During the period, Nagaoka Konosuke also took a copy of this month’s financial data. Yukoshita Yonoo carefully checked the accounts, and the final calculated employee salary was 11.8 million yen, because during this period A few people were late for work.

After confirming that he was correct, Wang Hao nodded his head, transferred the money to Xuexia Yangnai's account, and told the other party to take charge of the company's large capital expenditures.

Although Undying Chuan Wenku had a chief financial officer, Wang Hao still couldn't figure out the character of the other party. Nowadays, many people in the finance department have embezzled public funds and filed funds and escaped.

If it is handed over to Yukia Yono to deal with it, Wang Hao will have no such worries. Although he and Yukia Yono have not seen each other for several years, they can be regarded as childhood sweethearts for the time being. Although the other's personality is a bit like to tease people, In other respects, Wang Hao trusted Yangnai under Xuexia.

Soon, the employees of Fusao Chuan Library received this month's salary, which not only made them relieved, but also secretly happy with their president's trustworthiness, at least not in arrears of wages.


Sitting in a certain office, Seisuke Tomioka and the rest of the former Fujikawa Bunko who followed him to change jobs also saw a sudden transfer of funds into their accounts.

They were paid as much as they were paid when they worked in Fusaochuan Bunko, which could not help but silence each other.

Seisuke Tomioka sat on his office chair and looked at the computer screen. This was a sum of money as much as his previous salary, and it was suddenly transferred to his bank account.

He knew that this was transferred by Fushikawa Bunko, but it could not have been transferred by Watanabe Taku, because he has worked in a publishing house for many years and he is very clear about Watanabe's character.

If it were the former humble and ambitious Watanabe Takuma, he might have done this, but now the authoritarian Watanabe Takuma will never do this kind of thing after he has swept him in public.

After a long time, he turned his chair and looked sideways at the high-rise building outside the window. The publishing house he now works with is headquartered on the 45th floor of an office building in Tokyo.

The annual rent to be paid is also very expensive. Looking down from here, you can overlook the buildings below, and it also brings a touch of pride and joy to people. This is something that he will never experience in Fusingchuan Library. .

After a long time, he turned around and continued to work, but the immortal Chuan Bunku changed.


Wang Hao and Xuexiayangnai went to the site to inspect the three bookstores in Fusingchuan Library. Two of them are indeed in the prosperous street area with a large population flow, and the other is relatively remote. But the environment is also good.

Waiting until noon, in order to welcome the arrival of Xuexia Yangna, Wang Hao invited guests and had lunch with him at a nearby western restaurant.

Of course, Xuexiayang didn't talk to him politely, which caused Wang Hao's wallet to feel uncomfortable for a while, but the other party's indifferent attitude also made him feel a touch of warmth in his heart.

After lunch, the two chatted with each other again. Wang Hao looked at the time and said that he had something to deal with, and he left after buying the order.

Xuexiayangnai didn't ask him what he was going to do. In fact, Wang Hao was not easy to say clearly, or he was a little embarrassed to tell him.

Can't let him tell Yukoshita Yono that he left for the purpose of forming a group with his friends in the club to open a black circle, right?

Although I feel a bit sorry for Yuno Yukoshita, Wang Hao feels that as a person who keeps his promise, since he has agreed to Akane Segawa's request, he must do it.

Ahem...Although there is no lack of thoughts that want to put (steal) loose (lazy) in it, the combination of work and rest is also a very important thing. Although you can't overplay and waste business, you can't all day long. Just thinking about work.

No matter what others think, at least Wang Hao thinks so, and he is also full of curiosity about the game said by Akane Segawa and others.

Judging from the screenshots and brief descriptions they posted in the group, it is a game that does not rely on krypton gold at all, and is solely based on player technology, and the recent game has also been well received.

Being favored by the majority of players, it naturally shows that the quality of that game is good, and many of the FPS-type games in this society are now kryptonized. Such a completely depends on the technology, and the quality is also quite Good FPS types turned out, and popularity has become an inevitable matter.

The black Maybach drove fast on the highway, and the scenery on both sides changed quickly. The old man Wang’s Maybach has undergone a special transformation, and its performance is very good in all aspects. It does not drive like a sports car like Lamborghini and Ferrari. The loud noise, on the contrary, was a low-key roar that sounded very comfortable, and the speed did not drop at all.

He usually doesn't take the highway because he is afraid that Aoyama Qikai and Zhenbai will not adapt. After all, not everyone likes the excitement of racing, and there are also people who are afraid of racing.

Chapter 240 The Fall of Ka Baili

"Vinette, do you have any money left this month? Let me use it first, in a hurry!"

A sixteen-year-old blond girl wearing a sportswear, exuding a depraved aura, looked at the computer screen intently, sliding the mouse and pressing the keyboard, and said faintly, the tone was not like begging. Attitude.

The person she was talking to was a beautiful girl with purple hair who was also about sixteen years old, but the other person looked a little helpless.

Tsukinose Vignette April looked at his degenerate friend with an expression of hatred on his face, and couldn't believe that this was the angel he had met.

That's right, the person who is lying there playing computer games now is undoubtedly a real angel!

Innocent Gabriel White, the chief graduate of Angel School, came here for further training.

This purpose is the same as herself, because she also came here to get training. At first, when Vinnet first met Gabriel, the other party was very enthusiastic to help herself, even at that time Gabriel became Vinnet. The person you are looking forward to.

But after Gabriel came into contact with comics, animations and online games in neon culture, Gabriel, who was originally a top student, has since fallen!

Indulging in it, she became an otaku, living truant in the apartment every day, and now living a life of playing games online at home wearing only a sports jacket, she has become a fallen angel!!

"Don't think about borrowing money! Anyway, you must be just thinking about what equipment to buy with krypton gold, and my score in the demon world this month is the second lowest, and the cost of living sent is much lower than that of ordinary demons."

Vennette said in a low tone that the standard of living expenses given by the Demon Realm to the demons living in the Human Realm every week depends on how much bad things they do in the world to judge how much. Vennette’s weekly living expenses are 20% lower than that of ordinary demons. Moreover, the expenses in various aspects are added, and the life is very difficult!

"It's a pity that you don't become an angel, but if you want a high monthly cost of living, can you just do more bad things?"

Gabriel raised her head slightly and squinted at Vinnett, speaking with a natural expression on her face.

Vinnet was rather helpless when he saw this, and his tone was a little low, "I think too, but every time I don't know how to do bad things, am I really not suitable for being a devil..."

"How can I..."

Gabriel curled her mouth lightly, just about to say that she didn’t know, when a pop-up box popped up on the computer screen, indicating that there was a problem with the network, the game was interrupted immediately, and she suddenly became excited, "Ah! What's the matter? Oh my goodness! The internet was cut off! I'm about to take the head of the opposite person!!"

"You haven't paid the internet fee yet? It is a matter of course that the internet will be disconnected.

Seeing Gabriel who had suddenly become energetic from a bald state, Vignette sighed helplessly and rubbed her temples with a slight headache.

The enthusiastic and kind angel I once knew was gone forever, and now he has fallen perfectly into an outstanding fallen angel.

This state is almost hopeless. Since being addicted to the game, Gabriel has regarded the game more importantly than himself.

As the saying goes, there is no harm if there is no comparison. The gap between the comparisons is too big, it is hard to imagine.

Thinking of the original Gabriel, the beautiful blonde hair is meticulously combed, looks particularly pleasing to the eye, and the right faint smile, as well as the kind, generous, hardworking, simple, and helpful character. He is simply an angel among angels!

The current Gabriel’s hair is not combed at all, just let it be scattered so casually, a few dull hairs stand up, with a listless expression all day long, wearing a sportswear, playing games in the room, and the room is also Nothing to clean up.

Even if Vignette, who lives in the same apartment, sees this situation, she can't bear it anymore. She often comes to help Gabriel dress up and take care of the housekeeping. For this reason, she secretly matches Gabriel. The key to the glass room.

Of course, Gabriel also secretly matched the key to Winnett's room.

"That's why I asked you to borrow money to pay the internet fee! I haven't touched the Krypton Gold game this month. I can only wait until next month for my living expenses. Now I want to play games at home... That's right!"

Gabriel reluctantly left the computer and sat on the edge of the bed, with two small hands sticking straight into her waist pocket. At the end, Gabriel looked sideways at Winnett, her eyes lit up slightly. "Vinette, I remember that your demon world seems to be subsidizing living expenses according to the level of bad things done?"

"Well, that's why I worry about it. The monthly cost of living only drops and never rises..."

When it comes to living expenses, Vinette's mood has begun to feel a little depressed. Is it really not suitable for him to be a demon?

Gabriel's eyes lit up when she saw this, and she coughed slightly, and said, "Well, it's not easy to want to do bad things? But if you want Winnett, you probably don't want to do some damaging things. It's possible, but it's okay to do some small bad things, have you forgotten that I am still there?"

The air was silent for a moment as soon as he said this.