other party came here prepared, apparently he also fully understood the situation of Unseichuan Bunko and made a corresponding plan. Being able to do this shows that Xuexiayang is not what they imagined, maybe it is. Like my own president said, the other party can make this publishing house look new!

If this is the case, then it will be a boon for them, because the Undead Chuan Publishing House is getting better and better, which means that the welfare of their group of elderly people will become better, and no one will be with them. Benefits can't get past.

Rather, they would applaud to warmly welcome the arrival of Yukino Yukoshita, provided that the other party is really capable of representing this publishing house to become better.

Yukoshita Yono also knows the thoughts of everyone, if everyone present welcomes her with a smile, that is the biggest problem.

In all fairness, it is difficult even for her to accept that a newcomer who suddenly appears to become her immediate boss is rarely seen. Of course, there is no lack of such situations, and most of them are regarded as nepotism by others.

Xuexiayangna didn't want to carry this pot inexplicably. Since she was in high school, she has already started to manage some of the family's industries and foreign negotiations, and she has a lot of experience.

But Xuexiayangna felt that everything was developing too smoothly. After all, it was a family business, and everything had already been sorted out. Although he used to be responsible for management, but more like icing on the cake, giving her a gilded feeling .

There is no difficulty or challenge at all. Even if she has accumulated a lot of experience in the family business, Yukoshita Yono has gradually become bored with it. Until now, she has no intention of running the family business.

Because continuing to stay there would have no effect on her, the whole process was a bit like an assembly line, which made people feel empty and boring, and very boring.

Chapter 236: I want to get caught

Recently, she wanted to find a small and medium-sized company for an internship, but there are also a large part of the reason why she wanted to find a challenge.

And now it's time to challenge her. Besides, Wang Hao has left her with the best topic. Naturally, Xuexiayang will not waste it in vain, and of course he must use the topic!

"Meeting for the first time...No, I remember that I visited Fusingchuan Library once. At that time, I originally came to visit with the idea of ​​joining here, but unfortunately I didn't decide to join Fusingchuan Library in the end.