"Editor-in-chief Machida, you are really right. Even if someone comes to contribute, most of the works are unqualified, because our popularity is too low. But if you think about it from another angle, since the popularity is too low, then In the near future, increasing the popularity of Fushichuan Library is that this is something that can be done easily!"

"Don't you mean... the vice president...?!"

Machida Yuanzi's beautiful eyes lit up, and she opened her mouth lightly and didn't finish her words, but her expression was a bit stunned, as if she hadn't fully understood it.

Seeing this, Yoono Yukoshita nodded slightly, and continued to slowly say: "Well, the second five is given to Dengeki Library for publication. This is to allow the god master teacher to access more channels, and to increase his reputation and accumulate stable fans.

Although the foundation of the master of God is not stable right now, because the influence of the second five is too large, the president already has a lot of fame on the Internet. We can also wait for the Dengeki Library to confirm the publication of the second, and then release a message that the master of God The teacher has already joined the Undead Chuan Bunko, and I will have to trouble the president to open a golden mouth on Twitter."

Speaking of the end, Yukoshita Yono still had a faint smile, but it also made Machida Yuanko secretly surprised, with a sudden realization on his face, but it also deepened the impression of the vice president again.

To sum it up in four words, resourceful!

Even Wang Hao took a high look at Xuexia Yangna again, thinking that the evaluation he had made in his heart was high enough, but Xuexia Yangna still surprised him.

The strategy given by the other party was something he had never thought of. Wang Hao only focused on the overall situation. Because of this, he ignored these details and almost made a mistake that he might regret later. !

Chapter 238 is not the cute blue child paper!

If this month is missed, then Undying Chuan Bunku may lose several promising newcomers, perhaps among them are newcomers who have the same potential as Xia Shizi to become leading writers, and several works that can catch fire. .

In this way, the loss will be immeasurable. At this stage, the most valuable thing is time, and the most difficult thing to grasp is the opportunity!

Wang Hao shook his head slightly, and said with emotion, "This is okay. After I finalize the publication with Dian Shock Library, I will announce on Twitter that I have belonged to Undead Chuan Library, but I I hope that the vice president of Yukoshita and the editor-in-chief of Machida can tell the other members of Fushikawa Bunko to protect my true identity."

He didn't want to destroy his current daily life by revealing his identity.

Although Wang Hao has been complaining about his ordinary life, and occasionally a group of problem children will bother him, but even if it will be, at least he thinks it is pretty good.

If one day his identity is revealed, he suddenly becomes popular in school, Wang Hao may really have a headache. It will be almost impossible to keep this clean in the future, and there will also be all kinds of things. The troubles followed one after another.

This is also when he serialized "Dragon Ball" and created other works, he all chose to use the stage name of God Lord, even if he knew that using his real name would improve cohesion.

However, Wang Hao doesn't want to be destroyed so easily in his current state of freedom. This is also the advantage of not revealing his true identity and using stage names, and it can also add a touch of mystery.

"President, please rest assured, I will inform everyone, but if you say it, I am afraid that it will surprise other people in the society?"

Machida Yuanzi was a little bit lamented when she spoke. If she hadn't seen it with her own eyes, she would also find it hard to believe the rumors in the society. Now most people in the society hold the attitude of being suspicious of the gods being only sixteen years old, even if Shueisha has already spoken out. But who knows if that is hype?

After all, up to now, no matter in reality or on the Internet, Wang Hao has not revealed any private information, and other people in the society have not even seen a picture of the god.

"Probably, I will trouble the editor-in-chief Machida next, um... the work of the editor-in-chief is also quite hard..."

"It should be, then I will go down to deal with other things first, and don't stay here to disturb the president's work."

After all, Machida Yuanzi has been in the workplace for many years. Upon hearing Wang Hao's words, she knew that the other party wanted to communicate with Yukoshita alone. She also took the opportunity to step down and left the president's office with a smile.

After seeing Machida Yuanzi walk out, Wang Hao showed a hint of appreciation. He also valued Machida Yuanzi, and the other party had a strong sense of the overall situation, and he was indeed very suitable to be the editor-in-chief, and he also had a similar approach in dealing with people.

But in front of Machida Yuanzi and the other members, Wang Hao still had to maintain his dignity as the president. Now seeing Machida Yuanzi left the office, he immediately leaned back on the sofa a little lazily, and exhaled deeply.

"Compared with before, you look a little lazy now, but I think you should have been so."

Xue Xiayang looked at Wang Hao with a smile, and stretched lazily. The speech just now made her a little nervous.

"Really? I feel that I am almost the same as before, but I think Yang is the only one that has changed a lot.

By the way, what image did I look like to you before?"

Wang Hao shrugged indifferently, and at the same time he was a little curious about his predecessor, what did he look like in the eyes of this perfect big demon sister?

Yukoshita Yono nodded slightly, putting her index finger in her red lips and sucking lightly, "Um...how do you say? It's like a delicate and cute doll. I always make my sister want to love you well. , But I think you are even cuter now."

I think you want to take a lot of fun!And what the hell is it to describe a boy with the word cute?

When Wang Hao listened to Xuexia Yangna’s words, his mouth twitched fiercely. He still remembers what happened when he was a child, so he said with a smirk, "So that’s the case, but in the future I might let Yang Nai you I’m disappointed in my expectations, and using the adjective'cute' is totally inconsistent with the status quo."

"Isn't it the cute blue boy?"

"So I am no longer a child when I was young, please be sure to correct this statement!"

"It turns out that Haojun has grown up, so it's no wonder he has become so ruthless, woooo~"

"Don't be so embarrassed, and you are only a few years older than me..."

Seeing Xuexiayang's fake cry without a trace of tears, Wang Hao's facial features suddenly became complicated again, and he was still as bad as before. He always likes to tease others. This headache aspect has not changed at all!

Wang Hao sighed lightly and decided to end this topic, "Okay, let's not talk about this. From now on, this office will belong to you, the vice president. In terms of talents, I hope you can focus on training a little bit. I will come here occasionally. Take a look."

"Is it because of the creation of novels and serialized comics?" Yukoshita Yono asked curiously.

"Well, I'm also making games with my team now, so the time is a bit tight."

Wang Hao admitted frankly that by the way he revealed that he was still making the game. There is no need to hide the other party. However, Yukia Yangnai was silent again after hearing this, and after a long time, he stared at him and said slowly: " Sister, don’t you remember to train you into a “community animal” like a workaholic. Could it be that you still have a trembling side by accident?"

"I don't have that special hobby, so sorry."

Wang Hao rolled his eyes reluctantly. Social animal is a derogatory term used by neon to describe office workers. It refers to employees who are very submissive in the company and are squeezed by the company as livestock.

He feels that using this word to describe himself is considered... wrong!It should be much worse!At present, I have not yet become someone else's subordinate, and I have no plans to do so. If I insist, I should be regarded as oppressing myself?

So although the two have similarities, they still have essential differences!

"I think compared to the term'community animal', shouldn't it normally be described as'young and promising'?"

He said carelessly, and didn't think there was anything wrong with this statement. Xuexiayang couldn't help but chuckle when seeing Wang Hao's childish side, and spread his hands helplessly, "Yes, you are right. Yes, who made you my immediate boss?"

Chapter 239 Combination of Work and Rest

"That's the way it was originally. When the Chief Financial Officer Nagaoka will send this month's financial statements, I will trouble the Vice President to send everyone's salary to you. I will transfer the money to you in a moment."

Wang Hao slowly stood up from the sofa, sat in the position reserved for the president, and began to process some important documents.

Although he wanted to be a hand-off shopkeeper, he still had to deal with the documents that should be handled. Some things had to be done by himself. Although Wang Hao felt that the sun was under the snow, he didn't need to worry about these things.

"Don't you fear that I will run away with money?"

Seeing that Wang Hao, who had suddenly become more serious, didn't turn into anger from the irritation of his molesting, Xuexia Yangnai couldn't help feeling a little frustrated.

"Don't you like to tell cold jokes recently? But it is better not to make such jokes in front of outsiders." Wang Hao directly answered the other party's words without raising his head.

"You are right." In fact, Yukoshita Yono who said this also felt that his words were indeed a little absurd.

Kanagawa Yukoshita's family is also a famous family in Neon. As the eldest daughter of Yukoshita's family, Yukoshita Yang is the eldest daughter of the Yukoshita's family. On many occasions, what he says represents the Yukoshita's family.

"But I will only tell you this kind of thing, who made Haojun you special~" Xue Xiayang blinked innocently, and Wang Hao was at a loss for words and couldn't find a sentence to answer. The other party had no choice but to work hard and continue to deal with the file if it happened.

The atmosphere at the scene also became a little embarrassing, but afterwards, Yukoshita Yoshino seriously discussed work and some experience with him.