Because in my eyes, the undead river library at that time can last up to half a year, even if I join in, it won’t help. After all, the power is in the hands of President Watanabe, and it’s impossible to make any reforms, so I am very Thanks to the president of God."

Yukino Yukoshita said with a smile, and this immediately resonated with everyone. If it were not for Watanabe Taku’s dictatorship, Fujikawa Bunko would not have become like this now. Even if the other party is the president, the employees underneath are still There is considerable resentment towards Watanabe Takuo.

If Watanabe Taku had been willing to listen to their opinions and were not so self-righteous, now Fushikawa Bunko would be ten times better than the status quo, even if it did not improve!

Employees at the bottom don’t have to worry about when the publishing house will go bankrupt, or where to find a job when the Fushikawa library goes bankrupt. Unfortunately, there is no if...

Machida Yuanzi took a deep look at Yukoshita Yono, but she was a little surprised by the performance of the other party, and just a few words resonated with others.

Then what the other party said will undoubtedly increase a bit of credibility, because there is not a trace of falsehood in what Yukoshita Yono said just now, and they can all hear it. If it really stays the same, it will not die It is a miracle that the library can last for half a year!

But because it was the truth, it hit people even more. After hearing this evaluation, many people shook their heads in frustration, and their expressions were quite complicated.

Yukoshita Yonoi accepted it when he saw it, and coughed slightly, and everyone turned their attention away. She paused and continued: "But because the god, the god master president bought this house. The publishing house will also solve the biggest hidden danger of the Undead Chuan Library, that is, we have a super popular author who is most likely to become a leading writer! In addition, there is a new author Xia Shizi with great potential!"

"Yes, we also have the god master teacher and the teacher Xia Shizi!"

Yuanshan Erixiang looked at Wang Hao with a little star in her eyes, and these words suddenly regained the eyes of the depressed person.

"With a powerful writer, it will be a matter of time before we become a first-class publishing house, but the director of the gods also talked to me yesterday that Second Five cannot allow our publishing house to publish."

Yukino Yukoshita nodded, and in just a few words, she immediately grasped the home court, and she deservedly became the protagonist of this meeting. She continued to speak slowly: "This also shows We will continue to maintain the status quo for the next period of time, but don’t worry too much. This period of time only needs to be maintained for one month.

Because one month later, the president’s second novel will be released. At that time, Undead Chuan Bunku will also usher in an important turning point. We will use "mobile novels" to regain popularity and build popularity!"

When Wang Hao saw that Xuexiayang was so flexibly used in this trick, he couldn't help but sigh and admire him. At the same time, he secretly wrote it down, and a slight wry smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

Yesterday afternoon, he talked about these things after discussing with Yukoshita Yono. Today's meeting has become the sharpest weapon in the opponent's hands. I am afraid that many people at the scene have begun to agree with Yukoshita's becoming the vice president. Something up.

Sure enough, he still has a long way to go, and his opponents are constantly improving, and chances are impossible to stand still.

"Mobile novel?"

Machida Yuanzi and the others didn't notice the change in Wang Hao's expression, she immediately grasped the center of the problem sensitively, frowned and asked softly.

Everyone in the presence of mobile phone novels knows a little bit, the current story is not very popular, it is a project that has just started, and the light novel Yusanjia did not pay attention to it.

And because of the strong sense of copyright in this world, there is not a popular work on the major mobile novel websites, because the major and first-class publishing houses do not care about mobile novels without their consent. Naturally, they cannot pirate their novels.

At present, these mobile phone novel companies are recruiting some new authors to sign contracts. So far there has not been a popular phenomenon-level light novel, so the cohesion is naturally not strong. Wang Hao also aimed at this point and wanted to choose "Love in the Sky". Perform serialization.

Hurry up and take advantage of the fact that mobile novels have not yet been noticed by others. This has to wait for him to accumulate popularity after the second five is published. He will release new works in one fell swoop at his peak, and he will have the largest share when others notice. The interests of

These are all prepared by him in advance, if he does not move, he will carry the momentum of thunder!

At that time, even if it is a light novel Yusanjia, it does not matter if he wants to grab this piece of cake, because he himself has taken the bulk of it at that time, and Wang Hao is not only relying on a single copy of "Love the Sky", but also the other novels he has created now. , The completed Second Five, the serialized Moban, and so on, are all classic works!

Moreover, he has seized the opportunity, and he can completely attack the light novel Yusanjia in turn. This is not a foolish dream, but the price to be paid is also high, unless his foundation is stable enough!

Wang Hao's trump cards are more than these. He believes that he will always make the other party feel'surprised' at critical moments, but when someone else holds a killer in his hand, he must not be careless.

Yukoshita also considered these things, but the first thing to do now is to change the working atmosphere of Undeagawa Bunko. Now is the best opportunity.

She smiled at Machida Yuanzi and continued: "Yes, it's mobile phone novels! I think everyone is familiar with this. The reason why mobile phone novels have not been paid attention to by other publishers is because the benefits shown are not enough. Or it is a treasure house that has not been discovered by others.

I believe that the next new work of the president of the gods will be the key to open this treasure house, which means that the treasures in the treasure house will be selected by us first, and we may even become one of the four masters of light novels. Maybe, do you have any confidence in hearing this?!"

Chapter 237 Resourceful Vice President!


Everyone's eyes lit up when they heard this, and they couldn't help being attracted by the blueprint drawn by Xuexia Yangna, and at the same time, they also aroused the enthusiasm and hope hidden deep in their hearts.

Recently, because of the situation of Undying Chuan Bunku, they have a bit of businessman thoughts in their thinking, but they are still editors in essence.

But the new works of the god master teacher, no matter from which way they have a strong attraction.

When Wang Hao saw this, he was a little sighed, Xuexia Yangnai's desire to catch and rebel in the meeting was vividly used in this meeting, and he also learned a lot.

Moreover, the other party has such a rhetoric today. At least there are nearly eight layers of employees in Fusingchuan Library, and they all believe that Xuexiayang can develop this publishing house better.

And the remaining 20%, as long as Xuexiayangnai's plan is effective, he will also be convinced.

It's no wonder that after the other party agreed to his invitation to join the Undead Library yesterday afternoon, he would ask himself what he knew about the publishing house. This immediately made Wang Hao think of a sentence,'Knowing yourself and the enemy, you will never die!'!

Even afternoon tea time will not be wasted easily, as expected, his personality remains the same as before.

"Since everyone has no objections, then this meeting is disbanded, and everyone should return to their posts and work hard!

In addition, the editor-in-chief Machida came to the office, and so was the vice president Yukoshita. The financial chief Nagaoka remembered to wait and show the data sheet for this month to the vice president Yukoshita."

Wang Hao said lightly, waved his hand to signal the end of the meeting, and slowly left from the center of the meeting room.

"Okay, President!" Nagaoka Konosuke immediately nodded respectfully and said, Yukoshita Yono and Machida Yuanko smiled at each other this time, and also followed, and everyone in the conference room disbanded.


Fushikawa Bunko, President's Office.

At this time, Wang Hao, Yukoshita Yono and Machida Sonko were sitting on the sofa.

"If there are new contributions from the Fushikawa Bunko in the future, the editor-in-chief Machida thinks that there are some works that I don't understand and don't dare to easily define them. You can pick them out and show them to me. This system can be implemented in the future.

Wang Hao sat on the other side of Yuno and Machida Yuanzi's sofa under the snow, looked at each other and said.

In fact, he has long thought of a lot of things. Although this world lacks a lot of excellent works from previous lives, there are still some works in this world.

But Wang Hao believes that his arrival is undoubtedly a butterfly effect, which has led to a tornado that is already a destined event, and it may come early, and all he can do is prepare everything before that.

He is not the kind of person who does not fight when he is in danger. This tornado is certainly terrifying, but what Wang Hao is thinking about now is how to control this tornado and lead it forward!

Wang Hao knew that his crossing had a butterfly effect. This can be found in some details around him. For example, when he browsed station b in his previous life, he vaguely remembered that Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu was bigger than An Yilun in the passerby heroine. In the same grade, they and themselves became classmates in the same class.

In addition, he had also seen a brief introduction about Kato Kei, but at that time Wang Hao did not immediately recognize it.

Well, although it is a bit bad to say that, but it is also very likely that Kato Megumi's presence is too weak, causing Wang Hao to subconsciously forget the existence of Kato Megumi, he still said that his classmates...

Ahem... But what Wang Hao wants to say is not that. The era is very chaotic, but because of this, the next one will be more exciting, and compared with other people, he can be said to be more foresighted, and his vision is gone. The same level.

If you encounter a light novel that no one else can understand, Wang Hao can analyze whether the novel can catch fire after reading it, because his own existence is already considered as a plug-in, but he can't tell Machida Yuanzi directly. Et al.

Hearing this, Machida Yuanzi glanced at Wang Hao's expression, his expression was as plain as water, with a slight smile on the corners of his mouth, which made people unable to figure out his thoughts.

But Machida Yuanzi hesitated for a moment, and said in an uncertain tone: "Um...President, in our current situation, even if I personally go to the door to pull people, I may not succeed. I hope other newcomers will contribute. Very unlikely..."

"No problem, I believe there will be many newcomers coming to contribute."

Yukoshita Yono sitting next to him gave a chuckle, Machida Yuanko frowned slightly, and looked at Yukoshita Yono, "If the vice president said that it is a month later, of course there will be many newcomers. I don’t want to have a newcomer to contribute, but I don’t understand it. This possibility is almost as high as the probability of winning the first prize in a lottery."